Shahid Kapur is boring????

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Posted: 16 years ago
Thats wat kareena said in one of the interviews..she said she left shahid coz he was not social and didnt like to party much...where else saif loves doing the things that shahid doesnt like to do....i think kareena will regret this because i'd rather have a guy who isnt outgoing then a guy who has played with 5 different girls..isnt that suspicious?..i mean who knows saif can also cheat on kareena like he did with other girls....wat do u guys think?...thats just my beliefs...u dont have to agree :)...


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Posted: 16 years ago
I think that it is really snobby of kareena to talk about her prior relationships! Its really sad how she just dissed shahid like that!!!
I don't really know how much of a playa saif is but Kareena should not compare and contrast shahid and saif..obviously she is just attention wanting.

Watever happens, happens for a reason..maybe its good that shahid is no longer with kareena...because im sure there are tons of girls out there who would love to have a nice normal and low key relationship with him!! lol 😳
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Posted: 16 years ago
woah thats so mean of her..saif-kareena wont get serious..its just temporary they like each other and will go on their relationship for a while..but never come on to marriage or anything