Karan ka Pehla Pyar---->Nice fan Fic

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The following is not just a fanfiction but a story:-

U will enjoy......


Aired on: India-forums.

BY: Anju

Starring: SHipla saklani as SANJANA

  TULSI as reema...

Upen Patel as Karan

Ejaz Khan as Dhruv

Urvashi Dholakia as Avantika

Vikas sethi as Prashant..

The same story has been posted in tales section of india-forums.in with name kitna pyar karti hoon tumse..



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i am starting a new story


from Monday 15-8-05....

u wll enjoy!!!

definately it will be better than ekta's repated track sops



The story is not a story of any particular character..Its a story involving many characters....It was published in kannada magazine taranga 5 years back...i am translating it in hindi...i am converting it too( like ekta kapoor)

The story is story of sanjana ,Karan and Dhruv....

Character sketch:-

KAPOOR FAMILY:-(middle class)

1.NITIN KAPOOR: He is small buisness man.He is sanjana's elder brother and is owner of the family..He is good at heart...But only negative point is his wife..yes he fears of his wife without whose help his buiness could not have established...

2.ARUNDHATI KAPOOR: Nitin's wife and Sanjana's Bhabhi...A bad mouthed bhabhi..(negative character) doesnt like sanjana at all and curses her.

3. LALIT KAPOOR: Nitin's younger brother unmarried and is close to sanjana and is police head.

4.Bhoomi and Saurav: Nitins and sarla's kids 7 and 5 years respectively..they love sanjana a lot..

5.SANAJANA: Sanjana is a intelligent girl who is std-12 topper and is very intelligent..Sanjans lost her parents while she was 10 and her relative always curse sanjana for being bad birthed..sanjana has been deprived of her parents love..but both brother love her lot although elder doesnt speak anything against his wife...sanjana is fond of reading novels stories etc..and is extemely beautiful traitional..


1. Brigbhushan Malhotra:-A rich business tycoon and has great political links..he has earned a lot of money..and he doenst want anything else..

2.KARAN MALHOTRA:Brig's son...A big flirt in college...he doesnt has steady relationship because he doesnt believe in Love..he hates his father too because he belives his father has no time and also thinks him responsible for his mother is way from him..He too is deprived of love..His mother died when he was 13 and father loves only money. He is tall well built and handsome.All girls dream of becoming his GF in college..but he is just for fun....enjoys the money made by his father..

3.RAMOO:-A hose looker and honest worker at Malhotra and loves karan as equally as his son.


1.REEMA:-A 55 year old widow..whos life is only for her son Dhruv..who takes care of her..

2.DHRUV AGARWAL:DHRuv is intelligent..he works daytime and attends evening college..He too never falls in love..he belives in true love and says that money is neccesary just to pass life.


1.AVANTIKA: SHe is karan's girl friend in the sense..only she loves him a lot..

2.MOHIT,YASH,DEEP,RITU,SHABBIR: Karan's best freinds...in college.

KARAN and DHRUV are child hood friends to such an extent that they alwyas eat in same plate..KARAN finds his mom in reema.Reema loves both dhruv and karan equally..

There are other characetsr too:

i will intoduce them slowly:


NITIN and sanjana staying in pune call up nitin to say that they are coming to mumbai as LALIT (PLOICE) is transferred to mumbai..

NITIN is happy..and says that he has already brought prospectus for sanjana in MOUNT carmel college ( A TOP COLLEGE) and congragulates SANJANA once gaian..ARUNDHATI is not happy at all...

At the malhotra house karan is taking showers..comes out of the room and his putting deo and is in a rush to visit dhruv's bday

At the AGARWAL house: Dhruv is eating breakfast and MAA reema is giving him blessings for his 22th birthday

character imagination:- statting shipla saklani,upen patel and ejaz khan..









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No yaar...
its just my fan fiction...

u will enjoy...

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Posted: 2005-08-15T10:19:45Z


Concept: -
The story revolves around 3 main characters namely Sanjana, dhruv and karan.
It's a love triangle involving thse main characeters.
What has the destiny in store for them??
To find out read : KPKHT

Reema is performing pooja in her pooja room. Its her son dhruv's birthday today She prays to god " hey Bhagwan mere bete ko meri umar dena" Dhruv comes out of his room in his usual formal decent dress. He takes ma's ashirwad and says " Maa ."

Reema: janamdin mubarak ho beta..jeete raho beta…hamesha khush raho…."
Dhruv: thanks …. maa…aap is duniye ke sabse achhi maa ho..

Reema: Nahi beta..Tum is duniya ke sab se ache bete ho…

Dhruv: Achha maa..ab mein chalta hoonn… der ho roahi hai..sham to jaldi atta hoon….
Aur haan….karan araha hain…teri haath ki khana khane….

Reema: aane do puchti hoon use aaj..4 din se kyun nahi aaya..

