Only Anuj and Anupama can perform Dimpy's kanyadaan

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Posted: 2 months ago

While on 1 side, I am extremely happy for Dimpy, I am worried that Vannu and Leela might put obstacles in Dimpy and Titu's wedding. Vannu has always hated Titu and hopes that Dimpy becomes Anupama 2.0. It was Titu who filled the void in Dimpy's life after Nachania's (Samar's) tragic demise. He encouraged Dimpy to live for Nachania's (Samar's) dreams and gradually became a good friend to Dimpy. Anuj had always treated Dimpy as his own daughter and even performed Dimpy's kanyadaan when she got married to Sammu (Samar). Vannu and Leela might try everything to create hurdles in Dimpy and Titu's wedding. Only Anupama and Anuj can perform Dimpy's kanyadaan as her parents. Kinjal, Toshu and Pari can attend the wedding and wish her good luck for a new begining to Dimpy and Titu. Titu can become a good father to Ansh and I see shades of Sammu in him.


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Posted: 2 months ago


anuj and anupam ahave divorced 

why should they do kanya dhan?

anuj was never bothered what happened to his daughter dimpy last 5 years nor was anupama

I think adhik who she consider brother can do her kanya dhan instead

or kavya and vanraj too can do 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Dimple-Samar shaadi mae Kanyadaan Dimple ki Maa ne kiya tha.

Ek baat samajh nahin aata, iss show ke saare bachche apni sago Maa ko bhool kaise jaate hain including the leads.

Anuj toh bas wedding sponsor tha. Who apparently took "jimmedari" of Dimple-Samar's wedding when others denied.

Imagine, even Maa Hn Ne, Anupama declined taking "Jimmedari", batao.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Were these so called parents Anuj and Anupama who are now divorced, in touch with their daughter Dimpy for 5 yrs?

Was Dimpy in touch with them?

Dimpy ka pehla Kanyadaan Uski Real Mother ne kiya tha, agar 5 saal baad wo Anuj Anupama se normally mil sakti hai toh why not contact her real parents?

And Vanraj tha jo 5 yrs Dimpy ke saath tha, chahe jaise bhi rakha ho usne that’s a separate topic, but he is in his rights to do her Kanyadaan now agar Bapuji Anupama ka kar sakte hain, and Kavya has been there for Dimpy forever.

Anuj Anupama na hi married hai na hi Dimpy ke parents - Kanyadaan is done by married couples only! 

Haan wo alag baat hai Anupama har bar kisi ke bhi saath wife ki place par baith jaati hai pooja hawan mein.

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Posted: 2 months ago
Anuj didn't perform Dimpy's kanyadan. Her real mom did. It clearly looked that through Kanyadan, Dumpy was gonna copy P and ask share in KE as beti. If not, she would have asked share in KE using her husband who was son of owner and adored the stepdad more than his real dad. That track would have been cringe. I agree that instead of V, Maa should do kanyadan of Dumpy with Anuj in this wedding because one was Samar's parent and other was his parent figure. It would make them her in laws and adopted parents after she was alone again.
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Posted: 2 months ago
Only Vanraj & Kavya should do the kanyadaan. After Dimpy married Samar she is a Shah. And it is the Shah family who have been with Dimpy & Ansh. The other 2 were not aware neither did they bother to find out if Dimpy & Samar's child was a boy or girl. They had abandoned their responsibilities and therefore their rights. It has to be Vanraj & Kavya. Dimpy is now the daughter of the Shah family.