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No direction plans for this bahu

She has now launched her second TV serial as a producer-Virudh for Sony TV. SMRITI IRANI tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that she has not fallen out with her mentor Ekta Kapoor.

What is your role in Viruddh?
I play the role of Vasudha, who is the illegitimate daughter of the business tycoon Dhirendra Raisinghania.. Virudh is the story of the girl who happens to be the lead protagonist of the serial. She is so blinded by her love for her father Dhirendra Raisinghania played by Vikram Gokhale that she just cannot bear any one telling any thing against him.

To what extent do you identify with the role of Vasudha?
Vasudha is an extension of my personality, though I would not say that I identify with the character 100 % in my life. In any case, I feel that as an actress, I cannot afford to identify myself with every character that I set out to do in life.

It has taken you a long time to come up with the serial Virudh?
For the last one year, I was thinking of making the serial. I wanted to justify the characterization of each and every actor who is a part of my serial instead of just focusing on my own character just because I am producing the serial. I made sure of the various elements of the serial before it went on the floors.

How tough or easy was it for you to convince your actors to do your serial?
I told my colleagues to first judge me on the basis of the character that I have offered them and then work. Hence they are giving me not just 100% but 300%  of their capacity as actors, whether it is Vikram Gokhale or Anjan Srivastava or for that matter Sushant Singh or Chetan Hansraj.When actors like Vikram and Sushant canme to me to listen to the subject, I realized that it was a big achievement for me and Zubin.

How has Sushant Singh's role shaped up in Virudh?
Sushant Singh plays an idealistic reporter who is working in the paper, which is brought out by my father. Though Sushant knows that it is difficult to survive if one decides to go by one's ideals, he is determined to follow the path of righteousness.

Do you resent the fact that the common man on the road refers to you as Tulsi and not Smriti?
Why should I? I created the image in the first place. Why should my own image upset me? Till date, only mythological characters have got such fan following as far as serials are concerned. To tell you the truth, what people say does not sway me. I also do not take my image as an actor seriously.

What message do you want to convey through your serial Virudh to the masses?
If at all I want to convey any message, I'd rather drive home such messages though NGO, not through my serials. Let me
make it very clear to one and all that I do not use television as a medium to spread any social message.

Ekta Kapoor was your co-producer when you launched Thodisi Zameen Thodasa Aasmaan. Now you are the solo producer. Have you fallen out with Ekta Kapoor?
It is just the call of the channel and I have got nothing to do with the decision when the channel decided to ask me to continue producing the serial as a solo producer. Sorry to disappoint you but Ekta and I have not fallen out though rumors insist otherwise. I feel it is just a waste of time to sit and justify or deny rumors, because I am still accessible to those in the media whose point of view is not tainted.

You are making two serials , acting in  them and also balancing your career as well as family life besides dabbling with politics?
It is a job that I am doing, like any other ordinary housewife today, be it my political family or my own family consisting of my husband Zubin, my three children and my in laws, I have never shied away from expressing my own opinion. I do not think I have any barrier between people and me. The secret of my success is that I have never presumed that Smriti Irani is the be all and the end all of the world.

Can you elucidate this point?
When I go to a political meeting, I make it a point to forget that I play Tulsi in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. If I start thinking no end of myself just because of an imaginary character, which comes alive only on the small screen, it will be the beginning of my downfall as a human being.

What about plans to take up direction?
Look here. I have graduated from being an actor to a producer but that does not mean that I can make my transition to a director because I do not have the technical knowledge to become one. I can script, act and produce too but direction is something which I think I should safely leave to experts. p;subsection=showbuzz&xfile=March2007_tvtrack_standard35 4&child=tvtrack

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Q Is Virrudh primarily a story highlighting a constant conflict between father and daughter?
We all have desires and dreams in life. As we grow up we look up to one person in the family and start idolising him or her even though they aren't perfect. Virrudh is the story of Vasudha who idolises her father though he is calculating, corrupt and even mean when it comes to safeguarding his business interests. Essentially it is a story of relationships in a contemporary rich family where the protagonist is a loser. We have portrayed certain relationships where there is an undercurrent of conflict. In fact, no relationship is complete without a conflict.

