was karna-draupadi secretly in love

Posted: 2008-07-12T01:40:20Z

for those who knows about mahabharat...i just read somewhere that draupadi-karna was secretly in love....but these love was hidden in their hearts because karna was defeated by arjun in the swayamvara and also she was the wife of 5 pandavas but it was diclosed when karna died and his soul went to draupadi as his soul knew that draupadi loved him and in heaven karna-draupadi united as she always secretly loved karna....

was it true guys....that karna-draupadi were secretly in love and united in heaven....

i am confused really confused....can anyone clarify how many love does draupadi had....it was told that draupadi love 5 pandavas equally but favoured arjun the most but here comes another story that she secretly love karna too...

can anyone clarify...as what i know about karna through the epic told my grandadda is karna is dham-veer he doesn't say no to anything....he was the first son of kunti and eldest of pandavas(unknown to them)...he is rude and arrogant and a great friend of duryodhan because he made him the king and ruler therefore he is very loyal to duryodhan....he doesn't like or believe in krishna....he is great warrior and his enemy is arjuna....he had alot of girlfriends and also he is killed by arjuna....he also have a wife

thats what i know about karna now this karna-draupadi love story where did it bloom out....can anyone clarify...what is this karna-draupadi story

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Posted: 2008-07-12T02:24:39Z
yaari've never heard abt this till nowConfused
will try to find out

this is news to meOuch
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Posted: 2008-07-12T02:28:21Z

I read a Amar Chitra Katha book on Draupadi..

I dont know how reliable they are ...but I trust them enough Tongue

In it when Karn came to do the "fish" challenge. Draupadi had insulted him and called him an inferior Kshatriya...and from that day on Karn swore revenge??
 it didnt say anything about that...MAYBE Karn liked Draupadi...but she never liked him..Confused



AND this is off topic but very interesting.....I also read on Wikipedia that Yudhishtir wanted Draupadi for himself...so he on purpose told Kunti "we brought alms" and he knew that she was going to say to share it... Confused

Yudhisthira, the eldest of the Pandavas was besotted by Draupadi's youth and beauty, but he could not express his desires before Arjuna and Draupadi his wife to be. While in exile, Kunti, mother of the Pandavas often advised her sons that they share everything they have (or obtain through Bhiksha i.e. alms) equally amongst themselves. Upon returning home with Draupadi, on purpose, Yudhisthira addresses his mother first "Look mother, I have brought Bhiksha (alms)!". Kunti, unmindful of what Yudhisthira was referring to, unassumingly asked her son to share whatever it is with his brothers. Thus, in order to obey their mother's order all five accepted Draupadi as their wife, without taking her consent.



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Posted: 2008-07-12T02:35:20Z
yes i read this also same where that draupadi as same feeling for karna, i read also that he was perfect husband & good father that come as surprise as i know & my firends told me that karna doesn't have wife ************************************************
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Posted: 2008-07-12T02:50:44Z
^but logically how does that make sense?? I mean wasnt he the one who provoked the cheer-haran...so shouldnt she just be furious at him??? Confused
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Posted: 2008-07-12T03:05:36Z

Originally posted by Tani91

^but logically how does that make sense?? I mean wasnt he the one who provoked the cheer-haran...so shouldnt she just be furious at him??? Confused

yup thats why i was wondering....that even karna was involved with vastraharan for his revenge because draupadi insulted him in suyamvara and called her a whore which made arjun fumed with anger that his enemy harrass his wife....therefore he seek revenge by killing karna for his wife draupadi and son abhimanyu...

from where karna-draupadi love story exist...it was something new to me...

till now i only know that draupadi married 5 pandavas and equally loved them but favoured arjun alot thats it....

this karna-draupadi story is very new to me....till now i know only karna likes draupadi and draupadi hates him

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Posted: 2008-07-12T03:36:09Z
as far as i know no draupadi never had feelings for karna..

in fact it was the insult karna had to endure in the swayamvar of draupadi that he got the perfect situation to take his revenge ..draupadi refused to marry him and this was an insult for him..

in the cheerharan scene its in fact karna who said to disrobe draupadi and insulted her calling her a whore who leaves with 5 husbands...this is why all the 5 bros took out their weapons which we saw in the first epi..duryodhan ordered dushashan to do it when karna said this...

when that scene will be repeated it will different as in the prelude ekta showed just the main facts but it will be in detail and for sure karna will be present as he was the catalyst of this cheerharan of draupadi..

arjun vowed to kill karna for this and bheem to kill dushashan..sahedeva to kill sakuni for tricking them all their life even in the dice game he cheated and yudishtir lost the game.. Edited by 3 angels - 2008-07-12T03:37:24Z
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Posted: 2008-07-12T04:00:38Z
Originally posted by Tani91

^but logically how does that make sense?? I mean wasnt he the one who provoked the cheer-haran...so shouldnt she just be furious at him??? Confused

as much as knowledge i have of mahabharat
draupadi never liked karana
i don't remember of karna haveing feelings for draupadiEmbarrassed
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