Catch d exciting final of Dhoom Macha De

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Posted: 16 years ago

Catch the exciting final of Idea Dhoom Macha De

Wonder who'll be the lucky winner
Photo by: NDTV Imagine

The journey to find India's best Live Performer will reach its final destination with the Grand Finale scheduled on 9 May 2008. It began as a face-off between 11 talented performers and now the final episode will see the 3 finalists fight their way to the top The judges – Shankar Mahadevan, Prasoon Joshi and Sharmila Tagore have had a tough time week after week. But at the grand finale, the judges and hosts Malaika Arora Khan and Raju Shrivastav will get to sit back and enjoy each performance because deciding the winner of Idea Dhoom Macha De now lies with the viewers.

Speaking before the finale, Richa Sharma said, "I request all my fans to love me and to listen to me and recognize my dedication. I have put in my best efforts for this competition and showcased my talent by singing a variety of songs from different genres. Idea Dhoom Macha De is a competition to judge the best performer and I urge all the viewers to judge me on the basis of my singing, styling and my complete presentation!"

Devang Patel also said, "I have saved the best for the last! In the grand finale episode I will be presenting my blockbuster songs, which will have the viewers rooting for me, for sure! I am not nervous about the results at all.. In fact I am looking forward to performing on stage, being myself and having a great time. I would like to urge all my fans that if they want to spend a small amount of money to get entertained… they should vote for me!"

Jaspinder Narula says, "I request all my fans to bless me. On Idea Dhoom Macha De, I have showcased my talent in the best way possible. I am not nervous about the results, but I am definitely eager to find out who will win! I believe in myself and in my work and I strongly think that if it is written in my destiny, then I will definitely win!"

The stage is set and excitement levels are high. Adding to this hugely entertaining episode is the performance by the eight eliminated singing superstars on the show, Anaida, Baba Sehgal, Babul Supriyo, Jassi, Kamaal Khan, Sapna Awasthi, Suneeta Rao and Taz who have returned for the final performance. Audiences will make the final decision through live voting and select their favorite Best Live Performer.

Who do you think will win the title of Best Live Performer"? Don't miss the exciting episode on Friday, May 9th at 8:30 pm only on NDTV Imagine!