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Nafrat Paas Aane Na De

 Mohabbat Door Jaane Na De

  | Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? |


Jo pehle hua naa, ab hone laga hai...

Dil humko jaga kar, kyun sone laga hai?

Yeh Ishq hai ya kuch aur hai

Ya bas khali khali shor hai

Tujhko dekh kar aankhein muskurane lagti hain

Tujhko mil kar dhadkne gun-gunane lagti hain

Aisa hota hai kyun? Mujhko khabar nahin

Pehle kabhi hua, aisa asar nahin!

Jo mere dil ke paas hai, 

Naye jaadu naye ehsaas hain

Ho...aise mein kya karun? Tu hi bata, tu hi bata!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... 

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? 

398 Episodes

13 Awards

30 + Dubs 

5 Remakes


Never has a soap opera been such a worldwide phenomenon. Every time it hits the screen, magic ensues! Not only has it brought us the existence of our beloved show, but has united us fans in an amazing bond, like a family.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam DoonA show that touched millions of hearts, a show that made every heart go yeh ishq hai ya kuch aur hai, a show that made every lip sing Rabba Vey, a show that made us believe in Devi Maiyya even more. 

It was a show that made us believe that true love does exist, and unconditional love can be felt! A show that changed our lives forever.


A show that is still alive in our hearts.


For few, it might be just another show but for people like us, it was an emotion. People call us crazy because we still live in the world created by Arnav and Khushi. So here we are a bunch of crazy people celebrating 12 years of IPKKND! 



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Set in the city of Lucknow, determined to clear the air of misunderstanding from her to-be brother-in-law; Khushi Kumari Gupta gate-crashes a massive fashion show for the purpose of finding her cousin’s groom and saving the marriage. The fashion magnate, ASR, chooses to disbelieve her innocence and threatens to molest her before she makes her escape with scathing words. 



Arnav Singh Raizada, commonly known as ASR, is a jaded spirit with a sad past that has left him stunted and traumatized. That does not excuse his actions. He and his elder, married, handicapped sister Anjali (the apple of his eye) now are co-owners of the mega-famous AR Fashions. 

As luck would have it, Arnav and Khushi keep on meeting in unfortunate circumstances. Leaving one humiliated and the other troubled. From letting her fall a floor down to unintentionally leading her to a hazardous guesthouse, feelings trigger when he notices the woman in Khushi. And Khushi too can’t resist him when she realizes that it’s the loneliness that makes him spiteful, not hatred.


Their romance blossoms but either’s hesitance to acknowledge their new-found feelings causes more harm than expected. Even though they nearly kiss, he finds himself engaged to his coworker and Khushi half-heartedly agrees to marry the new tenant, Shyam, who happens to help her at every nook and corner. 

Several secrets are revealed as Arnav and Khushi's feelings grow more and more complicated with each other; such as Khushi’s cousin, Payal, falls for Arnav’s cousin, Akash. Or that Shyam is actually Anjali’s husband - two-timing with Khushi solely to sedate his lust. 


However, in the midst of it all, Arnav’s fiancee ironically realizes that it’s Khushi whom he loves and agrees when he breaks up with her. Coincidentally Khushi is aghast when the man she was (reluctantly) marrying is already married to Anjali, a woman who’s too dear to her. 

Shyam is the perfect antagonist and threatens the family to keep quiet if they want Payal’s marriage happening with Akash. Given that Anjali is blindly devoted to her husband and Arnav is so to Anjali - Khushi can’t help but keep silent. 

With both Arnav and Khushi single again and Arnav’s eccentric cousin from Australia, NK, arriving to steal Khushi right under Arnav’s nose - passion blooms again (with a dash of mischief). Be it dancing seductively with her, stealing a selfish kiss, gifting her favorite bangles, or silently choosing a dress for her - romance is in the air (much to the excitement for Arnav’s sister, Anjali, and his grandmother who adore Khushi to bits). 

ImageImage ImageImage 

However, the silence pays it price when Khushi and Payal fail to disclose Shyam cheating the Raizadas the same night Shyam molests Khushi on the terrace with Arnav witnessing only a part of the scene to learn a completely different truth. That Khushi is having an affair with Shyam. And Shyam cunningly manipulates Arnav to believing so. Khushi on the other hand, fed up of Shyam’s mind games, is about to reveal the fraud when Arnav forces her to marry him for 6 months at the cost of her cousin’s marriage. 

Shocked and heartbroken by the turn of events, Khushi unwillingly agrees to save Payal’s marriage, completely unaware of Arnav’s motives. What follows are months of tragedy as Khushi begs Arnav for reason and the entire family is distanced from the couple for eloping away. 


When the truths are revealed, Arnav doesn’t believe Khushi until he falls into trap to his brother-in-law’s schemes and realizes that the only one to blame was Shyam, not his beloved Khushi. The turn of events leads Arnav to finally trust Khushi's word above others. 

