Bharat Ratna to revolutionary reformist ,ex pm p.v. Narasimha Rao

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Posted: 19 days ago

The great and wise  contributions made by former Prime Minister late P.V. Narasimha Rao in bringing in economic reforms and liberalisation that changed the destination of the country forever.smiley32 

Rao's administration was marked by economic reforms that liberalized the Indian economy, steering it away from the brink of collapse and setting it on a path of growth and global integration. As a distinguished scholar and statesman, Narasimha Rao served India extensively in various capacities. 

His contribution was immense and he was the saviour of India at that difficult time!! 

PV Narasimha Rao pioneered India's economic reforms. His Economic reforms were praised by the worldwide economists, and many described him as the modern Chanakya. 

Rao's government's goals were reducing the fiscal deficit, privatisation of the public sector and increasing investment in infrastructure. Trade reforms and changes in the regulation of foreign direct investment were introduced to open India to foreign trade while stabilising external loans.

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Looking back some 30 years, PVNR was one of the most underrated prime ministers of India.  The reforms that are credited to Manmohan Singh were actually PVNR's: Manmohan was a central planner bureaucrat, so that direction couldn't have come from him.  He also reversed decades of a servile-to-muslims foreign policy by establishing full diplomatic relations w/ Israel, which Indira Gandhi had terminated.  Part of it was probably due to the attacks  India took from the OIC countries after the Babri demolition despite being so blindly anti-Israel at NAM and UN

The way his body was treated after his death was disgraceful.  He was denied a funeral at Delhi, and had to be flown to Warangal (iirc).  Like other (less deserving) prime ministers, he too deserves recognition at Rajpath or wherever it is that dead prime ministers are memorialized

Politically, he deserved better, but got the short end of the stick by resorting to half measures.  On one hand, he enabled the demolition of the Babri (this is as per Santosh Dubey, the prime accused in that case, who described how PVNR gave him 5 hours to finish the job, as well as the money & materials needed), hoping that  he could attract Hindu support after a lot of it had been lost to the BJP.  Otoh, by introducing the Places of Worship Act and the Waqf Act, he totally undid that, so that his party lost Hindu support due to this, and muslim support due to the Babri demolition.  It's the reason Sonia Gandhi was furious at him, but regardless, she totally disgraced herself and her party by treating his body the way she did

I laud the BJP government for this recognition, however belated, as well as the same award to Advani


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