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We know about Parveen Babi, Kangana Ranaut.

Who are some of the most visible or unhinged, 'over spoken' male personalities from showbiz?

Who seem obsessive, have had public meltdowns and been accusatory at others or are drama kings, attention seekers, fight at drop of a hat or seem to have issues with everyone, seem bitter, volatile etc? Or seem like they lost it or could do with some therapy?

Posted: 5 months ago

Unhinged to mujhe ranveer hi lagta hai thoda bahut 🤔

Posted: 5 months ago

He is crazy and wild but not bitter or perpetually angry nor gets violent or into fights. He has no outbursts.

I also think his funny act and gaudy dressing are carefully staged to get attention. He knows what he is doing.

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by atominis

He is crazy and wild but not bitter or perpetually angry nor gets violent or into fights. He has no outbursts.

I also think his funny act and gaudy dressing are carefully staged to get attention. He knows what he is doing.

Yes... I agree.

But he's the closest i could think of unhinged. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I would add Sanjay Dutt and Dharmendra to the list.

Sanjay once openly threatened to kill a journalist live on TV in 90s.

Dharmendra has fought with mediapersons too and once chased Devyani Choubal at a party in a fit of rage for her article against Hema.

He becomes worse when he is drunk and sounds more unhinged then. He sounds perpetually drunk.

Shatru sounds bitter and attention seeker as well. Forever bashing Amitabh or blaming him. Though he does not seem angry or vengeful but he tries to mask his bitterness in garb of humour.

Dev Anand was another one who seemed a tad loony to me, forever stuck in his old image and dressing like old days and openly tharki. Though I cannot call him bitter or unhinged but he seemed obsessed with Suraiya and kept talking of his love for him and her family not allowing her to marry him. I felt it was a tad obsessive and inappropriate to keep mentioning love for Suraiya even at 80 and embarassing his own kids and grandkids in process. He was like male Rekha in terms of inability to forget Suraiya.

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I'll also add Govinda to the list. I remember him declaring his love for Neelam back in the day despite being married. He kept pestering her even though she didn't reciprocate. He also became really bitter after his fall out with David Dhawan and Salman Khan.

Rajesh Khanna spoke sweetly and softly but was very rude and aggressive. I remember this old BBC documentary of how he made the reporter wait for days before meeting him despite fixing prior appointments. He also held a private party on his own during Filmfare night because they snubbed him. He was great friends with Devyani Chaubal and that itself is very telling since most stars detested her gossip columns. He took his baraat passing by Anju Mahendru's house on purpose because she refused to quit working to be with him. There are a lot more stories about him. I've got loads of old print interviews of him that I kept because I was such a huge fan growing up HAHA. I remember reading them few years back and realizing what a douche he was.😆

Feroze Khan. My mum had taped some show in the 80s and I remember in between that there was a snippet of his interview saying some regressive shit about women and patriarchy. Can't remember the exact words since I was just a kid but I hated it him after that.

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Rajesh Khanna was egoistic and full of himself. He was also bitterly jealous of Amitabh and ensured 'his favs' like Mumtaz and Sharmila did not work opposite Amitabh. He was bitter when Sharmila did some film later opposite Amitabh.

And even more livid with Shakti Samanta also working with Amitabh.

He married much younger, minor Dimple when he was 35 and she was 15 or 16. He was a drunkard. He took his frustration on Dimple and would beat her with belt in drunken fits. He stopped her from working in films and resented her working. I sometimes feel Dimple did those semi sleazy roles out of desperation to get work at any cost otherwise married actresses who were moms, hardly got work in films. He is said to have molested minor sister of another actress. He would share drinks with Twinkle and Twinkle boasts of drinking together with him as a minor.

His choice of films like Wafaa at old age showed what he was. Desperate. Pervert. Dimple was victim of domestic violence but never legally separated from him, perhaps due to property reasons. Rajesh once openly spoke in an interview ki Dimple divorce deti nahi hai.

I agree on Feroze. I mean one does not need an interview to know what his mindset towards women was. The way he showed women in his crap films showed his mentality. Sheer pervert.

His brother Sanjay Khan was another crap guy who got along with his wife, beat Zeenat so badly that it permanently damaged her eye. Imagine having affair with the woman and then acting holier than thou, teaming with wife to beat the woman you had affair with! 

Govinda was known to be late at sets, have a thing for younger female co stars. He went after Rani too. He also slapped a fan in front of media few years ago. He has had public fallout with Krushna and ensured Krushna gets no work anywhere now. Really bitter and full of himself yet acts humble. I also read he is damn superstitious and wears lot of rings and does various totke and blames astrology or black magic for his issues. 

I have read Nana Patekar, Naseeruddin Shah and Raaj Kumar had eccentric nature, temper issues, volatile nature and loose tongue and often said anything to anyone if they got impatient or disliked someone or something. 

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