Khushi forgives Arnav in a heartbeat, not wanting to lose him after the kidnapping drama which spans from Shyam furthering the damage done to Arnav and Khushi's relationship by painting Khushi as a gold-digger, and trying to take over the Raizada fortune from Arnav. 

Once back home and freed from the throes of Shyam's goons, Arnav promises to lay the world at her feet. Yet a pregnant Anjali disbelieves both of them, a few members feeling Khushi to being responsible for the tragedy at home. 


Akash and Payal’s relationship hits a roadblock when he is faced with the implication of his wife hiding this tragic truth. Their relationship had already been strained considering how Akash’s mother mistreated Payal due to jealousy. Khushi wants to make everything right again but her efforts backfired when Anjali tries to abort her child on meeting Khushi. 

Angered by the mayhem, Arnav calls Khushi the biggest mistake of her life. And Khushi is heartbroken, for it was only a few hours ago when she had almost given up her life for him. 


As they say ‘all is fair in love and war’ Arnav realizes his folly and gives in everything to repent to his Khushi - and even wins her at the end with the help of his dear cousin, NK however he refuses to admit so. 

Eventually, as things between Arnav and Khushi settle down, and past secrets are revealed when his paternal grandmother drops in - revealing that Arnav’s mother committed suicide over his father’s infidelity (which proves why he was so heartbroken since his parent's demise, and since he misunderstood his brother-in-law cheating on his sister with the beloved love of his life). 


Their 6-month incomplete marriage comes to the fore and to save Khushi’s image - Arnav agrees to remarry his wife. It is only then he realizes he had deprived Khushi of all her dreams and it was he who was the biggest mistake of her life. Subhadra, the paternal grandmother, tries to sabotage the wedding by revealing Khushi’s aunt (foster mother) was the third woman in Arnav’s parents’ lives but he pays no heed to her and marries Khushi with all gusto albeit running a little late to his wedding. 



And things take a better roll, when Arnav and Khushi, finding footage of Shyam being responsible for Anjali’s miscarriage, manipulate Shyam to confess his deeds with the assistance of NK. Happiness spreads in the Raizada household until Arnav’s ex, Sheetal, steps in with a child startlingly similar to him.

And that drops Khushi into the final pit of despair. 

But Arnav comes to the rescue by doing his best to clear the air of misunderstanding by tracking down Sheetal’s intent on framing him for pregnancy. Saddened that she utilized an innocent child, Khushi urges Arnav to adopt the young kid - Aarav - but to her horror, Aarav accepts her as anything but his mother. And Arnav is all ready to throw snarky remarks at her rather than correct his child’s behavior. 

While saddened at the departure of Payal and Akash to US, Khushi also finds herself angered by Arnav's carelessness towards the lack of discipline Aarav seems to show, Arnav and Khushi find themselves at odds end by disagreeing about money and parenting. Unfortunately, the two end up on different paths when Khushi is offended by Arnav's offhanded comments about her naivety and inability to understand how the real world operates. 

Determined to show Arnav that she could fit in his world of models, designers, executives, and more, Khushi with the support of her in-laws and family enters into a beauty pageant without realizing that its a pageant sponsored by her husband's company. Arnav and Khushi fall into an argument about Khushi's participation when Khushi urges him to omit the fact about her being his wife. Eventually, Arnav unwillingly succumbs to Khushi's pleas however the omission of truth is short-lived when the two are caught sharing an intimate moment by another contestant. Khushi is allowed to move further into the contest with Arnav walking away from judging the final rounds and ends up winning the pageant


Ending in the heart of Delhi, Arnav and Khushi proclaim their love for each other while their family celebrates Khushi's win as the new Mrs. India. The two alongside their family go onto live happily ever after. 


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Arnav Singh Raizada, a handsome hunk, ruthless business tycoon, doting brother, caring big brother, nephew and grandson all in one.  He is a no-nonsense person and stuck to his principles. 

He put himself in hell to let his sister live in her paradise.  He even tried to collaborate with a person who he disliked the most to get his younger brother married to the person he loves.

When it came to Khushi, he did not hesitate to misuse his powers more often.  That was a sore point, and he did not get to redeem himself enough.  There is no doubt he got attracted to Khushi and loved her even while disliking her and even when he misunderstood her.  Eventually that turned into an unconditional love.  


Khushi Kumari Gupta is a lovable , caring and naive girl who believes in principles. She's positive confident and mature for her age. She believes in Devi maiya and always talks with her whenever she needed Devi maiya smiley1

Khushi lives with her uncle and aunt after being orphaned. But she lives life beautifully with uncle , aunt, bua ji and Payal.

she's full of love and compassion, always ready to help others and despite her loud and colorful exterior, in essence she's a simple and humble person. 

Her life totally changed after ASR's entry in her life. Initially they both don't impressed with each other. But gradually they both fell in love with each other. Because of Khushi's innocence and pure heart ASR impressed so much and fell in love with her. 


