Mallika quits Kundan Shah’s ´Masquerade’

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Posted: 16 years ago

Mallika Sherawat quits Kundan Shah's 'Masquerade'

Not long back, this space had informed you that Mallika Sherawat was to play the role of a prostitute-turned-politician in Kundan Shah's 'Masquerade'. Now, the latest one is that the loud-mouthed bombshell has walked out of the film owing to some irrevocable creative differences with the director.

Mallika was initially very excited about the project as it was undoubtedly one of the best and most challenging roles of her career. She had even agreed to use the typical UP language laced with colorful epithets. However, during the course of the rehearsals, she developed serious problems with Kundan over creative issues. Word is also going around that she did not like the film's technical crew but Kundan was adamant about not changing his technical crew. A lot of other creative differences cropped up during the film's shooting and Mallika, with her no-one-messes-with-me attitude, walked out of the film.

With the leading lady walking out of the film, the project has an undecided fate now because the producers of the film, The Indian Film Company, too has decided to opt out.

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