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NINALOGY thumbnail
Posted: 1 months ago

Wow season 2 is back smiley9

It will be fun. 

Good luck to all soulful participants. 

Charu21 thumbnail
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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: Shirsha

Thank you so much for tagging me, Charu! smiley1 But I can't participate. Main personal life mein busy hoon. Tum jarur participate karna. You've a sweet voice. And you couldn't participate last time. 

Ohh I wish we could hear your lovely voice again thanks to this announcement. Been so long girl! 

Alright. If you are busy then theek hai, still there are so many days for signing up. Hopefully you decide to participate by then. 

And thank you so much girl. smiley31  Yes I will participate this time. 

anonymouse1 thumbnail
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Posted: 1 months ago

Music Bollywood GIF - Music Bollywood Pankaj Tripathi GIFs

Posted: 1 months ago

Hi Koeli and your team.

Thanks for organizing this contest.

I want to participate .

Hope that's alright. 

Posted: 1 months ago

Last time no restrictions were there in the opening round . Any language was permitted . Hope it's the same this time!!

Supari_khala thumbnail
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Posted: 1 months ago

Sign me up. I’ll take one for the team. 

Viswasruti thumbnail

Dance Divas

Posted: 1 months ago

This is a great initiative from Appy our dear Koeli. smiley32

Welcome to all music lovers, and melody queens & kings to the Music Corner Forum, here is an opportunity to showcase your singing prowess.smiley10 

I am tagging a few people and inviting them to participate in this great event. 

I will be here as an appreciator and as a cheerleader to encourage our singing stars.smiley10

Edited by Viswasruti - 1 months ago
Posted: 1 months ago

Nice initiative Koeli.smiley32

Thanks for tagging me Madhu.smiley31

I am only a listener.  Looking forward to listen to some beautiful songs from our very own talented singers.

All the very best to all the contestants.smiley20smiley27


DreamOfEndless thumbnail

Vying for Vintage

Posted: 1 months ago

Kosha, wanna sign up? :)

TheGirlofRagas thumbnail
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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: DreamOfEndless

Kosha, wanna sign up? :)

I am going to Vietnam after few days will be back on 6th May...

I am seeing how things work out till 30 April then I will sign up

Thanks for remembering me