Kutumb 2 April 11 update(last episode)

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Posted: 16 years ago
*this is the last episode

pratham comes home and sees no one is eating. he tells everyone they are mad at him about shweta but he only loves gauri and will not give her place to anyone else. his dad says just because he himself married kamini doesnt mean he forgot his mom. he can love shweta. pratham disagrees.

vicky talks to shweta about pratham. he says he is convinced she loves him when they were at the beach. she cries and confesses but says he loves gauri only. vicky says they can be friends and be together.

shweta's dad tells her to think about her decision.

pratham and shweta meet a lawyer. she says to think about their decision. then she says in a few months their divorce will be final.

pratham drops shweta home. in the car shweta gives pratham the home keys that kamini gave her. he tells her to meet his family once.

they come home. the family is happy to see her. kamini asks how is she. shweta says fine. biji says good she came. kamini says she knew she wont let her go home. maan says to bring arti. shweta says they are misunderstanding, she came back to give back the keys and she gives them to kamini. they cry and hug. she hugs biji, dadi. maan blesses her. pratham says he wants to talk to shweta. he says she wanted the divorce why is she crying. she says the family gave her so much love and cant forget them. he says sorry and he wants her to be happy in her life and he will drop her home. she says after today they wont meet anymore and wants to tell him that she took away his happiness. he says to forget the past and move on in life, she did so much for gauri's dad. she says she loves him. he says what is she saying. she says yes she is talking about the present and maybe after tomorrow they wont meet, she doesnt know why she is telling him , she knows he hates her and wont love anyone except gauri, she doesnt want love from him because it is unconditional, she thanks him because after being apart he gave her the best give of love, for the first time she is alone but is  not alone, she is telling him because he loved gauri and can understand her, she says lets go. he says people fall in love once in their life and he loves gauri and recognizes true love which she has for him. he promises friendship and they hold hands. the family sees them and is happy.

pratham and shweta are at the river dressed in white putting in gauri's ashes. they smile at each other and it ends.


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Posted: 16 years ago

Do you have video of this epi ?
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Posted: 16 years ago
no i watched it on tv since i was home
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Posted: 16 years ago
thanks. m sad 😭 did they make kutumb 3?
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Posted: 16 years ago
thank yo u 😊 😊 what a sweet ending
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Posted: 16 years ago

Last episode. 😭

Thanx for the update.