Q Does Virrudh have regular elements of a daily soap?
What are the regular elements? Virrudh has a family; it has relationships, tears, conflict, clash of personalities and ideology. It has strong and weak characters. It is as real as any other contemporary television content.

Q But it definitely looks different in terms of characterization and treatment as well as pace of the story. How confident are you of sticking to the original format?
We will ensure that it remains this way. My writers are adamant that we will not deviate from the format we have chosen to tell our story.

Q But at the end of the day the TRPs determine everything. If TRPs don't come in will you resist the pressure to tell your story in a popularly accepted format?
TRPs are very important. There is no taking away from the fact that the television business is all about entertainment and eyeballs and both go hand-in-hand. But I also believe in certain convictions. It's the way you look at your show and how convinced you are about it. I see TV in a transitory phase and as a maker and actor it's very heartening. Good products always gets good eyeballs.

Q Why did you pitch Virrudh at Sony and not Star Plus?
Certain stories can be placed in certain channels only because they get picked up easily at certain places. I had written this story about a year back and waited for the right channel and slot. My next show, which is for Zee, is absolutely different from Virrudh.

Q Why did you cast Sushant Singh opposite you and not a popular television actor?
Sushant is more concerned about the subject and his role. He doesn't get titillated by money. Of course he is quite busy in films but he was willing to walk the extra mile for this role.

Q With this show you will be busy with two dailies and one weekly. How will you manage all of it?
It's not difficult at all. Before coming for the interview I attended the shoot of one of my shows. I also cooked a meal in the morning (smiles). Things can be managed if you know how to manage them.

Q Do you cook regularly?
I cook at least one meal everyday. But from the last three days my servant has not been reporting to work so I have been cooking all the three meals.

Q As a producer what kind of shows are you looking at making?
I am open to all kinds of concepts . It all depends on the channel's requirement. I am even ready with a reality show and am waiting for the right slot. escription.asp#Smriti's%20kitchen%20bound

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"I have done some stupid things on TV in the past"- Sushant Singh

Bollywood's fine actor, Sushant Singh, who is busy with in Ram Gopal Varma's remake of Sholay (where he plays Sambha), is also finding a footing for himself on television. With Sony's Virrudh, he is all set to kick off his full-fledged small screen innings. This rather stern looking actor plays an investigative reporter, and will also be seen romancing Smriti Irani, the lead protagonist of the show.

"Currently, I've more than five films up my sleeves. But somehow, Virrudh has a well defined male protagonist in it, which I why I decided to take up this offer. Unlike other TV dramas, here the story moves ahead and the conflict is about basic beliefs in life, rather than because of petty fights," says Sushant.

So how difficult has it been to romance Smrit Irani on screen? Gushing enthusiastically, the suave actor says, "Oh, very difficult, to begin with. I was a bit stiff initially. But what worked in my favour is the fact that I am not aware of her Tulsi image. Simply because I don't watch too much of television. Since, I am not a mushy person, I was nervous of enacting the romantic scenes with her. But over a period of time, I think I will pass with distinction."

On the small screen, he has done some episodic work for Bhanwar and Agnichakra. Recalling his past work on the small screen, he says, "In the past, I had done some stupid things on TV just for money. I thought nobody will notice it. But then someone happened to call up my dad and told them about my role. That's when I had decided never to do anything for money. In the regular soaps these days, every bride is committed to finish her in laws. Every third episode you have a new husband; now where do these things happen."

True to his real life image, in Virrudh, Sushant plays an intense character - a reporter who goes to any length to cover the truth. He gets thrown out of 15 publications as he's looking for transparency in his relationships: personal as well as professional.

"I love to essay intense character, be it positive or negative. Smriti had earlier approached me for Thodi Si Zameen for a cameo, but things didn't work out, Now, since she's trying to do something different on TV, I was inspired to take up this show. In any case, there's so much untruth around. Even your parents lie to you in life. I guess, we'll be able to portray the kind of society we live in."

