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A circus operator and his gymnast friends belonging to a big circus company 'juggle' with their lives and try to bring back the extinct circus culture to the public. ...

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India Forums India Forums
Review: 'Cirkus' reminds that even Rohit Shetty can get it wrong with barely any comedy and lots of errors

If the mass-man Rohit Shetty can get things wrong, there cannot be worse news for ...

Full Review… | 23 December 2022

Koimoi Koimoi
Cirkus Movie Review: Rohit Shetty, Ranveer Singh’s Comedy Of Err…Errs Is A Tale Of The 60s That Should’ve Stayed In The 60s!

Rohit Shetty somewhere said he got feedback that this is better than the original 2006 ...

Full Review… | 23 December 2022

Indian Express Indian Express
Cirkus movie review: Ranveer Singh-Rohit Shetty film is surprisingly blah

Cirkus movie review: Revving up the livewire Ranveer Singh up with ‘bijli ke jhatke’ is ...

Full Review… | 23 December 2022

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