**Talk bout the ending of Kesar here**

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Posted: 16 years ago

hi 2 all the members

i was checkin for the last epic n i realised there is no topic regarding the last epic of kesar,so i thought ii'll open this topic coz every 1 wud want to say wat they thought bout the ending

let me get bak to the topic we don't want ne bashing n fighting

i think that rohan doent deserve 2 be muskaans hubby.its gud she left him in the last epic coz rohan neva trusted her she always speaked for herself sayin that she's innocent but the 'shuck' that was created by abhi ovecame his love he had for muskaan.

she said right that if rohan truly loved her so much then how did he even think of blevin abhi's lies n not her.

he shud hav given muskaan the space to adjust after what abhi did 2 her.


harman n kesar were in love with each other i didn't no that.

i was sad how it ended but all stories don't hav happy endings.

i wanted rohan n muskaan 2 b 2gether.


seriasly i feel like killin kekta maiAngry Angry Angry

Disapprove  Censored Censored

wat r ur ideas n thoughts do comment u can use

the followin qs for answering


 1, r u happy with the ending?

 2, wat u liked bout the ending?

 3, wat u hated bout the ending?

 4, if u cud change the ending wat wud u change n why?

 5, wat u liked thruout the whole serial?

 6, wat character u liked n why?

 7, ur fav villain/vamp (as there were many thruout the serial)?

 n last of all

 8, ur fav couple n why,ne fav moments?


u can ask ne of ur own qs if u hav ne for other members 2 answer


lets make this topic as fun as possible as its bout the ending of kesar

n guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzz no sulkin n cryin  lollllllllllllzWink Wink

as this is the first tym makin a dicussion topic all the best n hav fun

luv noreen


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Posted: 16 years ago
Harman and kesar were trying to find as to who was responsible for hermans loss of sight, whereas arjun was innocent in this matter. he was a husband who was trying to see that his wife is not snatched by hermans love and he took steps accordingly. and after police arrested him, khwasish should have brought out the truth that nupur and katrina were responsbile for hermans loss of sight.

muskan did right by rejecting rohan after bringing out the truth abt abhi. coz rohan abused and tormented her, so she cannot have him in her life.

so far kesar and herman always denied that they were having any feelings for each other, then suddenly they talk abt living under one roof, and that too herman declares his love for her in front of their children is ridiculous. kesar did love arjun, so even after he was arrested, she should have understood him as arjun did everything to save his marriage. arjun had always been good to kesar and he loved her and even helped to shift near to muskans house for kesars sake. how could kesar forget that.

kesar and arjun were meant to be together.

instead of ending the show like this ekta should have ended other stupid shows and given this show proper ending.
Posted: 16 years ago
I completely agree - Kesar shud have understood Arjun and Y did it.

I am happy to see Muskan leave Rohan - he deserved it.

Really sad because the evil Katrina never got caught or suffered ....
Posted: 16 years ago
the end was very very bad Confused
Posted: 16 years ago
i found it really stupid that they made arjun bad,

as for rohan h deserves it, i just wish that KK aka Krish just KICKED HIS ASS FOR FUN, now that would ave MADE MY DAY!! LOL
Posted: 16 years ago
am happy that Arjun ended up in jail but abhi shudve joined him...

i always wanted to see kesar and harman together but properly not the crappy way it happened as it was hard to tell if they did end up together or not

kwaish shudve apologised to muskhan for been a bitch cause she was just as bad as rohan and i wudve never forgiven her

although i wanted to see rohan and muskhan end up together i guess ekta used her brain for the first time and ended with muskhan leaving rohan - although i felt sorry for the poor guy - i hated it when he went "muskhan i forgive you lefts start a new life..."
i mean how rude he should ask for forgiveness from her not say I FORGIVE YOU i hate they way ekta turns really sweet characters into pigs!!!!
i will really miss kesar it was a ok show and i hope to see rohan in other serials
does anybody know rohans real name Embarrassed and if he stars in any other serials? Embarrassed
Posted: 16 years ago
rohans real name is navtej sahni n he's a model
he also stars in antariksh.
i don't no where kekta found him from but i'm happy she did
he's so cute n sexy n handsome.i hope to see him in other serials
Posted: 16 years ago
yeah the endin was really bad Dead

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