Interview with Harsh Chhaya -hes leaving!

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Posted: 17 years ago

'Creativity can't be treated like instant coffee': Harsh Chhaya

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Harsh Chhaya has been around for 15 years, doing landmark shows (Tara, Swabhimaan, Hassaratein, Astitiva), always picking roles that leave a lasting impression, yet he's devoid of the fame he rightly deserves. He's currently busy with Star's Thoda Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasman and Sahara One's Ghar Ek Sapna, the association with the latter being dicey.

News has floated that he wants to part ways with this Ajai Sinha show. It was recently reported that Harsh was giving the production department a tough time due to his constant interference.

Prashant Golecha confronts the actor, who swears by the three Ps - professionalism, perfection and practicality. Here's his candid take straight-from-the-shoulder.

Q. Are you quitting Sahara One's Ghar Ek Sapna?
A. As of now I intend to quit. I want the channel and the production house to stand by me and negate the statement which has been printed in a tabloid. I have been patiently waiting since three weeks for them to show me in the true light.. As of now I am shooting as I am a professional actor.

Q. Are you enjoying doing Smriti Irani's Thoda Si Zameen….?
I like essaying the negative character, Dushyant. New producers like Smriti are breaking from typical saas-bahu mould, which is good.

Q. So you don't see yourself working with Balaji ever?
That isn't the case. We have been discussing many a projects for a long time but nothing concrete. In fact I have done a cameo in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki.

Q. What kind of roles are you longing for? Your criteria for selection?
I see myself doing good roles in films that interest me. Now-a-days a lot of small budget movies are being made which has scope for professional actors. Talking about the criteria I look for are the idea / concept, my role and of course the production house.

Q. What bugs you the most about today's TV scenario?
The industry has changed for the worse. Creativity can't be treated like instant coffee. Efforts and time aren't being given to get the creative juice flowing. Everything is TRP driven. Directors now-a-days have been reduced to a liaison officer between channel and the production house. The only requisite are those twenty pages needs to be shot in one day, no matter what. Knowingly anything goes to meet the deadline of daily soaps.

Q. "The industry has changed for the worse"
. It is becoming difficult for established TV actors to get work. Comment.
It's difficult to get work if you are very particular about what you want to do. I will take up roles only if I relate to it. Then you can fairly be unemployed like me.

Q. Films, theatre or television?
Theatre is great fun. I am doing Kacche Lamhe based on short story written by Gulzar. It is my kind of work and is not at all like a boring art piece. I'm doing television because of the money element, the range of work oscillates between mediocre to bad and sometimes worse. Films have that added glam factor which is good for a professional actor.