Anjali is a sweet and kind girl. She is so calm and composed. She's close to her brother Arnav, more than to anyone else in the Raizada house. Anjali has a physical disability but because of family support and specially her brother's support she lives her life so beautifully. But her first marriage didn't happen. Her second marriage happened to Shyam. But he also betrayed her because he likes khushi. 

Anjali has her own small world in which she is happy with Chhote and her husband Shyam. Later because of Shyam's betrayal seems she lost everything. But as we say family is always there for us no matter what ! She eventually lives her life with everyone's support.  


A suave, amiable lawyer who was shown as a charming figure at first, is actually a two-faced, hypocritical man who marries Anjali Raizada for her wealth but spends the latter half of his  marriage  lusting after Khushi who he had saved in Lucknow. 

He tried his best to break Arnav and Khushi's relationship by kidnapping Arnav. He tried to kill Anjali and managed to kill his unborn baby. 

But at the end, his truth was exposed by Arnav, Khushi and NK and he was thrown out of the house by Anjali herself. 


Payal is a very calm person , she is not a very talkative person, but yes definitely she has a lot of her own opinions and ideas. Payal is also very shy and doesn’t like to make loud noises. She loves to help people, and she is very good at it. She is also very generous and kind, she does not like to hurt people’s feelings, and this is the reason why she is not very confident in herself.

She married to Aakash and become Payal Raizada. 


Aakash is a younger brother of ASR. His personality is so decent. His nature is so calm and peaceful. He knows how to present his ideas and how to deal with people without losing his calm. Even he is a soft spoken person. He loves his family and always give priority to them. smiley1

When he met Payal he fell in love with her then he proposed to her in a unique way later he married to her and lived his life so beautifully.


NK is one in a million.  Handsome, Simple and Straight forward. Developed a good rapport with every single member of the family.  Sometimes he annoyed some family members especially Arnav with his broken Hindi, but he meant well.  As soon as he realised his Nannav and Khushiji fell for each other, he turned his infatuation into adoration and stood like a rock to support Khushi in rescuing Arnav from the kidnappers and in exposing Shyam.  His best gift to Khushi was the locket with Arnav’s photo in one half and Khushi’s photo in the other half of a pendant.  That was so cute. 


Hello Hi Bye Bye! A famous line of a glamorous, rich and modern woman, Manorama Raizada. That's what she considers herself. An epitome of beauty.

Despite herself having a middle-class background, she dislikes the Guptas for same reason. She loves Anjali and Arnav as much as Akash and is protective of her children.


Madhumatti Gupta is a woman full of love and determination who ain't taking any shit when it's about her nieces. She's really close to traditions and has full faith in her Nandkishore. Funny at times yet loving and protective. She treats her brother's daughters and son-in-laws as her very own children.


Devyani Raizada is a strong, determined, extremely stubborn - Nani is closer to her grandson than she thinks. Initially she struggles with treating Arnav as the head of the house and seeks power by making life decisions for him until she realizes that perhaps it ruined things further than helping anyone. She posses regality and beauty, reflecting the grace her granddaughter her, and suppresses her joys and sorrows until Khushi comes along. She no longer feels like the only one in touch with Lucknow for Khushi's infectious joy and roots to Lucknow give her a little space of belonging in the new times.

Shashi Gupta, a doting father, devoted husband and a loving brother.  He scolded Khushi for putting herself in trouble for trying to fix the dowry problem all by herself.  He never scolded Khushi or accused her for Payal’s broken wedding.  He always understood Khushi and trusted her.  He is very observant when it came to safeguarding his family.  The stroke made him helpless, otherwise he could have handled Shyam all by himself and may have helped Anjali too.   

As a husband, he always respected his wife, always considered her opinions and at times let her make decisions. Though she made mistakes before getting married, he never judged Garima for her choices.  He even adopted his wife’s niece who lost her parents in a car accident.Though he put his foot down whenever his sister crossed a line in treating Khushi, he respected her nevertheless.  Gave importance to her opinions.


Garima Gupta. She became a mother to two beautiful girls without giving birth to either of them.  She loved them equally.  She made Payal’s wedding her life’s dream and Khushi her support system.  She did not hesitate to share the family’s sorrows with Khushi.  It is not like she doesn’t want to share them with Payal.   Payal was her husband’s daughter and as a stepmother she has more responsibility towards Payal.  She knew Khushi since she was born and must have raised her as her own before she got married.  So, the bond was already there.  The scene where Khushi from one side and Payal from the other side hugged Garima after Roop Suhana song in Lucknow and the other scene where Khushi kept saying she was Garima’s favourite child and Garima lovingly hugging both girls from either side at the dining table in Delhi describes what they meant to each other. 


