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Posted: 3 months ago

Honestly watching Ranbir threatening Raj vansh to not hurt Purvi is jjust not done 

He has no rights to threaten RV as he himself has been a very bad husband to Prachi 

First he married Reha and troubled rachi so much after marraige and left her alone 

Now hes abondoned her for 20 plus years because hes has murder accused 

I think hes more bad husband to Prachi than RV may be to Purvi in future 

What gives him right to threaten RV without even knowing who Purvi is to him? 

How could he just abandon Prachi with two little kids for 20 years alone?

If Ashok/Manpreet/Vishaka was not there with Prachi she would have to live alone with two kids and work and bring them up 

Atleast RV has not yet abondoned Purvi with his kids alone 

OK you say he was murder accused so he ran off to outside country 

But atleast so many years he could hire detectives or someone to find where they are how they are send them some money etc 

Its not so tough to find Prachi anyways, just ask Ashok neighbours or some one in Delhi they will be in touch no 

No one will jut forget an old neighbour or family friends someone knows 

When Ranbir has no much wealth hes mocking RV that yours is small company etc cannot he use money to find Prachi? 

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