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From the shores of the Bay of Bengal to the banks of the Ganges.

Puri se Gangotri tak.

...His past Endeavours, and Programmes, 

Image result for rajeev khandelwal juzzbaat

...His exploring heart that he often reveals,

...His taste for adventure

...His diction and delivery.

...His ability to connect with people from all walks of life. 
Poorey dil se...straight from the heart, without any script...be it with the locals, the commoners, the mystics 

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or the rulers of the land

...His childlike eagerness to learn and know more, 

Has made him the perfect person to show us the magnificence of the Ganges, her destruction and cleansingStar

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Selfish man thinks only of himself and instant gratification. 
Forgets we have to leave behind a world not as we inherited it but better than that. 

Image result for dirty fire ganges river
The filth that has been accumulating cannot be cleaned within a small time frame. 
He says we have to wait. Wait we have to.

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Rome was not built in a day!!!

The locals must feel helpless. Their travailsOuch.

Rag Rag Mein Ganga : EP #01

Reduce your carbon footprint he said in the first the episode
Avoid plastic, recycle, reuse, dont litter in the second.
Dont waste water --- in the thrid 

By showing to the world the concerted efforts by the NAMAMI Ganga in cleaning the mighty Ganges and drilling some civic sense he is creating awareness, doing his duty as a citizen of this world

Our hero. Our down-to-earth guyBig smileDay Dreaming.

Image result for rajeev khandelwal rag rag mein ganga

Can almost feel the mitti ki kushboo, the clean air and the smell of the herbs...Big smile
Plus the skip, leap and flutter in our heart Day Dreaming
Definite 4D effect Approve.

Image result for #ragragmeinganga

He could not see the rainbow, but he and the people with him present the show with so much life and colour its give a rainbow effect ClapThumbs Up

And that must be the most elevated / the farthest bird eye view of himEmoji. The aerial views the photography take the show to a high level.

Image result for ragragmein rajeev khandelwal

A learning experience for him too

Image result for rajeev khandelwal rag rag mein ganga

It was work. He was doing his job as a host of a travel show.
A finicky guy who likes to get it perfectly right, he must have put in max effort to give his best and finish within a strenuous schedule

Image result for rajeev khandelwal rag rag mein ganga

But...'like a holiday for me', he said.

Lucky fellow!!!! 
A very Indian Fun job. 
Fun unlimitedSmile



Rajeev Khandelwal at the press conference For Its Upcoming Chat Show Juzzbaatt on 27th April 2018

"It is a candid chat with TV actors and prominent faces from different walks of life who will open up about their struggles, fears, insecurities and pain. Basically, the stories that are very different from what you have read in newspapers and magazines," Sikcand said in a statement.

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    We get to know the guests' achievements and disappointments,
      see how they setright their setbacks. 

Image result for #juzzbaatt rajeev khandelwal

    And he sets the right tone with each contestant.

    Image result for juzzbaatt opening monologue rajeev

With serious stuff, juicy tid-bits, silly games and serious fun

    Image result for rajeev khandelwal dresses as chutki kiku sharda

    "It was the Channels call, wholeheartedly accepted by the Producer who says...with the kind of work Rajeev has done in the past, his name carries credibility, sincerity." Smile

Rajeev Khandelwal (Sagar Kumar Munjwani)

"Audiences see him as a no-nonsense guy & you don't expect him to do a frivolous show. Rajeev has this Genuity about him so when the channel zeroed in on him, we were happy with the association. "   Smile   Star

Image result for #juzzbaatt rajeev khandelwal

Brand Rajeev!!! Star Clap Smile Approve

Which celebrities would you like to host on the show?

Plenty of them. But more than the celebrities, I would like to talk to the people who are constantly in the public eye like the law enforcement or Government officers or even the Prime Minister and want to know things like when was the last time our Prime Minister danced or sang. Who would not want to know that? I would like to talk to unsung heroes and or changemakers.

