*A Speciall Bday is Coming :Guess WHO?*

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Posted: 15 years ago

A very SPECIAL.A Much awaited..Bday of a  sweet cute adorable lovable and Loved person is approachingHug..

A pretty galWink....Someone with a smile on her face alwaysBig smileBig smile...Sumone too cool n too young..Someone whu is generally patientTongue...Someone whom i dunno if everyone knowsEmbarrassed...Coz she loves to be hiding alwaysTongueLOL....Sum1 whom i have knwn for just sumtymEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.....

She is surely sum1 whu beleive wht is written on the imageEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

She can make u fall in LOVE with her with her sweet charming talksCool...She can make u beleive that u r the best by her cutie baateinDay Dreaming....She is some1 just out of the world..Someone just too too gud...Jiske liye words fall short...



Hmmm lets see if u people can guess by the clues i am gonna give in th form of sum Descriptions and Pics...

When she was small...I am sure everyone will agree she must have been one Angel...Just so innocent so pretty so cute and so adorable....She must have been someone whom everyone liked to shower LOVE upon...

Jab humari Angelic pari grew up...Sure she was cuteeeeest pariCoolBlushing....She must have been the most huggable TeddyHug...Jiske saath u forget all ur sorrowsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Sirf yaad rahe all the fun all the masti and yeshhhhh shaitaani alsoEvil Smile

Always lost in dreams..Lost sumwhereDay Dreaming..This gal was differentTongue...She has seen life from many different angles...Has seen different aspects of lifeSmile...Akele bhi she finds the entire world with her...Seeing the world so calmly yet with loads of questionsGeek...Which she never wnts to ask anyone...Waiting for the answers to be revealed with so much of patienceSmile..Surely of of those different people bornEmbarrassed

Some1 whu has a smile on her face alwaysBig smile...Most of the timesSmileSmile...Even when she is Angry or she is frustrated or she is facing a tough time...Eventhu she may cry for hours alone but with her friends she always has a smile and always try to make others smileThumbs Up...To make everyone smile...It is said that to make anyone SMILE is the most difficult thing and to keep that smile intact is even more difficultEmbarrassedHugClap....This gal has always tried to make people smile...To make people get out of their sad emotions and smile laugh n Live every moment of lifeDay Dreaming...Forgetting the negative aspects of life..Just remembering LIFEEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

One of her very favourite MoviesTongueEmbarrassed...A movie she wuld watch every nyt after she has watched it so many timesD'oh...But she loved the simplicity of the movieEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Actually shayad she likes the movie coz she likes Amrita rao a lot...U knw Amrita has a child in herEmbarrassed

After Joining IF...She has been my friend...She has been a very dear friendTongue...A very caring oneHug....A friend who has been there in the tough times...Friend who has been there in the happy tymsBig smileBig smile....A friend whu has been a small child with me at tyms and has been a teacher with me at tymsEmbarrassed...Sum1 whu has shared lots of emotions with me and her other frndsSmile...Sum1 whu has a different perspective to see life...But surely she makes a very perfect FRIENDEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

A friend who is a treasure for meSmile...Shayad a bigg treasure for her friends where she livesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed....Evenethu she is my friend but she can surely fight with me over the smallest of thingsAngryAngry...Which is the cutest part of herTongueEmbarrassed....Would always like to treasure the good times and forget the times which are not worth rememberingEmbarrassed...FRIEND I treasure U....

My Cute dost...My very very precious dostEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I wuld say priceless dostEmbarrassed...I wuld surely like to have my dost tillEmbarrassed..Till i dunno whenSmileSmile....Coz Relationships have no time ..They have no ageSmile...And surely they cannot be time boundEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Now kuch idea hua whu this mysterious Gal isEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Please do let us knw ur wild GUESSES...

Loads of Love...AnkuEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Edited by anku2cute - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
Is it MystriousGal Embarrassed

ShrutiEdited by *Shruti* - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
Shru dis person is sum1 mysterious...But kaun hai mujhe kia pata

U kaamchor nikammi LBM Angry LOL LOL
Posted: 15 years ago
ShockedShocked Oyee ek toh guess karo upar se Kamchor Nikammi kehti hai useless kahiki stop chorrying my words Kaamchor Nikammi toh tu hai Cool

Posted: 15 years ago
Is it Ektaj?

If not then Pinky? Embarrassed

Moderator's Note:
From Anku:
Some people are being requested not be so hoshyaar.Smile

Edited by Saara COMB - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
^^Saara yaar eks ko toh i knw kaafi time se na...

I have mentioned ki i knw dis frnd kuch time se Embarrassed Embarrassed
Posted: 15 years ago
Whats the Moderator Note for? Confused Embarrassed ..Oh well..Since the topic is in the Saarrthi forum..then It has to be someone in the Saarrthi Dev Team..Right?
Posted: 15 years ago
Originally posted by ~Saraa~

Whats the Moderator Note for? Confused Embarrassed ..Oh well..Since the topic is in the Saarrthi forum..then It has to be someone in the Saarrthi Dev Team..Right?

That note is for all hoshyaar people...who trying to be extra hoshyaar...SmileLOLLOL

Will tell u soon why i put it..Wink..

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