Aarav was fraudly planted by Sheetal as Arnav's son. Soon she was exposed and Khushi wanted to adopt Aarav as her own son and Arnav too agreed on to her decision as both of them had developed a bond with him. 

He had hard time accepting Khushi as his mother. In the Mrs. India Contest, when the judge ask him what is that one complaint that Khushi has from him in the second last round of the contest. He answers and wins Khushi's heart by calling her Mom. 

Khushi and Arnav who themselves where orphans accepted and named him Aarav Singh Raizada who was also an orphan, giving society a beautiful message of acceptance beyond blood relationships. 


Mrs. Subhadra Orthodox Malik is Deviyani's childhood friend, who spent the last 14 years in an ashram is Arnav's Dadi. She has her own interpretation of what is right and wrong. 

First impressions are a big deal for her. She hates Khushi for being careless and likes to find her flaws and faults every now and then. She was last seen when Arnav and Khushi ties the knot. 


Manohar Raizada, a devoted son, a perfect husband and a loving father. He is a man of wisdom, values and sense of humor. He loves his wife despite having to bear all her royal tantrums and forever remains calm and composed.


Do you know who is behind the sucess of Arnav Singh Raizada? His mother, no. His sister, no. Khushi, no. 

It's Aman Mathur!

The invisible man who was our hero's loyal right hand without whom Arnav would seem lost. From handling his business at office to arranging for gifts for his wife, he is the man. He even helped Arnav out when he fought with Khushi and she was not talking to him 😅


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Khushi didn’t know that the place she went to meet her sister Payal's fiancé regarding the dowry, would turn out to be the childhood residence of Arnav Singh Raizada.

And it would change her life forever.

When Khushi entered Sheesh Mahal, she was mistaken as model and  pulled out to the ramp. Nervousness evident in her eyes, she couldn’t decide what to do and how to react. The moment Khushi turned, her dupatta came in her way and she fell straight into Arnav's awaiting arms and was mistaken to have been sent to sabotage his event. His eyes were filled with fury, seeing her wearing green in a theme of red.

Their gazes had so many questions that wanted to be answered. They never knew they will one day be so madly in love with each other that Arnav would love teverythinin her arms forever to make her feel special.

Trip, Fall and Catch became their thing from that moment.




The 'Teri Meri Song Sequences' hold special place in the complicated love journey of Arnav and Khushi. 

Every one was worried about the missing partner of Khushi. Arnav surprised everyone including the lady in Green by joining her on stage. 

They didn't need words to express their feelings. Silences are more meaningful than words. 

The duet made them aware of each of their feelings. It did not only reveal their feelings, it provided a hope for them to sustain the upcoming tragedies.


On a lonely dark night, when she was depressed on being unknown of her husband's identity and he was on the verge of life and death, their souls united expressing their necessity to be together but yet, theyintentl.

Once again, the duet played its role in showcasing their feelings of not being together, their need, the fate of the world's most difficult love story.

The duet showed us how much their souls are pining for each other and how much this distance is causing them pain.




She only wanted to get back her bangle that had fallen in the pool. But grabbing her dupatta, he smirked his famous. Her hand immediately flew to her neck and her eyes widened as she saw him in a statuesque repose. 

With all the techniques of a Hawk never leaving its prey out of his sight, he lifts his chin and claims while provoking, you can't do everything by yourself.

"Come and get your dupatta right from my fist," He challenged, an open challenge. 

Not taking his eyes off her, he spools her in, slowly, tugging her in closer with each twirl of her dupatta around his hand. Her heart started to pound in her chest.

He looked at her, his head lowered to the side of her face. He could hear her heartbeat, mesmerized by this enthralled beauty in front of him. 

Jo mein karoonga, kya tum woh kar paaogi?


Her eyes, hazed to a distant spot, she hesitated yet shutting her eyes, she nodded quickly. Her cheeks flamed as his hot breathe fanned over. 


Leaning in, he softly kissed her on her flushed cheek. Pressing deeply, yet like a chaste caress. Her heart skipped beat and he, smiled his best. 




The whole world goes around ASR and his wishes getting granted in the next minute. If anyone dares to change his plans, not only he dislikes but he makes sure to curse that person. 

While Khushi was so happy finishing her works in due time so that she could attend her dearest sister Payal's birthday, ASR did not miss that chance to remind Khushi her status, make her complete tasks one after another. Khushi was kept in office only for to satisfy his big ego and the contract. 

Khushi being herself did not forget her values when ASR ordered her to wear that short blue dress. It was a big NO for her and she stood by it. 

The photoshoot begins and clicks are being taken under many shocked eyes. ASR cames down and can't stop himself but stare....stare at this petite, fragile yet strong figure, wearing a simple yet classy red saree and adoring big silver earrings. Nothing much, nothing less, just beauty in it's truest sense and enough to make the arrogant businessman melt.  

