Rinku Ghosh wants a Diamond!

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Posted: 17 years ago
Rinku Ghosh wants a Diamond!

Rinku Gosh, the lead actress from Sony's Durgesh Nandini is on the look out to a buy a diamond. And not because she is getting engaged but due to the fact that she has been advised to wear one for astrological reasons by her fortune telling uncle whom she trusts implicitly.

"I am looking to buy a sixty-cent or more carat diamond as per my uncle's instruction who is an astrologer. From 2000 I have been working really hard but it's only in from 2003 that people began to recognize me. At that point my uncle asked me to wear a Green Panna which would help me get recognition and appreciation for my work. And after that I saw a change taking place," she says.

Rinku says after that incident she always goes for advice to her uncle for astrological issues. "Now also I follow all of his suggestions and I have seen it always puts me in a better position."

She adds that it's not just this one person that she believes in. In addition to her uncle she also follows her Guruji. "Guruji told me that do whatever you feel correct and have faith in God. And I follow that. If some time I feel upset or depressed I call him up to share my problems and immediately I feel relaxed."

Rinku says that praying to God is a part of her everyday routine. "Every morning once I freshen up I stand before God to offer my prayers. I don't do much more from that. All other pujas are done by my mother and masi so I don't think I need to do more," she says.

Rinku says the diamond is for success which is all she wants in her life and is looking forward to get some time off so she can go buy it.


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Posted: 17 years ago
thank u very much for sharing the article 😃