Baat Bann Gayi Story

Baat Bann Gayi is a romantic comedy enriched with the classical plot look alike characters that encounter each other. Unexpected, hilarious situations arise because of mistaken identity. Kabir (Ali Fazal) is deeply in love with Rachna (Anisa). After a lot of hiccups he is successful in impressing Rachna's brother Laxmi Nivas (Gulshan Grover) with his antics. The real twist in the tale comes when Kabir's look alike Rasiya Bihari (Ali Fazal), who works for a land mafia Carlos Rehbar Pasha (Razzak Khan), also gives his heart away to Rachna. Rachna and her family mistakes him for Kabir. Kabir on the other hand is confused as people are mistaking him for Rasiya. Another twist comes when Rasiya bumps into Debu (Gulshan Grover), a dance teacher who is not straight and he exactly looks like Laxmi Nivas.  The comedy of doubles becomes the comedy of double trouble. Whole lot of trouble and confusions turn the flow of the narrative into a hilarious, thrilling roller coaster ride full of madness, surprises, and stomach aching humorous situations.