He must have thought that how come a "middle class girl" from Lucknow can look so beautiful in an indian attire. Khushi's simplicity and stunning beauty slapped the mighty ASR in no time and he was lost in her, in her beauty and in her eyes. Their glances met and they started playing around each other with Rabba Ve love music coming from their hearts. 

He fell for her, "ek dhun baaji thi" , as Arnav told us in Ek Jashn.




"Kya Kya karna padh raha hai tumhe ghar laane ke liye,"

She comfortably rested in his arms. He finally had her where was her home, where her peace was. 

Khushi started explaining how each ritual was binding them more strongly together. 

The shagun, was a sign that she was marked for him. 

The engagement ceremony, underlined their love. 

The Kuldevi Puja, was seeking divine blessing for their union

The mehendi, was a physical mark that she now belonged to him

The red string tied on her hand, was so that no one could cast evil eyes on her .

She went on to explain the haldi and how it was applied to her. 

Suddenly Khushi went breathless when, Arnav caressed her face. Slowly moving his fingers to her lips. They were both lost within each other. They were lost in each other. She was overwhelmed and pulled back. She turned around giving him the vision of her back. 

He was propelled towards her, completely in the ocean of his desire to claim her to make her his. His fingers which now carried the haldi of her face, moved on her back. He put the haldi on her back. 

She sensuously moved her back, the caress disarming her, aroused her. She knew he was branding her as his, she wanted the same. Moving suddenly, she put a small dollop of haldi on his nose and grinned mischievously. Looking at her with usual intensity, he crowded her backwards pinned her to the bedpost. 

He moved closer and rubbed his cheek on hers transferring the haldi from him to her, marking her as his. 




From the moment she entered the temple premises, Arnav looked at her mesmerized, he was lost in her.

Khushi looked at him as if annoyed, she herself didn’t know the reason but the audience did. It was her strange jealousy seeing Arnav and Lavanya together, little did she know it was very soon going to turn into pure love.


She was fasting, her head spun and she fainted but her Superman was there to save her. As destiny played its trick, Arnav ended up breaking Khushi’s fast. As expected, she picked up a fight with him. Annoyed with her constant bickering, as usual, Arnav held her again. It was way too magical yet appealing - the smoldering hug, the proximity, both of them looking into each other’s eyes intently.



It all started with Arnav wanting to have his suhagraat with Khushi, and keeps reminding her about the suhagraat, which makes her nervous and even she goes onto asking Payal about her suhagraat and whether a marriage without pheras, can take the step of suhagraat and even she asks Nani ji for advice.During the Janmashtami pooja, Arnav teases Khushi of wanting to have a baby while they were swinging Kanha ji, and once the pooja was over, and Khushi didn’t show up to Arnav’s room while she was busy chit chatting his family members. Arnav descends down the stairs and he reprimands Khushi for not listening to him, he called her inside their room in front of everyone.

When Khushi walks inside their room, she was upset with him for reprimanding her in front of everyone and Arnav being Arnav walks towards his closet and hands over a gift which he wants her to wear and he gives her a command to go and wear.

Khushi goes inside the washroom and changes into a beautiful red lehenga, and she peeks outside through the door not revealing herself yet, she shows her frustration over the shopkeeper for not keeping the duppata along with lehenga,  but Arnav was so naughty that he didn’t let her take the duppata with her inside. Arnav shocks her with the dupatta in his hand. She was looking ravishing in it, and she was trying to cover herself by facing her back towards him and he comes over to her, while she covers herself with her hand and he takes her one hand, leading her towards the center of their room, he puts the duppata over her head, plays with her hair by tugging her flicks aside because it was hindering his picture perfect view of hers, and as he takes in beauty, he couldn’t resist into hugging her to make her feel comfortable and caressing her head during the hug and then he carries her all the way to their bed, and when he was about to *Do It*.Khushi sees the statue of Lord Krishna and Radha and she gets reminded of the words of Payal and Nani ji that a marriage is incomplete without the 7 pheras (7 vows around the sacred fire) and she stops him going further and she walks towards the side and tells Arnav that their marriage is incomplete without the pheras and hence they can’t have their suhaagraat, to which it makes Arnav angry and he drags her along with her towards the terrace.

At the terrace, he takes a wooden stool and damages it and lights the fire with a match stick and he tells Khushi “That’s the fire, now let get married!” and he carries her because he knows that she wouldn’t do with her consent, walking along with him around the pyre and Khushi keeps telling him how wrong it is to this because she wants to have a wedding with rituals and along with the acceptance of the family and during all this Arnav’s paternal grandmother is shocked and she reprimands them and she leaves from there.

When she leaves, Khushi asks him why did he had to all this at the first place and that he has hurt his paternal grandmother’s feelings, and during their lash out at each other over what just happened, Arnav spits it out what he has been wanting to tell her all along since the time he has realized his feelings and it was loud and clear to her “I LOVE YOU DAMMIT”.