Big smileAnd this is what we call... think big! dream big! self-confidence!
Wishing him all the best to scale heights he dreams of Big smileThumbs Up 

Image result for india-forum sach ka saamna

"When you have seven-eight cameras, to let someone feel at ease and open up is not easy. You need a mentor who would tell you where you are overdoing and how to better yourself. My mentor was Siddharth Basu when I started hosting Sach Ka Saamna. In this show, it is Sandeep Sikand, the producer".

Star From fans wanting him to appear on famous talk shows, to fans asking him to invite their favourite stars to his show!!!!! Emoji

Life is beautiful and throws unexpected surprises. Just have to embrace them with open arms. Hug

A blank canvas with some dots. He is going to connect 'em and paint with varied colours of Juzzbaatt. Big smile

Rajeev Khandelwal at the press conference For Its Upcoming Chat Show Juzzbaatt on 27th April 2018

He is going to show us...7 - 8 on weekends

Face behind the facade

HeArt of the Artist Emoji

His wardrobe is good.
He looks very good.The ambience is right.

No doubt the Guests are the most important in any talk show. Buutt...

Image result for juzzbaatt promos

Once again his mind voice : Coffee tea or my  guests

We: All wrong. Only you.

Juzz Baatt | From 5th May, Sat - Sun 7PM | Promo | Zee Tv

He with that knowing smile directed at us and raising in toast his mug : oohh dont i know that.

We: oohh oohh dont we know that you know that... 

Image result for juzzbaatt promos

We see zee for just one man...and he is wholesome entertainmentStar

Juzz Baatt 13th May 2018 | Full Launch Event | Zee Tv Juzz Baatt Serial News 2018

Raajjeevv Juzz for you
4 down 22 more to go.

Keep surprising us!!!!

As he says he is juzztt perfect for the showBig smile  

our #GraciousHost  Clap


Few Spokes and the Axle - His Mail for his HaqSe Rajeev Khandelwal FC

SmileA write up from him, for us, about the Web SeriesSmile 

I am very glad to be a part of Haq Se...the journey stareted when Manor Rama's Karan approached me for this series early last year. I wasn't sure as Manor Rama was just teeing off their journey in the world of entertainment. 
So I asked for the script thinking I will turn it down. 
But from the first word that I read I knew it is a classic in the making. Devika Bhagat and Renuka Kunzru had written a masterpiece and Ken gave it an enchanting face that you won't forget for a long time.

The story is about four sisters and all of them are wonderful. In fact all the women in the show are really captivating including Dadi. 
The men in the show are not bad too :) 
Pavail and Karanveer are going to get a lot of attention from women. It was a great unit and we had a blast as a team. The DOP Anubhav has done an incredible job and he will win a lot of awards and appreciation for his work for sure. 

All Set To Be Digitally Entertained Smile OTT

Image result for haqse rajeev

"With times, mediums keep changing, newer avenues open. I'm still doing the same thing I did in 2003 with Kahiin To Hoga I'm still acting. Haq Se is a very poetic series. I knew that Ekta is helming it so I knew it is in able hands. But when I read the script, I was blown away. I said I have to be a part of it in whichever measure. It is a beautiful piece of writing. When I'm saying this with so much confidence, I can assure that you'll love it too, Rajeev said.  
Sometimes you want to be part of something because you know it is poetry in motion, the actor added.

So many must have entered the world wide web and created ids and passwords after becoming his fan. 
New mediums,  new avenues...new ways of seeing him do what he has been doing since 2002.
Creating id's now to see the 'poetry in motion' the one we like seeing.

