Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th Mar 2024 Written Update and EDT

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Episode begins with the Poddar family learning from Ruhi about Abhira’s accident n hospitalisation. Manisha requests if they could go n see the girl , Kaveri agrees , and also asks Manoj to get the best Docs to treat Abhira.

At hospital, Armaan is very upset n guilty , they he knew so little of Abhira , that he could not provide the details asked in the consent form . The doc wants to receive the form but he scolds Armaan for not knowing details about his own wife n question his being the husband .

 Armaan asks him to allow him to see his wife but Doc denies . Armaan then fights the paramedics and enters the ICU where Abhira is lying unconscious. Doc states if she did not regain consciousness soon it might be dangerous l Armaan is very concerned for Abhira . He gets emotional as he sees her lying on the bed, all past beautiful AbhiMaan moments come flooding his mind n he weeps .

He tries to taunt her n wake her up , He uses all the names she uses for him n gets emotional , he is taken aback as Vidya, Manoj n Manisha arrive there . Armaan hugs Maa as she showers love, care n concern on AbhiMaan . She reassures Armaan that nothing will happen to Abhira n she will surely recover in a days time . Abhira is seen muttering mumma’s name in her semiconsciousness. All get emotional for Abhira.

At Goenka mansion Manish is seen getting sixth sense that someone close to him was suffering , he is sleepless n Swarna is very concerned.

At hospital Arman refuses to leave Abhira’s bedside . He creates problems for the paramedics , as they ask him to leave the place after visiting hrs are over . They fail to force him out . Ruhi arrives and uses emotional ways to make him sit outside the room n keep watch , Ruhi provides him solace n calms his agitated mind .

RuMaan fall asleep on the chairs , Ruhi wakes uo in the morning n is so pleased to find her head resting on Armaan’s shoulder n he holding her hand. She wants to spend more time close to him so she pretends to be asleep. Soon the doctor and paramedics come to administer medication to Abhira and they are relieved as she shows improvement n regains consciousness. She looks for Armaan n finds him sitting out side the room. 
Armaan senses Abhira’s calling him n rudely pushes aside Ruhi and rushes to Abhira’s bedside , Ruhi feels jealous that Armaan did not care about her , he rushed to Abhira . Doc appreciates Armaan’s concern and declares Armaan loved Abhira very much .

AbhiMaan have nok jhok . Armaan gets emotional as he shares his relief on her recovery , Abhira feels he was being dramatic . Armaan shares his love n concern for her . abhira taunts him, n he gets annoyed . He asks her tk take complete bed rest and quit Daadi sa’s case . It was because of Daadi sa’s case she was so worked up that she became careless about her own safety . That’s why she has landed up in hospital. 

Abhira refuses to obey him, she accuses him of using her hospitalisation as an excuse to stop her from working n quitting Daadi sa’s case , Abhira refuses tk be unprofessional n insists on going to work. AbhiMaan get into argument n Armaan phycally resists her efforts to leave the bed , 

She taunts  that he was no one to stop her as he was not her real husband . Armaan tries to stop her n accidentally presses the button that folds the bed and brings them close together on the bed . Armaan and Abhira are shocked n feel awkward . Armaan declares that by social and legal norms he was her husband in full sense. 
Ruhi arrives there n fumes with jealous fury as she hears Armaan declaring he was her real husband and will behave like one to protect her.

AbhiMaan have eyelock as they feel their chemistry stirring up.

Ruhi fumes with jealous fury , but makes no efforts to pull Armaan out . The nurse arrives and gets the wrong impression n rushes out to call the doctor.

After some long moments, Ruhi picks up the control button n unfolds the bed . Armaan gets embarrassed as he notices Ruhi finding them n close situation . 
Doctor comes and appreciates that Abhira was improving , he advises bed rest for a week. Abhira requests him to give strong or bitter medicines but not stop her from working . Doctor warns she had to rest as she was not fully recovered. Armaan asks her to take rest and assures the doc that he will make sure she takes rest . Abhira insists she had important case waiting n could not quit the case . AbhiMaan have serious argument on the issue . The doc asks them to stop fighting , he leaves to get discharge papers ready . Abhira is not ready to hear a word of what Armaan was saying n covers her ears .

Ruhi asks Armaan if he meant what he just told Abhira about being her real husband, he just blurted it out in fit of anger .  Armaan is taken aback n annoyed . After pondering over this he says he did not mean it from his heart .


Same as yesterday 

Ruhi feels grateful to Armaan for not meeting Manav as her prospective groom, Ruhi’s hopes are dashed as Armaan states Manav was a nice guy and he will make hr happy . Armaan all the happiness in the world for Ruhi. 

AbhiMaan have argument n threaten to break their marriage earlier than a year or less , so they better keep distance n not get used to eachother . 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Bhabhiji ki arman toot gayee . Soulmate dekha bhi nahin 

Kitni chain se so rahi thi sath sath 🤣paas pass . 

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Team Armaan (Gen 4)

Posted: 2 months ago

Armaan says he can take his patni bak bak but 

not her khamosh 

Armaan Poddar I'm asking 

Explore are you sure about that GIFs

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Team Sharmas

Posted: 2 months ago

What shit they are showing! Jeth bhabhi sleeping together on a bench like a couple. I need to wash my eyes with harpic.👀

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Posted: 2 months ago


They played “Tera Yaar Hoon Main” for Abhira-Armaan

Roohi is so disgusting she fell asleep on Armaan’s shoulder purposefully 

Armaan is Mr. Pendulum, Roohi asked if Armaan meant the “sach wala pati” dialogue and he said no it was said in anger smiley24 WHY would you give Roohi hope

BTS is much better than episode don’t waste your time watching it today 

full of jeth-bhabhi scenes 

Can Abhira seriously escape from this house of clowns 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Armaans response to Abhira being ill was better in bts. Thanda tha episode. They focused on how he leaned on Ruhi for comfort, let her sleep on his kandha and holding hands. He fell asleep on the bench. He wasn't really awake all night for Abhiras sake or any such thing. It looked very pretentious of him. He also tells Ruhi he was lying about Abhira being his real wife - despite knowing that is exactly what she wants to hear. He knows Runis delusions and feeds it everyday by telling her he has no feelings for Abhira.  Enough of his nautanki. Abhira should leave him soon. 

The way he was trying to convince Abhira that he genuinely had fikr looked fake AF. 

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Posted: 2 months ago


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Posted: 2 months ago

I know right !! Bhabhi k question ka indirect answer de diya Armaan ne ! lol 😂 seriously the way she was holding on to him and sleeping on his shoulder… the sakoon on her face lol it was too much ! Armaan didn’t even realize that she is sleeping on her shoulder and just ran for Abhira. 😆 I was super happy that ghar wale do care for Abhira l. dadisa was genuinely concerned for her. I really hope Abhira does something and mends relationship with them all.

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Posted: 2 months ago

I don’t know about you guys but the physical proximity between Roohi and Armaan lately has turned me away from the show

I am taking a break

this is too much, how can the Indian TRP audience WANT to see physical scenes?

Armaan has absolutely no problem in being touchy touchy with Roohi but he thinks twice before hugging Abhira? 

I am out

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Posted: 2 months ago

When did he tell Ruhi that Abhira is not his real wife ? In fact he told Abhira that he is her real husband !