And just like how Arnav confessed his feelings for Khushi, same way we do “HUM BHI AAPSE I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!”




What started off as a Bachelor Party without woman being involved in their farmhouse, turned out to be Arnav’s beautiful bachelor night with his one and only item girl “Khushi” after the sensual dance of hers, Arnav takes her to a room and makes her lay down on the fluffy white carpet and shows her constellations through the projector and they talk about parents, and they get romantically sentimental talking about their “sacha pyaar” when they were away from each other, how they were still feeling the presence of the other via telepathy, and then suddenly when Arnav changes his sleeping side, the projector goes off, and Khushi goes about to take the projector remote to switch it backon, but he doesn’t let her and instead he kisses her hand and their bodies come so close in contact and that’s when Arnav says “Am sorry Khushi!, I know tumhein shaadi se pehle yeh sab, mein jaanta hoon , am sorry!” she caresses his face and says “Hum samajthe hai, humein barosha hai, aape, aapke pyaar pe” he kisses her hand and then hugs her.

And after their mushy talk, he asks her to promise him, that she will never leave him ,as he won’t be able to live without him and she kisses him on his cheek twice, and then he shifts her by making him come over her, he slowly removes her bangles one by one and he kisses her bare hands, sharm ke maare she turns towards the other side, he kisses her cheek, and then she hugs him, and he unties her saree dori

And then he says “Khushi mein…”

Khushi cuts him off and says “I know…”

And then they kiss, a kiss of love. A kiss of promise. 




As he descended the stairs, he saw a sight to behold, dressed in red, surrounded by lights. The smile playing on her lips, charmed him. She looked up, feeling the a gaze on her. His intense gaze almost burnt her skin but  she looked at him with same intensity, the same magic, intoxicating them both in Desire

After that he found that she had twisted her ankle and like always, he was there to break her fall. Making her sit her down, soothing her pain, he fixed her ankle. 

Thoda Dard Hoga. 

She gripped his shoulder in pain and he washed everything away with gently. 

Ab Theek Hai? 

And a reluctance to let her go.

She allowed him to put it on her ankle, returning to her a lost possession. He knew what she was doing to him, she didn't. 

He moved forward, she walked backwards. A mere inch more and everything could have been so easy that night. 

That night, he pushed her away once again like always.

And she, stayed silent once again like always. 




A heartbroken Khushi sits outside her dearest father room. Shashi is fighting for his life because of Shyam's cunning and horrific intentions.

No, she won't loose her dad again. She has been through so much already and story cannot repeat, not this time...not again....As she was lost deeply in her thoughts, Khushi felt a strong known presence calling her soflty. 

"Khushi"....She opened her eyes and saw Arnav Singh Raizada standing in front of her. It did not take her long before running towards him. Khushi needed support and comfort and she found it in his arms. His presence calmed and reassured her. 

Yes, as surprising as it might look, ASR just threw her out of his car on their way back from their nainital trip some time back and now he is there, for her and having Khushi in his arms. 

She doesn't loose her grip and balance though and confess with all her heart that she doesn't have strenght anymore as she has lost her parents once. 

Arnav became confused and didn't know how to react. IPKKND fans shouted at ASR in front of their screeen for not hugging her back. 

He was there and it was the most important. He stood by her and in her unbearable fear of loosing her most precious loved one.   




Arnav entered the stage reluctantly, not only because of Nani's blackmailing, but also because he never wanted his wife to be ashamed by public.


Khushi, as Heer recites her excitement on finally being able to marry her lover, Ranjha. Her innocent question about how her life can look so colourful, bright and sweet that even the sweets taste sweeter. 

Arnav couldn't hold back his anxiety as he promptly asks Khushi, who comes near him, to tell him when to enter. But the shock on his face when Khushi replies sarcastically that her death would be the happiest time of his life is tangible.

Right when Heer falls down taking a bite of the poisonous sweet, Ranjha makes entry to falls on his knees beside his love, asking her to get up. He eats the poisonous sweet too and confesses. It's Ranjha confessing, but they were Arnav's words.


Jab jo bura kaha, uska koi matlab nahi.

Jab jo bura kiya, uska koi matlab nahi.

Iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koimatlab nahi.

Bas ek cheez ka matlab hai, ki main,hamesha, hamesha tumse...

And then Ranjha dies.

He lets his feelings out finally, even if in the disguise of Ranjha, Heer's Ranjha. No - he was Khushi’s Arnav.




Khushi's world became a chaos when she married Arnav Singh Raizada out of force. 

She was asking herself why Arnav married her in the first place. Was it because of her or something else? He finally revealed that he came to know about Shyam and her. 

Everything fell down around her. She was too much hurt that she could not give any explanation. 

Arnav then decides to leave for London to avoid his painful past emerging again. 

Seeing the couple facing tension, Raizada family tries to reunite them.