Character sketch

Image result for haqse rajeev

Dr. Naushad Rizvi! On the surface, this stubborn rude judgmental doctor appears cynical, bitter and cold! But if you scratch the surface you will see a sensitive emotional man battling his own demons. But will Meher look past the peripheral arrogance
Meet Dr Naushad Rizvi a successful doctor Woh phirse jeene ki aarzoo, Kashmir ke ko phirse zindagi dene ki aarzoo rakhte hai. Can he achieve his dreams

The role is quite complicated. Every character has its own journey and story, including mine. My character has its own past and present, and transitions between the these two timelines and fights with his own self to overcome his situation.

Image result for haqse alt balaji cast

There are sooo many characters. 
82 days shoot with 50 in Mumbai and 32 in Manali. 

Image result for haqse rajeev

Beautiful locales, beautiful women, but our eyes only for that beautiful man Embarrassed
Our Ladies Man!!! The Charmer!!!! 
Maybe not the poster boy but the one boy on that poster who matters. 

Episodes and Seasons

A 20 episode first season that covers 75% of the novel Little Women.
As there are sequels to the book it is going to be a long series.
According to the producers there will be one season per year with about 15-25 episodes per season.
In future we might get to see two seasons in a year. 

Related image

Destined to have done it, he said. Destined to be Naushad Rizvi. Playing a character set in a part of the country that is very close to his heart. A part of the country he proudly says he has visited about 20 times. 

Image result for haqse rajeev

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but brings the Pathan inBig smile.
We dont know if our doctor is a Pathan but sure wears some very nice Pathani outfits. 
Eat or dont eat it is a win win for usTongue

Related image

Hope he is there a lot with lots of screen space, 
Not just a spoke, he is a few spokes and the axle as well, for usEmoji
But guess that is wishful thinking Unhappy.
He says expect a lot from Haqse, but dont expect much from me. Dont keep your expectations high. 
Will it be more like a cameo, a very extended cameo...

To download or not to download Confused 
(wont hesitate to spend more than a few hundreds to see his movie with family n friends, not once but twice...but to see him also in a story about four sisters)

How deep is the love!!!!!

Related image

It must be quite deepBig smile

Will gladly cross the seven seas, climb the steepest mountains, dive to the depths to the ocean to see you...
But the mind...says why oh why, why pay to see very less of him, why pay to see a story not interested in, 
but the heart, yeh dil... poorey dil se says Just do It. 
Sooo just for you, only for you Rajeev Khandelwal will download and subscribe. 
If that sounds dramatic and over the topLOL, its only because he is venturing into OTTLOL

Google says Naushad means Happy. 
Will be seeing him after 1 1/2 years Smile (let the gap never exceed this period)
The happy good man is bringing happiness. 
Bring it on Dr.!!!

We are entering the waxing periodSmile
Sure there is going a long tryst. this year, with our Super Blue Blood MoonStar!!!

All the very best !!!!Thumbs Up
And thank you to him for the mailSmile.

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Posted: 2018-02-02T09:08:30Z
i guess 1st episode of haq se is out??
Posted: 2018-02-02T16:17:11Z
Where to find Episode without subscription
Posted: 2018-02-02T22:03:56Z
Originally posted by JIYAMG

Where to find Episode without subscription

this is the exact thing im looking for
Posted: 2018-02-03T03:38:15Z
Originally posted by Masooma Bukhari

i guess 1st episode of haq se is out??

11 episodes are out. An average of 20 mins each.

He is there for 32  mins or so. 
1 min each in the first and last episode.

Guess thats kind of ok. Well not okConfused. But there are so many characters.

I skipped the others parts, still watched bits  and pieces and what i saw interested.

Beautiful  locales, beautiful people. 

Posted: 2018-02-03T03:40:16Z
Originally posted by Masooma Bukhari

Originally posted by JIYAMG

Where to find Episode without subscription

this is the exact thing im looking for

Hahahaaa good luck to you both. Big smile

But i subscribed. Not costly. 
Edited by yazh. - 2018-02-03T03:40:47Z
Posted: 2018-02-03T03:42:18Z

I'd like to dedicate #HaqSe to all the girls/women who have to struggle to have their voice heard.

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