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Posted: 29 days ago

Alia Bhatt has been  ever so present on the international scene and is the most talked about Indian Movie Star whether it be her show-stopping appearance at the MET GALA or the Gucci event show.

However, there is a downside to all this presence, as she has now the latest celeb to be added to the block list due to her silence on the ongoing gaza conflict. 

Due you guys think, her popularity is about to take a nose dive internationally and will it affect her futur projects internationally or will she remain unaffected in this latest campaign of cancel culture.



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Posted: 29 days ago

What does the block list do? What is it blocking?

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Posted: 29 days ago

Who runs the block list ? 

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Posted: 29 days ago

The affects of this on Alia Bhatt will be extremely minimal, if anything at all.  This blocking campaign is mostly targeted against American celebrities who choose to either support Israel or stay silent on the Gaza genocide.  Alia Bhatt isn’t even on anyone’s radar here in the U.S.  If she wants to stay that way it will do her a lot of good to avoid her HOS costar Gal Gadot at all costs. 

For those asking about this Block 2024 thing, a lot of people compared the juxtaposition of the Met Gala while there’s genocide and literal famine in Gaza to Hunger Games and the difference between people in the Capital vs other districts.  But what really triggered everyone was when at some event a day or so later Kim Kardashian was speaking, and the crowd started yelling “Free Palestine” Kim responded by saying “Free everyone”.  It was very much giving “All Lives Matter” energy and that’s how the Blockout 2024 campaign started.  People on TikTok started blocking her and all her family members and their businesses.  From there it spread to other celebrities and Met Gala attendees.  That’s how Alia’s name ended up on this list. But like I said above, this won’t affect her as much as long as she is careful with whom she interacts.  

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Posted: 29 days ago

Given that most influential actors in the US are pro Israel and the current political stance of India, she is better off being in the Block List than outside.

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Posted: 29 days ago

I think Alia is more inclined to how the public perceives her in India. So being in the Block List will probably have little to no impact to her popularity in India

Her brand endorsements might not be affected internationally either since like someone mentioned, most are pro israel. 

But it remains to be seen, how she responds publicly to a situation similar to what happened with Kim K.

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Posted: 29 days ago

She should show them clips of her Father where he’s speaking in support of Osama and calling for the assassination of Pres Bush

I would like to know if she supports her dad’s views or not

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Posted: 29 days ago

I don’t think she is capable to handle the situation. But she will go where the trend is as she really cares what other thinks of her. 

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Posted: 29 days ago


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Posted: 29 days ago

The Wokes and their cancel culture. *Yawn* 

And other than a Karen who was having a bad day, and lost her job/business, due to being has no effect on the Powerful ones. 

Do I wish the genocide, War Crimes stopped? Yes. But the history between the two is way too complicated to completely condemn Israel.