She comes slowly in their room and she fixes his shirt button. "Dhagaa zabardasti nibha paraa ab joh bandh gaya toh...". She needs him as much as he needs her. 

Both are incomplete without each other. 

In a world filled with hate, love still has it's place to heal everything.


Posted: 8 months ago


Payal and Akash are literally the opposite of their cousins Khushi and Arnav respectively, very sweet, shy and coy both are a made for each couple. Payal and Akash shared some cute beautiful chemistry be it Akash’s deadly proposal to Payal, their secret meeting at New Year’s Eve, or their cute eye glances whenever they come across each other. Though Arnav and Khushi played cupid brought these 2 love birds together but they say that every love story has a someone who is against their relation and it was Manorama Maami at first due to their lifestyle differences but gradually she accepted them with time, but little did these love birds know that Akash’s cousin Bubbly would have a problem with their closeness and try to create problems in their marriage life, but all's well when its end well when Bubbly later realizing her mistakes, she finally accepted her Bhabhz , the name which she coolly calls Payal and love birds live happily ever after as they settled in US and started a family there.




A bond we rarely see and a bond we rarely experience.  Khushi is a friend who corrected his broken Hindi without laughing at him and NK who unconditionally lent his hand whenever Khushiji needed.  Be it in adding Desi Tadka to an otherwise boring western party or dropping a distressed Khushi while comforting her or helping Khushi in rescuing Arnav from the kidnappers or helping Arnav and Khushi in exposing Shyam.  Khushi never hesitated to take help from NK and never hesitated to give him credit when it was due.  Khushi’s simplicity and selflessness also made the bond unique.  He was simple and straight forward and she was simple and selfless.




They say that love relations are thicker than blood and that’s what makes Arnav Khushi and Aarav’s bond more special. Arnav and Khushi’s life took a drastic turn with the entry of Arnav’s ex Sheetal who claimed to have a child with Arnav, but truth prevailed and the gold digger's lies were spilt out to the family, leaving behind Aarav who left all alone in the mess that Sheetal created. ArShi both saw their reflection in Aarav by themselves being orphans. Aarav had already formed a father- son bond with Arnav due to the whole Sheetal fiasco be it the father’s day event as school or the basketball match, but Aarav was yet to develop a bond with his new found mother, but it amusing to see the new parents banter upon who has better parenting style in raising their kid. Mrs.India Contest was the event that brought the mother-son duo closer and stronger with time making Aarav finally accepting Khushi as his mother was indeed a special moment that we will all cherish for years that have passed by.


Posted: 8 months ago



“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”― J.K. Rowling,

It wasn’t a dream moment, dammit! It was like a dream come true. As John Lennon said once, You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Everyone who wished this dream to be true came out as one big audience once again to shower their love on our beloved show Iss pyar ko kya naam doon. Though IPKKND Team shot a few episodes... the magic which never was forgotten by us sprinkled the spell of love all over our hearts again.


The announcement of the arrival of IPK Ek Jashn and the great Arnavand Khushi to be back on screen brought colors to the canvas of dreams, the RabbaVe in the air, and every background score was back on the overlapping mode for ears 


Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai

Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai

Ho isko main kya kahun

Tu hi bata.. Tu hi bata..

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..


Is this love or something else?

Or simply an empty call or a noise

What can I call it?

Please let me know.

What should I name this love?

What should I name this love?


Like a dream, hearts leapt with joy on every forum.IPK forum flooded with old and new members, and the lovers returned with stories, news, and edits, setting up the ambience of love again. The reiteration of Arnav-Khushi with Barun and Sanaya brought excitement around. The same off-screen, onscreen masti again.As It always matters, dammit!


Aisey wo miley bichadne ke liye

Par wo miley ,phir miley  

Aur likh di pyarki ek dastan

Kahani Arnav aur Khushi ki 

Ek baar phir, Ek Jashn ki Tarah.


 They met like being apart

But they met again and again

and they wrote a new tale of love

The story ofArnav and Khushi

One more time, like a celebration


Ek Jashn starts with the prince charming Arnav, who woke up forgetting his royal wedding anniversary, and his Mrs warned him to leave him for Lucknow for real... Ta Ta, Mr Ladd Governor, for forgetting this big day again...

The human mind is beautiful when mind and love are indistinguishable...Well, IPK was all about their banter, warnings, fights, heated arguments, challenges, and lots of sweet romance, and we met with those gala moments once again over this celebration after three years. As always for him, she made her disappear from his eyes, which was a big-time torture. Finally, after a big hassle, he got succeeded in being with her, or I must say, her heart realized his restlessness and let him know about her whereabouts. His anger over her childish act caused Mrs ASR to shut the door on him once again.


Finally, he told her he was missing her badly and couldn't take it anymore. She placed a challenge on place for him to win her again. How sweet. She asked two questions, and the memories of fireflies in a dark hut and a roaring confession around the fire on the terrace set the tones of hearts, melted the ice, and reconciled again over his promise to make things better this time.