As far as his film career goes, Sushant is currently busy shooting for Pradeep Sarkar's Laga Chunari and another Telugu film.

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Smriti's next project: A family drama for Zee Network

There's no stopping nation's ladli bahu and CEO of Ugraya Entertainemnt Pvt Ltd, Smriti Irani. After delivering two star-studded shows Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasman on Star and soon-to-be-aired Virrudh on Sony, now the plucky producer's readying a plum project for Zee network.

Rather elated, yet weighing her words rather carefully she says, "I am producing a family drama for Zee network. But let me clarify, it's not for Zee Hindi but for a regional channel probably. Woh ek naya shetra hoga(that will be a new area altogether). The story of Thodi Si Zameen….was woven in a chawl setting, Virrudh is a drama looking for the truth in relationships and the next project will also be breaking new grounds."

As for now, apart from being busy with Virruddh, her eyes are really set on taking her production house, Ugraya Entertainemnt Pvt Ltd to greater heights. Revealing her strategy further, Smriti says, "I believe as a production house we should be ready to cater to all the demands of any channel. I think I've been one of the lucky few actors who have managed to break away from my screen image. When I travel round the country, people do recognize me as Smriti Irani and not just as Tulsi. Though, I must also confess I haven't forgotten my roots."

What's driving Smriti really, is it ambition or just her creative impulses? "Well, I wouldn't say I am ambitious but I don't want to rest on past laurels. Woh ek zamane mein itni badi star thi (she used to be a big star at one point in time) I want to move ahead with the times and try out more things. I've proved my skills with writing but I am not keen on directing; as I believe direction is not a wimp but a concentrated effort. Also, there is so much talent in the market that needs to be given direction."

With so much on her hand, does this leave her with much family time for her kids? Flashing a 100 watt smile, the actor turned politician says, "I make it point to cook at least one meal for my children. But right now, my maid is on leave, so I am cooking all the three meals."
Perhaps, that says it all!

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Smriti's Virrudh… from March 26

Virrudh marks Smriti Z Irani's foray into Sony TV. Smriti plays the protagonist who is caught in a conflict of relationships and values. Set in the corporate world, it has Vasudha Rai Singhania, as a cheerful, loving, intelligent girl who is the second in command to her father, Dhirendra Rai Singhania (Vikram Gokhale), a power-hungry, manipulative business tycoon runs a newspaper Dainik Darpan. Vasudha is in love with Sushant (Sushant Singh), the chief crime reporter of Dainik Darpan. Along the way, she discovers her father's manipulative ways and is caught between love and duty. How she handles the conflict forms the crux of the story. Albert Almeida, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Sony assures that the fast-paced show and strong characters will keep the viewers glued with its engrossing storyline. The cast includes Mohan Bhandari, Govind Namdeo, Achint Kaur, Ashwini Kalsekar and Chetan Hansraj. Co-produced by Smriti Z Irani and Applause Entertainment, the serial will be aired from March 26, every Monday to Thursday, at 9.30 p.m.

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'There's no war on with Smriti'

The producer and actor bring new synergy into their working relationship

SUBHASH K JHA Times News Network

Rather than become adversaries in the software war on TV, Ekta Kapoor and Smriti Irani have decided to share a mutually beneficial relationship whereby actors from Ekta's company will be allowed to work with Smriti's new production house. 

