Diwali Patakatales Voting Round (Closed)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the voting round of


Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who participated and sent in their fabulous Patakalicious entries!smiley31

Before we jump into voting, here are a few rules to keep in mind:

ImageEach member must vote for 5 entries. No more, no less. Edited posts will not be counted.

ImageKeep in mind while voting that the theme is Diwali. The tales are required to be related to this theme.

ImageSimply post the number next to the entries which you wish to vote for, example 1,2,3,4,5.

ImageNewbies and groupbies are not allowed to vote.

ImageParticipants are not allowed to vote.

ImageParticipants are not allowed to advertise in any way. The entries are to remain anonymous. Anyone caught or suspected of cheating will be disqualified immediately.

The deadline for voting is: Sunday 26th November 11:59PM IST.

Any queries or if your entry is missing, please PM me immediately.

Entries are posted below.


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  1.  “Crackling joy echoed as diyas danced, Diwali's magic embraced hearts.”
  2.  “Sparkling skies echoed the triumph of light over Diwali's night.”
  3.  “Diyas flickered, dispelling darkness as Diwali embraced hearts with warmth.”
  4. “Amidst lights, laughter, and love, Diwali whispered stories of hope.”
  5.  “Crisp air carried whispers of Diwali, where tradition met festivity.”
  6. We light lamps in celebration. Pollution world record. Air beware. 
  7. Family together to celebrate. Puja, diya, rangoli, sweets. New beginnings.
  8. Family miles away. Miss them more today. Prosperity over togetherness. 
  9. Burning of the diya. The prayer gathering. Light the darkness.
  10. Spectacle against the sky, burns against his exploited hands.
  11. Loud fireworks, scared whines, a comforting hug from his owner.
  12. Crackers cost hundreds here, one sweet shared amongst five there.
  13. Guru was the darkness, Aisha's smile was the Diwali diya.
  14. Diyas brightened Ayodhya, Lord Ram's arrival illuminated his subjects' hearts. 
  15. Eyes twinkling like sparkler, just watching her child burst crackers.
  16. Diwali holidays, travelling miles, just to behold their radiant smiles. 
  17. Light of diyas, not just warmth, it's life for poor.
  18. Shanta lit the lamp and called for her brother, “Ram!”
  19. It was raining noises. Devastated, Pluto curled under the chair.
  20. Raj did the Diwali decoration himself hoping to impress her.
  21. Rani laughed. Randhawas reused same Diwali gift for the Mishras.
  22. A gunshot thundered. “Happy Diwali...” Sarfaraz whispered his last words.
  23. Saree, done! Makeup, done! Diyaas, lighted! Ready for diwali photographs!!!
  24. Beautiful rangoli!! "Your daugher?" "My son", said the mother proudly.
  25. City lights failed. Diwali's twist: stars orchestrated a celestial festival.
  26. Crackles echoed. Rangoli adorned. Diwali's glow painted love, togetherness, joy.
  27. Earthen lamps glowed, families gathered, Diwali's aura lit with happiness.
  28. Diyas sparkled. Sweets shared. Diwali's delight: family, light, happiness intertwined
  29. Amid darkness, lone diya flickered. Hope ignited. Diwali whispered resilience
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I vote for #8, #11, #12, #24, #25. There were so many entries that managed to convey characters, plot, emotions, and ideas in just 10 words!

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#24 If allowed all 5 votes to thissmiley32

Posted: 13 days ago

I vote for Entries 4, 12, 16, 24 and 29smiley10

Posted: 13 days ago

My vote goes to these- #8 , #11 , #16 , #22 , #24 

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