Dhruv leaves for factory…He works in factory to support his mother and himself and goes to evening college to complete his degree…

As dhruv leaves..Tears roll down reema' eyes…all flash back memeories:-
The day when she was admiited to hopital for delivery and her husband is coming to visit his child..suddenly dies in a car accident…From that day Reema life is only for her only son dhruv….she then leaves to the kitchen..she decides for a special lunch and dinner for dhruv and karan…

AT The Malhotra:-

Karan is still sleeping in his bedroom in his usual night wear…lazily fellow……Sudddenly gets up…" are yaar…aaj dhruv ka bday hai.." jaana hain mama ke paas….dhruv ko wish karna hain….picks up mobile and calls dhruv and wishes him happy bday..
Dhruv: helo
Karan:" are saaale ek aur saal Buddha ho gaya too…kaha peinr hain sale…

Dhruv: factory yaar…
Karan: kya….ek din chutti nahi le sakta tha…
Dhruv: nahin yaar …bahoot kaam yeh yaarr..tu janta hian…chutiyoon ke jkaroorat exam ke time apr hoti he…

Karan: " saaale kabhie nahi badle ga tu"

Dhruv: Tu bhi nahi yaar…waise leta he yaa naha raha he…chal raktta hoon..thikh yeh 5 baje ajana ghar…khana khane…

Karan: 5 baje nahi..abhi jaa raha hoon..maaa ke paas…akele hogi… aur haan…party kahan dega…I mean BEER party..theekh hain …..

Dhruv:" hat saale..kabhie nahi sudarega….Ladki,beer,whiski,dost…ye sab chodkar..kuch he tere paas baat karne ko…
Karan"hain na…
Dhruv: kya
Karan: "khana..yaar aur who bhi mama ki haath ka…ok bye yaar…"

Karan gets up[ lazily and says to himself " I AM THE BEST"
Slowly picks up his towel and goes to bathroom….

Comes out puts deo..as usual wears his blue jeans and white t-shirt and in a hurry goes out…

Ramoo kaka.as usual comes to his room with breakfast" chalo baba aaj bhi nasta nahi kiya"…
Its usual habit of karan …since his childhood days…he spents most of his time either with friends…girls..party pubs…drinks…or else druv's home….which is his second home…

Arundhati is lazily serving breakfast to her kids and husband NITIN…

"Chalo bachho kha lo…" school jaana hain na…."

Phone Rings…

Arundhati picks up the phone;
" halo"
lalit at the oter end:" Bhabhi mein lalit.."

arundhati" "Bolo..kaisa ho.."

Lalit" Bhabhi….Transfer pakiki ho gayi…parso are rahe hain hum…"

Arundhati ( although not happy):" achha …bahut khushi ki baat hain…chalo finally transfer pakki ho hi gayi"..Nitin hears this and comes to talk to lalit:
" halo lait…khushi hooyi jaankar"
Lalit:" bhaiyya…ham arahe hain bhaiyya…"

NITIN:"bahut khushi haim muje….finally hame ek saat rehne ka mauka mil gaya.."

Lalit:" haann..bhaiyya..sab bhagwan ki marzi…"
NITIN:" achha sanju..kaisi hein wo.."
Lalit:" achhi hai…waha ane ke raah dekh rahi hain.."
Nitin:" janta hoon… maine yaha prospectus leke rakha hain…carmel college ki…"
Lalit: " achha bhaiyya..rakta hoon…"
Nitin:"tekkh hain.. lene pahuch jaaonga station teekh hain..bye…"

Nitin says to himself: he bhagwan tera shukar hain…..arundhati…is not happy at al…
Achhan..to aap bachoo to school chodenge yaaa..sapna dekte rahenge…
Nitin: aata hoon aru..chilaatee kyun hoo??

Karan comes to reema….house

Reema: achha…To aaj yad gayi mama ki…

Karan: nahi mama…
Reema:chup…bolne ki jarorat nahi…slaps him with love ..holds his hears and says……
"purssat nahi milee bachee…ye kya haal hai…dadi kyun chod kar rakha hain..gande..… kahi ke…

karan:" mama,,,,aap bhi na…karan malhotra jo bhi karta hian na…wo hi ek style hain…
because u know I AM THE BEST

reeama: theekh hain theekh haiin..aab bhashan mat dena…..

karan smiles sexily…

SanjAna dreams of her life in Mumbia…"mumbai jaoongi aur mera sapna poora karoongi….achhi tatah se pad looongi…" she also remembers Bhoomi and saurav….(kids).

She is also packing her bags….to leave for Mumbai…
Lalit comes:" sanju…bahut khush ho na.."

Sanjana" haan bhaiyya…bhaiyya mujehe maa ar papa ka pyaar kabhie nahi mila…lekhin….bhagwan se yehi prarthana karoongi ki…muje dono bahiyya ka pyar ek saath mile…"

They both hug each other…with love…

-----end of epi-1
COMING UP:- SANJANA gets down at Mumbai station and smiles……
Karan..is eating kheer from mamas hands…and dhruv comes…
All of them…celebrate…..nitin and lalit hug at the railway station… .
Bhoomi and asuarv enjoy..sanjana's co

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any takers???

anbody wants me to continue...????
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Posted: 2005-08-15T10:32:23Z

wow...... Clap

good going anju

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Posted: 2005-08-15T10:42:28Z
seems to be very interesting
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