   What really went wrong between the TV tycoon and home medium's reigning queen? Speculation has been rife ever since Smriti started her own production company to produce software for Sony Entertainment, a company in direct competition with Ekta's home ground. Ekta is cool about the parting. "I've absolutely no issues with Smriti. She wanted to tie up with the Birlas and we happily allowed her that freedom. I decided to opt out from Smriti's show Thodisi Zameen Thodasa Aasman. Once one of our actors becomes a producer, it becomes difficult to remain partners in production. I don't want my personal association with Smriti to be hampered. But she continues to be part of our Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi."
   Ekta is generously busy bartering her actors' dates with Smriti. "They'll just share their dates between us," she said. "We've just re-worked our relationship."
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Ekta to pull out of Smriti's show
   By: Tushar Joshi and
   February 15, 2007
 Smriti Iraani and Ekta Kapoor

All's not well between former best friends Ekta Kapoor and Smriti Z Iraani. There's a buzz doing the rounds that Balaji Telefilms is planning to pull out as co-producer from Smriti's show Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasman (Iraani's Ugraya Productions is the other producer). If sources are to be believed, Ekta is pulling out of the show in two weeks time.

Clash of the titans

Says a member working on the show, "For quite some time, there have been creative issues that have been affecting the show. Now it is final that Ekta will pull out of Thodi Si...."

The reason behind this fallout seems to be Smriti's devotion to her brand new project for Sony — Viruddh.

The source adds, "Smriti hasn't been giving enough time to Kyunki. She has been having major confrontations with Ekta and the creative heads of the serial because of this. So much so, that relations between them have become very bitter."

Thanks to this clash of titans, loyal Balaji actors who are part of Thodi Si Zameen... are now feeling like they've been caught in the middle.

An actor on condition of anonymity says, "It is a difficult time. Even though Ekta hasn't put pressure on anyone to quit Smriti's show, it's definitely not going to be the same working without her supervision.

In time, I guess everyone will have to take a decision on whether to remain with the show or not. But yes, actors who are part of Balaji will have to give priority to Balaji shows. Earlier, we worked out our dates to suit both sides."

Ties have soured

A source in Balaji admits, "Things have been souring between Smriti and Balaji for some time now. Thodi Si Zameen... was not garnering any profits, but that is expected in the initial stages. The main reason for Balaji pulling out of the show is production and costing issues."

The source adds that there were major problems with the show's budget. "As far as we know, there are no creative differences. But Smriti does have date problems. She has been giving a lot of trouble to the Kyunki unit because of this.

She gives only two hours for a two-day requirement as she wants to give more time to her new show Viruddh." 

As for when Balaji is scheduled to pull out of Smriti's show, the source says, "The contract between Balaji Telefilms and Smriti was for 52 episodes.

Once the 52 episodes are over (in two weeks), Balaji will pull out. None of us expected Balaji to pull out of Smriti's show. Thodi Si Zameen's extension was a given, so Balaji's  exit comes as a huge shock."

The beginning of the Ekta-Smriti tiff

Smriti Iraani has been vocal about her problems with Balaji since last year. As reported by HiTLIST in June 2006, she openly voiced her displeasure with the Balaji style of functioning.

Initially, she was not happy with her track in Kyunki post the second generation leap. The buzz that things were amiss was first heard where Smriti was on tour for her Gujarati play

Her new show was delayed and she was visibly unhappy about it. Smriti had agreed to play a matriarch in Kyunki as she was playing a young girl in Thodi Si Zameen…. There was also insecurity on her part, partly to do with the new show and partly because of Bani's (Prachi Desai) rising popularity in the Zee show, Kasamh Se.

She was peeved that Ekta was showering more attention on Prachi, as Smriti had been her mainstay all this while.

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"I am not scared of the TRP game"
Smriti Irani

Sony is finally ready to showcase its primetime daily, Virrudh which boasts of best talents from all the three mediums of the acting genre - theatre, TV and films, all weaved together to a rather off beat storyline.

And who's the happiest on this occasion? Nation's favourite bahu and CEO, Ugraya Entertainemnt Pvt Ltd, Smriti Irani, who after a successful stint in television production (Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasman) is all charged up about her second offering, Virrudh.

In a candid chat with Seema Pherwani, this actor-cum-producer-cum-politician gets candid about her short journey as producer.

