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Kuch to Hai

                        The hidden truth


Intro of characters:

Angad Khanna(Iqbal Khan): A famous rockstar. Drop dead hot and a dream of every girl.Flirtuous in nature but serious for one woman , whom he loves more than his life. Kripa Sharma

Kripa Sharma(Neha Bamb): Another rockstar and a dream woman of thousand of young boys. Gorgeous in appearance and looks but reserved for one man that is Angad Khanna

Kanan Malhotra(Gauri Pradhan Tejwani): Daughter of Angad's mom Naina's best friend Sulekha. Loosing her parents in an early age, Kanan was adopted by Naina like her own daugter. She is Angad's best friend  and his manager. She too has a great voice but do not like singing professionaly. A complete no nonsense girl in nature and beautiful like angels, she is very close to Angad.

Nishant Arora(Hiten Tejwani): He and Angad were together during their college days. Totally opposite of his simple and cute looks , he is the master of Angad when comes to flirting with girls. A fun loving guy who wants to enjoy his life to the fullest.

Note: From now, i am going to post my ff with my old username Mr. Fraud.

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Other main characters:

Naina Khanna: Mother of Angad Khanna (Same as in KYph)
Dileep Khanna: Father of Angad Khanna(Kyph)
Kartik Khanna: Brother of Angad Khanna(KYPH)
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Part 1

Khanna house:

7 Am.


Servants were preparing the breakfast and a lady nearly about 50 years of age was instructing them. Suddenly a pair of hand closes her eyes from behind.

Naina(touching the hands and finding it familier): In haathon ko to main kahin bhi pehchain sakti hoon. Good morning Kanan.😊

Saying this, she removed those hands from her eyes and turned back with a genuine smile on her lips. Her smile got broader after finding her guess right.

As she turned, she found a girl, nearly about 26 or 27 years of  age, with shoulder length silky hairs, with a fresh and genuine smile on her lips, big deep eyes filled with happiness and a face beautiful like fresh roses. She was wearing a light brown short shirt with blue skin tight jeans which were giving her killing looks.

Kanan(making a face): Kya Naina ? (She used to call her from her name since her childhood)😆 Aapko kaisa pata chal jaata hai ki main hi hoon?

Naina(hitting playfully on her head): Aur kaun roz subah itni jaldi taiyaar hokar kitchen mein aata hai?

Kanan: OOps i am so stupid.

Naina(kissing her forehead): No u r my little angel. (Looking her from top to bottom) So u r ready to leave. Woh kahan hai?

Kanan: Haah! Aur kahan hoga. Hoga apne bed par.

Naina: Tune use uthaya nahi?

Kanan: Arre baap re. Main kyun jaoon us danger zone mein. You know what Naina? He stinks in the morning. 🤢. Agar main uske kamre mei gayi to mujhe 4 baar bath leni padegi.

Naina: Hey bhagwan. Kya karoon is ladke ka? Itna bada rockstar hai. Lekkin aadaton mein abhi tak baccha hai. Abhi jaakar uski khabar leti hoon.

Kanan: Naina! Ek kaam kijiyega . Jab woh bath le le to uski vest mujhe de dijiyega. I will make it smell to all those girls who keeps his cell ringing for the whole day and eat half of my brain asking about him. Isi bahane mera addha workload to kam ho hi jaayega.

Naina who was making her way to Angad's room can't stop herself from having a good laugh on the joke Kanan cracked.

Kanan takes out the juice bottle from the refridgerator, pour the juice into a glass and starts having sips from it sitting on the dining table.

Kanan(thinking): Ab to Angad ki khair nahi! Good luck bacchu.

Naina stops in front of a room, and starts knocking on the door.

Naina(knocking on the door): Angad! Angad , wake up.

Inside the room, a hot , handsome, 6 feet tall , with well toned body, wearing a black vest with black lowers was chatting, or we say flirting with a girl on his cell.

B: I love u sweetheart.

G(from other side): But u r engaged to Kripa na.

B: So what? U know the type of engagements and marriages in the entertainment industry. Kripa is so downmarket as compared to u. U r so hot.

G: But yesterday, when i enquired about u, Kanan refused to pass the call saying that u were busy in your rehersals.

