Another MahaBharat on the way

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Posted: 16 years ago
Mansen wants an heir from Yuv and Nats with the intention that all the Goenka's fortune should go to his family thru his son.

Mansen accepted that Rudr is his son and Rudr would be older to Yuv and Aksh, now with Rudr married to Bhoomi and Krishna as his son the Goenka fortune will go to Bhoomi and Krishna.

If Mansen gives Rudr his rights as his son, Yuv and Aksh will not like it especially if everything is going to go to Rudr / Bhoomi / Krishna

Mansen ji ab kya karenge??  Is it a start of another MahaBharat??

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Posted: 16 years ago
I am so glad Rudr turned out to be Mansens son... 😃 Now whether its Rudrs child or Yuv, wat Mansen wants will b fulfilled...So that kinda hints out that Mansen wont go back to the selfish "I want it all" person that they were hinting twds in the past few days when he kept on worrying abt wat wud cum in Yuvs position...

However, this mahabarat will b interesting to watch...The show is slowly going back to its old theme...Before Mansen n Sid had to battle it out...Sid was the soft understanding Son while Mansen was the hot headed n selfish person...Rudr I knw for sure, will turn out to b soft once Bhoomi n him accept each other...n he realizes Mansens side of the story...but Yuv at no cost will allow Rudr to jus cum in n take part in property etc...So basically. Rudr will b a slight shadow of Sid while Yuv will b one of Mansens...n Aksh...I dont think he will prove to be as troublesome as Yuv might be...

So Bhoomi will have to once again try to keep the family together...What is to c is whether Nats n Mohini will assist her in this fight or become selfish along with their hubbys...

It feels like watching the old Saarthi again for me...Lots of twist n turn...
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Posted: 16 years ago
i think the serial is leading a good way !!!!!!! 😆
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Posted: 16 years ago
as teesha pointed out this mahabharat will be b/w mansen's sons now....but the sad thing is that i've a feeling natasha and mohini will support their respective hubbys .....i guess we'll have to wait and watch what happens
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Posted: 16 years ago
you know after months of toture this show has given me, since all that mahabarat track was gone with Arjun, Suraj &

now this track is back with rudra   
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Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by: sajibabe

i am looking forward to it, as rudrah is soo hot, i just can't get enough of him. i think this time it will be action packed, as rudrah unlike arjun won't take anything on his chin. he has seen life the hard way, so he can battle out anything, plus he is sooo macho. i love saarthi since guru entered his acting has improved so much & he is looking super fit

sooo true

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Posted: 16 years ago
i miss saarrthi toooo much 😭