Reminder: Fun Posts/Attacking (UPDATED)

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Posted: 17 years ago

Attack towards members or actors:(Updated):

After several reminders on posts also we have noticed that members had still not stop attacking forum members Directly and Indirectly.

We have had enough of giving reminders via PM, on the posts, so from today onwards each attack towards Members or actors will give you your first warning, and if you still continue with attacking we will not go for a second warning but your account will be banned straightly.

So if you wish to stay in the forum stop attacking members or actors, and trust us we are tired of reminders and we will not to do it from here on.

We will not tolerate, insulting or sarcastic comments towards actors or members either, there is a limit to everything and all members in this forum had crossed those limits, so no sarcasm as well.

Fun Topics:

No more TOPICS should be made to make fun of either on actor or characters.

Any posts making fun of either character or Actors will be closed right away.

When someone makes fun on Kripa her fans get hurt, When one makes on Angad, his fans get hurt.

So why do it? Only discussions or pic posts should be made but not against any actor/Character

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