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Posted: 16 days ago

Happy pride month ­čĺÖ And everyone who is struggling with your identity, what matters is you. You have time, don't be hard on yourself. smiley31 Even if your family does not accept you as you are, you are still good enough. sending you lots of love and virtual hugs smiley31 

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Posted: 14 days ago

Food for Thought

Q1. Television and Media:

Nowadays, most OTT shows have a token LGBTQAI+ character.

Is that representation helpful? Or should the focus be rather on LGBTQAI+ characters in the protagonist's shoes? In what ways do media representations of LGBTQAI+ characters shape societal perceptions and attitudes towards the community?

OTT platforms have definitely upped their game with LGBTQAI+ representation, but there's a lot to unpack here. I feel having a token LGBTQAI+ character can be a good start as it signals to viewers that the world is diverse, and these identities exist and are valid. But itÔÇÖs not the endgame.

When these characters are merely sidekicks, they often donÔÇÖt get the depth or development they deserve. On the other hand, putting LGBTQAI+ characters in the protagonist's shoes can be a game-changer. When LGBTQAI+ characters are the leads, their stories can dive deep into their struggles, triumphs, and everyday lives, making them relatable and human.

I feel media representations of LGBTQAI+ characters shape societal perceptions big time. And somewhere things are changing for better in Indian entertainment with more sensitive portrayal of queer characters, especially in mainstream Hindi movies or web series with LGBTQAI+ protagonists. The acceptance from the audience could be slow, but so far looks steady (or why would they produce such movies/web shows). Positive and multifaceted portrayals help normalize these identities and foster acceptance. Think of how Ellen DeGeneresÔÇÖs character coming out on her show in the '90s shifted public attitudes. When people see LGBTQAI+ characters as heroes, lovers, friends, and family, it challenges stereotypes and reduces stigma.

However, itÔÇÖs important to avoid clich├ęs and tokenism. Realistic, diverse, and complex LGBTQAI+ characters can inspire empathy and understanding, leading to a more inclusive society. So, while token characters are a step in the right direction, we need more leads and multi-dimensional portrayals to truly make a difference.

The above is my personal opinion. Feel free to agree/disagree and carry forward the discussion :)

For more thought provoking questions, check this post.

Tagging people who commented in the Pride threads.

Happy Pride Month ­čźÂ­čĆ│´ŞĆÔÇŹ­čîł

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Posted: 14 days ago

Thanks for the tag, Tia!smiley31

I believe that the inclusion of LGBTQAI+ characters in OTT shows is a positive step forward, as it increases visibility and helps normalize the presence of diverse identities in mainstream media. However, it's essential to move beyond token representation. I would love to see more LGBTQAI+ characters in leading roles, portrayed with depth and complexity. When these characters are central to the narrative, they can foster greater empathy, understanding, and acceptance among viewers.

Authentic and well-developed LGBTQAI+ protagonists can challenge stereotypes and offer richer, more nuanced portrayals of their experiences. This kind of representation can educate audiences, inspire LGBTQAI+ individuals by providing them with relatable role models, and validate their experiences. Ultimately, quality representation is more impactful than mere quantity, and I hope to see a broader range of diverse and authentic LGBTQAI+ stories in the media.

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Posted: 14 days ago

I think OTT is own the path to normalize LGBTQAI+ protagonists. I agree, there are few shows that fail to provide a proper development to side characters but when I was watching Romil and Jugal, it was just like any other love story.

The storyline is like typical, a Punjabi and a South Indian family not getting along, and the boy and boy fall in love. We don't see a boy falling for a boy, we see two people fall in love and fight with the society. One of the best EK has made!

I also watch Susmita Sen's Taali, its a biography but love Sen's work in it!

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Posted: 14 days ago

Answers for Rainbow Trivia Challenge have been posted!


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Posted: 13 days ago

Good point to ponder, T!

A few years ago, I would have probably said even token representation is good enough as they helped erase harmful stereotypes because lbr, it wasn't too long ago that 'gay' was used as a slur and LGBTQ characters were shown as caricatures in mainstream media. 

But now that's no longer true. Audiences are more aware and if they're not they should be. Erasing stereotypes is no longer good enough. We have to do more. I admit it irks me when I'm reading or watching something that has an LGBTQ+ sidekick and I'm rolling my eyes so hard like,, yeah, they've checked their diversity/ representation box and think they deserve a medal! Nope. Especially since we've seen and are seeing such beautiful stories with LGBTQ+ characters as the main protagonists. And so many such stories are waiting to be told. And like you said, media can play a huge role in challenging and changing societal mindsets. So the more of these stories there are, the more people will watch them and there will be more acceptance. And yes, they need to be written/ depicted as multi-dimensional, flawed, layered, nuanced humans. Normalize them, don't make them stand out. Their struggles are the same as anyone else's. Their quest for love and happiness is the same as anyone else's. Show us that. 

I'm reading Red, White and Royal Blue right now and the story is so engaging. It's a romance, a story of two people falling in love and it didn't matter one bit that they were the same sex.