"For Virrudh, Sony felt I suited the role"
Simply put, the show is about love, power, trust and betrayal. I play Vasudha, media baron Dhirendra Raisinghaniya's illegitimate daughter. She dotes on her father, trusts him, not knowing that he's the most corrupt and shrewd businessman. She slowly becomes the reflection of the man she idolizes. Also she's in her 30s who decides not to get married as it suits her purpose. She loves her father and her boyfriend doesn't want to rush into marriage and eventually she is supposed to take her father's place.

"Winning is not about power and money"
In a way, the show is a look at contemporary society. One may amass power, money and still be a loser at the end of it. I want viewers to sit up and question themselves - What makes me happy, is it money, power or then relationships? Because, sometimes we focus a lot on our goals to the extent that we fail to realize what we've left behind.

In the end, Vasudha loses all the relationships and she doesn't even realise this. By the time she realizes that her father is actually not what she thought him to be, nature takes it toll and she herself becomes like him.

"A contemporary story of friction and angst"
Virrudh is a contemporary rich story while Thoda Si '..was the story of a lower middle class family. It's about amalgamation of relationships, and the perception of how families are in different parts of the country. By keeping the language very simple, we've tried to explore the undercurrents of relationship in every family and bring out the friction and angst.

"Inspired by the Mahabharata"
I took a year to pen the story. When the channel heard the story they felt that Vasudha sounds like Abhimnayu from Mahabharat, who's caught in a web of relationships. Whether she can break the web or no is what the story is about. All along the way, I knew it won't be a flowery but a fiery story. I waited for the right time and the right star cast. When I was sure that this is what I want is when I approached Sony.

"I am very adamant as a writer"
My creative team and channel have given me the confidence to go ahead with the script. Channels do want something different; it depends on the writers and the audiences' acceptability. Kamlesh Pandey and I are very adamant about our storyline.

Why Sony?
I don't think a producer should run around with the same concept to three different channels. This way, certain amount of disloyalty comes into play and also there's a risk of some elements getting picked up. I believe in doing channel specific stuff. Also, every story will not be a reflection of our last project.

"I love multitasking"
I've enacted a variety of rules in my career. Be it comedy, going black to grey, countdowns and plays. I don't believe in limiting myself to acting. Now, as a producer my greatest kick is to see that my writing, my creation gets accepted by a channel. I love multitasking as it helps me keep my interests in my work alive.

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No star wars here

Smriti Irani refuses to battle with Ekta Kapoor. She says all is hunky dory between her and Ekta.

Smriti Z Irani continues to remain unaffected by Balaji Telefilms pulling out as co-producer from her show Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasman. At a media gathering for her forthcoming show Virrudh - Har Rishta Ek Kurukshetra, she refuses to indulge in any Balaji-bashing. Instead, the actress diplomatically says, "There are some decisions made by the channel and we as a production house have no say in it. We have no issues as such and whatever the channel feels right is perfectly fine with me."

Smriti Irani with co-actor Sushant Singh at the launch of Virrudh

She insisted that there's no love lost between her and once-upon-a-time mentor Ekta Kapoor. Says Smriti, "You all saw us together at the Sansui Awards and I guess that answers the question."

Needless to say, the actress has been bonding with Sony's creative director Sandiip Sikcand all this while. If sources are to be believed the actress is apprehensive about good friend Sikcand's ouster. She says, "I don't think I am the right person to comment on channel's activities. We are a production company who are working for a channel and have no rights to comment on their internal activities."

After having worked on the subject for over a year, Virrudh…, a daily soap goes on air on March 26. Irani plays a doting daughter, however, she is an illegitimate child. The conflict arises when she is torn between her father and beau, who works as an employee in her father's organisation.

Speaking about the show she says, "I had this idea about a year ago and I just casually mentioned to my team."

Apart from her writers, co-star Sushant Singh has been extremely supportive. Smriti adds, "Sushant said yes to the show in a minute."

The actress informs that her production house, Ugraya Productions, will float a few more shows this year. Talking about her plans she says, "We have four other shows lined up. We have a show for Zee, Star Plus and Sony respectively. One of the shows is already under way. p;am p;sectid=12&contentid=20070313024137313d74b0d9

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