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^^ by me!

Destiny – Part 1

The Diary



Julia Wilson sat down on a low tree branch smiling and her dark curtain of a hair swinging to the side of her face, which was corked to the right. Her black hair, straight but slightly wavy and thick by nature was the envy of many. Her long and thick eyelashes highlighted her dark eyes. She almost always let her hair hang loose as it framed her heart shaped face. It was dark, thick and ran up to slightly above her elbows. She was a beauty and made no qualms about the fact that she knew it, but was not in the least proud or conceited.

It was the first day of the summer holidays and Julia was in her garden dreaming about her story. She spent all the time she had in the flight of the imagination. Many people often wonder what she dreams about and some even ask her. But all they get in return is her illustrious Mona Lisa smile that further enhanced her beautiful features. She was very innovative and creative, often a trendsetter.                        

On the other hand she was a real chatterbox with a quick temper and a really sarcastic tongue. Often her friends fell victim to her tongue and though she regretted it she couldn't bother about changer herself. She was also a little adventurous and more of an on-the-spur type of character.

 She was brought back to reality by the ring of her cell phone on her hand.

"Hello? Rebecca!"

Rebecca Smith was Julia's best friend; they had known each other for 10 years. Rebecca lived a street away from Julia. Her warm brown eyes were soothing to sight. But she was slightly shy and seemed really meek next to outgoing Julia. She was a complete opposite of Julia and people often wondered how they were so good friends.

"Want to meet up with Kevin and Sam at the woods Julia?"

Sam and Kevin were their other friends whom they had known for 4 years. They would usually go to the woods near their house during holidays for picnics.

"Oh right! I had almost forgotten about our picnics in the past 4 months."

"Well if you are ok with it, I'll call Sam and you call Kevin. We will fix it up to meet at Sam's house at 3 and cycle from there."

"Alright then. I'll call you back after talking to Kevin. Bbye."

Julia disengaged Rebecca and dialed Kevin's number.

"Hey Julia? What's up?"

"Umm Dunno, how about the sky and the clouds…"


"All right, I'll stop… I was just wondering if you want to meet up in the woods with Sam and Becky."

"Sounds Great!!! What's the plan?"

"Umm… how about, say in half an hour at Sam's?"

"At 3? Perfect. See you there. Bye."


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

"Hello Sam? Rebecca here."

"Ya I Know. What up?"

"Would you like to join the lot of us for a picnic in the woods?"

"And here I thought I had nothing to do."

"So are you coming?"

"Sure! When and Where?"

"Around 3 we meet at your house. Is it ok?"

"Sure – See you all then. Bye"


Rebecca twirled her cell phone around her fingers feeling a strange excitement and contentment. She disentangled her earrings from her hair and went out of her room to inform her mother.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Julia twirled the cycle key around her index finger and whistled as she hastily stuffed her cell phone in the pocket of her faded purple jeans. She smoothed her hip long hot pink, short-sleeved top before she got on to her cycle. She turned the bend to Rebecca's house and almost like clockwork came to a halt in front of Rebecca's house. She had that characteristic dreamy look in her eyes.

Fair skinned, curly-haired, chubby Rebecca slapped a hi-five with Julia. She was looking very pretty in her black tights and long silk white top with black beads hanging from it. The two of them cycled up to Sam's house talking nineteen to the dozen excitedly.

Julia first spotted Kevin waiting outside on his bike. Kevin waved at them, looking very handsome in his tall tanned self with silky, russet colored hair and an attractive lopsided smile. As they neared they could make out Sam behind him. Sam nodded at the pair of them in acknowledgement. Unlike Kevin, Sam had dark hair. He was quite tall and wore braces. However Kevin had the tendency to be a little arrogant as compared to Sam whose only drawback was the fact that he was a little too perfect.

"I had quite forgotten about our little detours to the woods!" said Kevin as they got down from their cycles.

"Well it is time to put aside the tension of our annuals and ENJOY!" said Julia, her eyes full of life.

"I am in an adventurous mood today so I thought of some exploring that we could do in the woods. Shall we take a different route, not the large 1 we usually take, the smaller one to its right?"

"But Kevin what if we get lost?"

"Uff Becky! Be a sport! I love that idea!"

"Besides, if we get lost, we would at least be lost together!" said Kevin with a twinkle in his eyes. Julia gave a mischievous smile and slapped a hi-5 with him, and they both laughed in amusement at the look on Rebecca's face.

