Posted: 8 days ago

New entry Monty happens to be un-welcomed nephew of Giriraj. He 1st threatens Kavya when she goes to the market where stalls have been placed illegally on the roads. He warns her not to interfere with business men as top notch men are involved in it. He coming close to Kavya n threatening brings a kind of unhealthy vibe on Kavya, similarly he does entering her office with stay order He comes close to her seat and warns. Again Kavya feels a dirty vibe from him. How will Kavya tackle this man?

Entering their house noticed Giriraj, Omi and Adi are not happy to see him and already he brought Kalesh in the house. This man will be strong contender for Kavya a huge hurdle to handle. Exciting to watch upcoming episodes 

Posted: 8 days ago

I dont think giriraj omi and Adhi didnt like his entry as.. few minutes back giriraj excitedly informed kavya about her jethjis visit

Posted: 8 days ago

But kavya was definitely shocked seeing him... and Omi ko apne purane zakam yaad agaye hoge😁

Posted: 8 days ago

Koi bhi new entry aaye hamare adya ko dur nahi kar sakti

Posted: 8 days ago

I liked all the new entry that were introduced except radhika. As monty character is gray shade he indirectly may help in navya case and be positive with Pradhan family except kavya, he may trouble kavya but it will be interesting track 🔥

Posted: 8 days ago

I am liking the actor since Imlie. The character is giving me super creepy vibes though.

Posted: 8 days ago

The new entry/Monty is definitely most dangerous. Glad that Kavya knows he is related to Pradhans/his intentions clearly at earliest, instead of him doing all this while acting good to her..

Dont think, Giriraj/Omi were in shock. Never know, to leak Omi's matter may be planned by Giriraj himself along with Monty to trap Kavya (it may be revealed later) and push her to corner/cut all her support. Otherwise why would Monty try to do such thing, if he is such a well-wisher of Giriraj and family..

(may be Giriraj/Monty never expected the reaction from Omi)

Kavya is very strong and she will bounce back and teach him a lesson soon..

Posted: 8 days ago

I'm loving the New entry first monty and now dadi saas uffff it's gonna be interesting 

Posted: 8 days ago

The dangerous villans of history... and related to the most traumatic past of kavya.. how is going to deal with them

Posted: 8 days ago

This will be rollercoaster ride for us and tbvh I'm not ready for this 

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