B: She said so. U know what? She too is jealous of u. Because she is not having a perfect figure like u naa.

G: Oh Angad i want to meet u.

B: Well , sweetheart definitely we will meet.

Suddenly he heard the knock on the door.

Naina(shouting): Angad, tum bahar aa rahe ho ya main andar aaon.

B: Oh shit.Ok i call u later.Mujhe abhi jaana hoga.

Saying this, he cuts the call.

He opens the door .

Naina: Itni der se knock kar rahi hoon Angad angad chillalke. Kya kar rahe the andar?

Angad: Aa....... woh main....... so raha tha.

Naina: Itni der tak . Pata hai Kanan ready bhi ho gayi office ke liye.

Angad(thinking): Usko kaam hi kya hai? Bas doosro ki wattttt lagane ke alawa?

Naina: Kya soch rahe ho?

Angad: Aa....... kuch nahi. Main bas abhi aata hoon.

Saying this, he goes back into his room closing his room.

Kanan was in her room collecting her necessary files n her car keys. She was about to leave the room ,when she looks back as if she had forgot to take something important. She opens the drawer n takes out her bracelet. It was the gold chain bracelet with her initial 'K' on it. It was very much precious for her for  two reasons. First of all it was gifted to her by her best friend Angad and second was that it had the initial of her name. Don't know why but she loves her name. Her name was so special for her.Thinking this, she picked up her bracelet n leaved from there.

She was unlocking her black Opel Corsa when she found Kartik coming towards the garage. As he entered into the garage, he saw Kanan and both of them smiled looking at each other.

Kartik: Good morning Kanan.

Kanan(flashing her beautiful smile): Good morning Kartik. Again right on time.

Kartik: Well i don't like to be late.

Kanan: Tumhe dekhkar koi keh nahi sakta ki tum Angad ke bhai ho. U r so sincere, well mannered and punctual and he is.....Kash usme kuch aadatein tumhare jaise hoti.

Kartik: Thanks for compliments. Waise woh itna bura bhi nahi hai.

Kanan: Don't tell me. Warna uski buraiyaan ginte ginte main office ke liye late ho jaungi. (Looking at her watch) I think i should leave. See u later.

Saying this, they bid good bye to each other. Kanan sits into her car and leaves whereas Kartik kept on looking at her till her car disappered. Again a smile takes place on his lips, he too sits into his car and leaves



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Sharma Villa:

A young lady, same of the age group of Angad and Kanan. Drop dead gorgeous and killing in looks was coming out of her bathroom after taking a hot shower. She was getting ready for the rehersals and feeling so happy as she was going to rehearse after one week of that accident that happened in the rehersal hall. Angad and Kripa were rehersing for their upcoming tour when suddenly the heavy lighting , used to decorate the roof of the stage starts falling  on her. Thanks to Angad who watched it falling and saved her from that by falling away with Kripa from it's range. But she got minor injuries in that and doctors adviced her bedrest  for the whole week for getting fit both physically and mentally and now she is totally fit and available. Ofcourse she was excited to match her steps with Angad who was with her all the time to take her care and to encourage her. No matter what his image is or what world says about him, she knows that she is special for him and she too can't imagine her life without him. She starts smiling after thinking about Angad and herself. She was about to leave when her cell ranged.

L: Hello.

Kanan: So how rockstar Kripa is  doing?

Kripa(with a smile on her lips): Fine. And i am just ready to leave.

Kanan: That's great. That means today i have less work load as u will be there for handling all those crank calls.

Kripa: Ya, most possibly.

Kanan: Ok then. Come soon.

Kripa: Ya. Waise Angad aa gaya?

Kanan: Angad! Are u joking. Is waqt woh sokar uth gaya ho to bahut samajhna.

Kripa: Ok ok i am coming.

Saying this, they both disconnects the call and Kripa leaves from there.


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nice ff.
plzz continue soon 😊
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thanks i will continue if there are 5 or more comments. Waise thanks for liking my story 😊
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nice story 😊 conti soon........... 😛
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nice story conti........................
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hey i havent read it tilll nw but just wanted to knw that r the main char KANAN NISHANT????
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ya the four of them are main characters.  😊 Edited by Mr. Fraud - 16 years ago