Love is all amid secrets and monsters of life, fire, and death...love exists between hearts amid every uncertainty. Love was real. It was the one certainty in between them, and that was what we witnessed once again. His startling moment of seeing his love in red, his caring touch to make her lead the way, his dancing moment just with her and for her felt real as their teri meri moment sparkled and dazzled between them. A caring husband was there at every step to make this day special for his wife, as it was a big deal for her.

He loves her, dammit!


The great Arnav Singh Raizada wasn't affected by anyone and by any women or girl out there, captured by the Kodak moment of the first sight of his Khushi. She fell in his arms to stir his heart, and he couldn't be recovered since then. His transformation in love was the main essence of the show, and he proved to everyone that love can reduce anyone to anything. 

He offered a rose to his cute wife, but she was the only one who could bring him out of his shell with a smile calling him cute too. Well, He won't allow this to happen to anyone either. Even his family or sister never had this much courage, but he only wanted to hear these words from Khushi. He was insisting, so she told him and never disappointed him either. The way she said "Cute" showed the true character of Khushi, who was simple, innocent, yet bold in her own way in front of this man. He had this charisma to bring out that side only in her with his love and care. Their eyes said it all more than words could deliver. Her fragrance wafted around him all the time to make him follow his heartbeat. Today was no different.

His care and love for her stood out the most in between silly stuff, and that’s all it mattered. The last scene with falling pictures of them left a mark in hearts for many years to come. Ek Jashn carried more or less the same unforgettable ambience. It showed us how Arnav and Khushi live happily ever after in a parallel world.



Starting 24th November 2015, Tuesday and Saturday suddenly became our favorite days for some weeks. The short episodes even brought some excitement around. We, the loyal fans of IPK, never felt satisfied when things were related to IPK. Right? The show still lives in our hearts even after 12 years...and it's a blessing that it's accessible via Hotstar. Barun and Sanaya as Arnav and Khushi and not just them, but all the other show characters are still among us as the day one. The offscreen and onscreen moments are the cherry on top.


As the celebration is where IPKKND is..!!!

We All Love You, Dammit!

Hum toh Laad Governor ke pyaar mein pare the

Hum toh Khushi ki Khushi mein pagal hue the

I was in Laad Governor's love

I was happy in Khushi's happiness


Posted: 8 months ago




Happy 12 years anniversary IPKKND!! smiley40smiley27 I'm so happy to celebrate this unforgettable show every year and I'm proud to be in this fandom. Cheers! - Katelyn





Happy 12th anniversary of IPKKND the iconic show ever. smiley1 so happy to be a part of this fandom. This show always brings a smile on my face. smiley1 and yes Every year FD is doing something unique to celebrate it in a grand manner. smiley42kudos to all of you Girls smiley32 

Love you all 😘



Edited by Animagus_Shiri - 8 months ago
Posted: 8 months ago



Brief storydramebaaz.af

 CharactersBhavisweet03, Savera84, Animagus_Shiri

 Arnav & Khushi's Special Moments:  Dellzcreationz, x.titli.x, Animagus_Shiri

 Ek Jashn: Mysticaldivine

 Precious Relations: Savera84, Dellzcreationz  








Let us use this siggy to celebrate 12 years of out favorite show! 


Edited by Animagus_Shiri - 8 months ago
Posted: 8 months ago





^ old stuff, excuse me the kachra quality😆

And the show succesfully hits 12! 

What a journey IPKKND has been from the first day till the last! 

Happy 12th Anniversary to she show that made us laugh, love, cry, shout....everything all at once! ❤️12 years after, the craze is still there. 

IPKKND shall remain special for years and years to come. 😳

12 years down, forever to go.❤️

I have so many dear moments attached to IPKKND! 

From the moment Farwa suggested me to watch it to showing ASR entry scene to my uni friends or even making milions stuffs on the show while I had exams, I had one of the most wonderful time of my life. ❤️12 years after I remember all of it with a tear in my eyes as life put me and I'm sure us through many testing times. Today is not a day to cry but to remember with a smile that IPKKND happened. ❤️

Feeling honoured to have been a part of this stunning and killer thread. This year again, we did it despite our busy lives🤗

Thank you Shiri, A,S, Faiqa, Bhavna, Sid, Katelyn, Raji and Shibz for trusting me enough to bring my small contribution.🤗

Hugs *dammit* 🤗

Edited by x.titli.x - 8 months ago
Posted: 8 months ago



Finally thread is up !

Thread looks so beautiful and awesome 😍

I just couldn't get my eyes off from this post. Feels like I am reviving thie journey again with this thread.❤️

I am like 


Superb work done by each and everyone who came forward for this celebration 👏

Shiri dear thank you so much for taking effort and made this celebration a huge one.🤗

Once again Thank you each and everyone for making a grand celebration 🥳

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