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Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by: Aishwarrior

I respectfully disagree and to express happiness for a show to go off air is rather harsh. 

As viewers, we have the option to watch a serial or not. But to express happiness for a show to go off air is equal to saying “I’m glad Google laid off 700 employees last month.” This serial is someone’s daily job, their dream, and their livelihood. I can understand a show not being to one’s liking but happiness for those who will have to figure out what to do next in their career after 11 March is not justifiable. 

I, too hope that Sayli gets a role with a longer running serial. But in the television/movie career field, such roles and opportunities don’t come easily or often. This is not an easy career field. It’s glamorous from the viewers POV but it’s hard work and comes with sacrifices. Sayli mentioned this in an article once about the emotions she faced when she had to wait eagerly for her next role after a previous show ended. The least we can do at this point is have empathy.

You can't expect the show to go on forever lmao. It still lasted longer than a lot of shows on this channel except the prime ones obviously. Truth is bitter but it's better thay pull off the show now than 3 years later so Sayli is free to take up a better project.smiley20

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Posted: 3 months ago

Lovely post @ashiw I watched most of ITV in my experience I like kuvan most on screen and offscreen too they shared lovely bond and to the honest I am following Sayli because I watched BPKT it’s end with worst than ever.

After BKAS I had a little hope she will stay at least 1 year in my ITV serial because I hardly attached to TV this past years because they are nothing watch which is in my taste.

Sayli did the great work with Mohith because mohith is senior actor she match up with him very well.

And now I think she should do something to match with her age .

Past two characters as mother she done with senior actors like Karan/Mohith.

Because some ITV actors are small age they never agree to mother characters in small age but I respect Sayli did very well her character.

Now I want to see her as different characters which match for her age with young actor ( don’t take me wrong this not to hurt anyone)

Honestly I going to badly miss Kuvan/ Sayli and Mohith BKAS team forum friends but hope you all will meet soon in another forum ❤️🤗

BKAS forever 

Kuvan forever ❤️🥰😍
Let’s enjoy journey until 11th march 🙌