"Guys get serious. What Rebecca says is right. It is not safe," said Sam looking serious.

"Uff! You too Sam! You both are such worrywarts. C'mon it will be a venture. Julia agrees with me."

"Besides, I have an idea. I remember reading in and Enid Blyton book, where a couple of children tie one end of a ball of wool to a tree at the beginning and unravel it as they go further into the woods."

"Cool! See Rebecca, Sam, it is that simple. PLEASE!!!"

"Al-right," said Rebecca sounding only half convinced. Kevin and Julia looked pleadingly at Sam who smirked at the pair of them and went inside to get a ball of string rolling his eyes at nothing in particular.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

"Do we have to do this?" Asked Rebecca sounding weary as she and the others carried their cycles through a very narrow lane.

"We might hit upon a clearing," said Kevin sounding surer than he felt. Sam, who was leading the small procession, turned and raised an eyebrow at Kevin. Before Kevin could react, Sam lost his balance in that narrow place and fell backward through a couple of trees and tall bushes, and landed with a thud.

"Sam! Are you alright?" Asked Kevin, warily moving through the thick blanket of leaves to see what had happened.

"Watch your footing!" Called out Rebecca when Kevin placed his foot on an especially wobbly rock. Cautiously balancing his cycle with one hand, he managed to get his head through that thicket and called out.

"Sam —" He stopped shot as he saw beyond his friend, now hauling his cycle. His eyes automatically fell upon a beautiful pond surrounded by different, bright, colorful flowers. All around was smooth grass and bushes and trees enclosed this clearance. It was the perfect place to have their picnic.

"What happened?" Asked Rebecca, he voice full of concern, "is something wrong?"

"Wrong? Heck no! Everything is right."

Kevin forced his cycle through and Sam helped him over. They then got the girls' cycles over to the other side and then helped the girls get over. Rebecca took her time in going across which made the fiery Julia a little impatient due to which she stumbled a lot while trying to get through. Julia felt her face grow hot when she grabbed hold of Kevin for support, as she tripped over one of the cycles. She stepped back instantly and busied herself with helping Rebecca and tying the string to one of the stronger branches of the trees.

Kevin turned away engaging himself in putting away the cycles so that no one would trip over it. While doing so, he felt his eyes fly back to Julia and his memory wandering unnecessarily to the time she had caught hold of him. He tore his mind off that incident, assuring himself that it was of no value. But even he couldn't ignore the beautiful blush that had materialized in Julia.

Rebecca was already spreading a blanket upon the dew dripped ground and passed the plates and glasses around. Kevin glanced at Julia as she came to sit down on the blanket. Nothing seemed to be different about her. Julia thought the same thing about Kevin and both tucked this incident away and enjoyed their serene surroundings.

"I didn't for a moment think that there would be such a place in the midst of these woods."

"That tells you what a boon exploring can be."

Rebecca threw Kevin a look and Kevin grinned sheepishly.

"This place is superb man!" Said Julia leaning back on ivy covered rock. The ivy gave way and Julia gave a shriek. She clutched Kevin, who was sitting next to her, for the second time that day. Kevin caught hold of her in time to prevent her from falling back. He felt that feeling in his heart as he looked into Julia's eyes for a fraction of a second. Julia deliberately looked away avoiding Kevin's eyes. Rebecca pushed aside the ivy and peeped beyond it.

"Whoa it looks like a cave out here!"

"Let me see!"

Julia, Kevin and Sam came up behind Rebecca and pushed aside the ivy to let some sunlight in.


Hey you all! you may not know me but i am vaish/14 and am very active in the HP section and in the Disney section... i make avi and sigs too!

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amazingggggggggggggggg Embarrassed just wonderful ysh!! luv julia Wink
continue soon Big smile
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btw bff>> forgot ur own age?? ur 15 remember!! u turned 15 hardly last week LOL
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its a very good story.. please continue soon Tongue
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Hey vaish,

this story loooks good. Will come back to read it tomorrow :)

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Originally posted by coolniyu

btw bff>> forgot ur own age?? ur 15 remember!! u turned 15 hardly last week LOL


good point!
sorry guys

i am 15!

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Originally posted by devilangel

its a very good story.. please continue soon Tongue

thank you!

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Hey Vaish

I've read first couple of para and it definately sounds interesting!!but obviously, I'll have to read all of it to give you proper feedback which I'll do withn couple of days Big smile



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