Fan Fic: Hidden Feelings

Posted: 2005-09-17T18:52:24Z

Hi, I'm new to this forum and thought of introducing myself by writing a fan fiction.....plz let me know if i should continue or not

character introduction:

Khanna Family is one of the richest and prestigous family living in India

Dilip:  head of the of the top businessman...he is hardworking and loves his family alot.....wants the best for his children....very strict w/ his youngest son Angad who is thinks is spoiled by everyone

Naina: very outgoing and a friendly independent career women, helps dipip w/ the family business.....loves her children and wants their happiness.

Karithik: 26 years old, loves and respects his family and he joined the family business.......his weakness is his brother Angad who he loves alot and  helps Angad out of tight situation when ever he gets into trouble

Aliya: the jaan of the khanna family she is closest to Angad and Prithvi. She is the youngest and spoiled by her to brothers

dadi: the oldest in the family, respected by everyone.......she is very fond of her grandson Angad

Prithvi: he is Dilip's brothers son. His parents died in a car accident when he was 10 years old and since then he lives with Dilip and Naina. He is very close to Dilip and Naina who love him like their own son. His bestfriend is Angad, but they are complete opposites. He is nice and soft spoken.

*Angad: he is , spoiled, charming, a big flirt and handsome .  Everygirl wants him and every guy wants to be like him, he is also very hot headed. He is 23 years old.


The Sharma Family is also one the richest

Aditya: a very successfull lawyer.......loves his family alot....he is easygoing....he has given his daughters freedom but within limits

Gayatri: a typical housewife......loves her family alot and wants their  happiness

Misty: the oldest daughther, she is friendly and sweetest person.......she always covers up for Kirpa when needed

* Kirpa: the youngest of the Sharma family, she is 22 years old. She loves to have fun and she can charm her way out of any situation. She is also a flirt, and spoilded by everyone in the family, she is very short temperd.


other character will be introduced later on in the story


About the Story:

Dilip and Aditya are childhood friends and their families are very close too. The sharma's have been settled in London for 19 years and due to this the two families haven't met for a long time but kept in touch.  Now  they see their dream coming true because the Sharma's have decided to move back in India.  Naina and Gayatri always had a dream of getting Angad and Kirpa  married.






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Posted: 2005-09-17T18:56:36Z
Welcum soundz really good...plz continue soon... Smile Edited by taniya_22 - 2005-09-17T18:57:34Z
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Posted: 2005-09-17T18:58:45Z
Welcome dear.
You have started with a nice fan-fic
continue soon
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Posted: 2005-09-17T19:33:58Z
that was a fabulous plz do continue.
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Posted: 2005-09-17T19:37:11Z
cont soon this is a rocking story
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Posted: 2005-09-17T20:03:41Z
please start. I love the story line.
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Posted: 2005-09-17T20:14:20Z
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Posted: 2005-09-17T20:24:50Z
Part: 1

This is first time i'm writing a story, plz tell me is i should continue or not. Also I don't know anything about Mumbai since I live in Canada so i will be making up someplaces

Everyone in the Khanna family were very happy since Sharma's are moving back to India. Dilip and Aditya are childhood friends. Aditya moved to London with his family and now he is returning back to India b/c he wants to concentrate in his business in India.

The Sharma's had just entered their house in Mumbai..... and the first thing Adiya did was call his bestfriend. Dilip asks Aditya to come for dinner and he agrees. Meanwhile Kirpa decides to go shopping

Kirpa pissed off at the mumbai traffic and herself for not asking directions parks her car in the middle of the road. When she got out she saw a eldery man carrying a bag of tomatoes and a basket filled w/ eggs she decides to ask him for directions. She gets out of the car and stands in front of her car

Kirpa to the man
k: kya aap please mujhe shopping mall ka directions bataga
The elderly man was telling her the directions when at the same time Angad driving his sports car and talking to someone on the phone at the same time doesn't see the car parked in the middle of the road and bumps into Kirpa's car. Since Kirpa was standing in front of the car she falls on top of the elderly man breaking all the eggs and squshing the tomatoes

Kirpa who was now boiling in anger gets up: who the hell did this......looks at the red sports car and points at it
K: get out the car right now
Angad thinking : damn should have listened to all the warnings about not driving and talkin on the cell at the same time.......and then thinks how the hell is it my fault she is the one who parked her car in the middle of the road
he gets out of the car and when he saw Kirpa thinks: damn she's sexy, should i ask her out

at the same time thinking: wow he's hot but then remembers about the accident

Kirpa: aankha(eyes) nehi hai kya....yeha meri car ki headlites thoor di and vaha uss (pointing at the man)poor guy ka eggs thoor diya aur tomatoes squash kar diya.....nuksaan kaun bharaga......tere baap

before Angad caould say something the elderly guy comes goes up to Kirpa and says: jaana da na bati.....chakal sa to shareef llag raha hai

K: shareef shakal sa to yea loafer lag raha

Angad who is totally pissed off: yo the hell is it my fault u are the one who parked the car in the middle of the road

Angad: well princess its ur fault ur the one who who had parked in the middle of the road

Kirpa yelling: oya if i had parked my car in the middle of the road u cauld have at least used your cars horn
to warn me

Angad: pehla to sadak ka beech car park karthi ho upar sa instead of saying sorry ur blaming me

K: shakal sa to accha ghar ka lagta ho.....but manners sa tapoori lagta ho

A: yo chipkali....who the hell are you to judge me

and start arguing, by now a small group of people are watching them fighting and they have also created a traffic jam
A police inspector comes

Police officer: what the hell is going on here

Kirpa: dekhiya na pehla to peecha sa car thook ta hai aur phir aaga sa chipkali bool ta hai

Angad: i'm sorry tum chipkali nehi atom bomb ho

Kirpa: you called me a atom bundhar

Angad: pehla loofer, phir tapoori aur ab bundar....wait i'm not going to leave you

the inspector who had a enough of their nonsense tells them to leave or else they will have to spend on whole day in the jail

They both reluctuntlly leave but vow to kill each other the next time they meat


After kirpa reaches home , she tells Misthy about the accident
Misthy: i sure it was ur fault....poor guy

K: poor guy......di if i ever see him again, i will...

before she cauld complete her sentence Gayatri comes and tells them to get ready b/c they will be going to the Khanna's house in 1 hour

highlights for the next part: Angad and Kirpa meet again in the khanna house

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