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Critique Crusaders

Posted: 1 months ago

NEPO NEPO NEPO. Ok so I’m extra salty today but I just want to say something. I can’t stand Alia and absolutely think the worst of her. In fact her off screen personality is awful. However, I will say that she has received a lot of good opportunities and for the most part she has done well with such roles. The way she turned things around post Highway is commendable 

The REAL problem for me is Janvhi-Sara and Ananya, they’ve been here for now for 5-6 years, and they’re still terrible actresses. I get the nepotism is hugely loved and supported at IF…. But until what extent will they keep getting work? Enough is enough. How long is this going to continue ? On top of that we have more variants like Khushi and Suhana coming too. 

This is a serious problem. They are getting way too many opportunities despite not delivering. Getting a nepo opportunity and failing…. Is not the same as getting a nepo opportunity and flourishing. 

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