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Jassi is a really rich girl, she is very beautiful and she is very simple she is not like any snobs, or any spoilt child. She is a good girl who respekets her parrents and the elders. Her biggest dream is to be a jurnalist. But her father wont let her be a JURNALIST because she is soo rich that she can buy the company who makes the (papers?? dont know what it called). And her father want that she is gonna work in there oun fashion company. One day she desides that she is gonna be a JURNALIST, so she thinks that what would it be that she is gonna write, then she comes up with an idea, that if she is gonna be a ugly girl. And see what the people would say or think. So she does that. And she doesnt tell her father because she know that he will stop her so she lies and tells him that she is gonna start a school to be an fashion designer. And after she had taken the lesons then she is gonna work for her father. Her father thinks that is a good ides and is very proud that she is gonna be a fashion designer instead for a JURNALIST!

the next day she makes her very ugly (like jassi) and goes to every fashion company and sees if they need to do something maybe a secratery, but when she goes to any company she gets a no because of how she looks, they dont even sees her digery or something else. Jassi is really tied so she goes home.

NEXT DAY she looks at the paper  and she sees a add for a fashion company called GOLMOHUR, So she goes there (is still ugly) when she walks in to Golmohur, she sees people who stares at her and they wisperes to one another. when she gets to the board room where the interwiew is, she sees Malika and Aryan. Jassi looks at them and says

Jassi: i m here for an interwiew

Malika: i think you read the paper wrong there wrote that we are searching for a secratery not a servant.

Jassi: yeah i didnt read the paper wrong, i m also searching a job for a secratery

Aryan laughing

Malika: ohh you cannot get the job

Jassi: but why, you havent even read my degary and everything!

Malika: i know, have you even seen your self in the mirror how can even think that you can work in a fashion company, and look like that.

Armaan comes in and he has hear everthing, when armaan comes in she just fell in love with him.

Armaan: aap apni degeryes dijiye,

Jassi give it to him,

Armaan : the job is yours.

Jassi : Thank you sir, thanks alot

Malika: But armaan how can you give her job, when you have promised me to give the job too my friend

Armaan: they both can be my secartery, and after a week can i deside whoes the best,

Jassi: yes sir thanks, when can i start??

Armaan: tommorow, and you can ask mr. deejhwani every deetails.

Jassi: oki sir,

And she goes, when jassi goes out she just thinks about armaan, and she didnt know where she is going so she bumbs in to are car, but dont worry she didnt hit her or something, it just snits her. and guess what, the man who was driving was Armaan!

I hope you guys liked it, if you did then plzz comment, and if you were bored then i m extreemly sorry.


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Posted: 2005-07-08T17:15:52Z
This sounds interesting Miss911!!!  Plz continue...I'm anxious to read what happens next!!!!
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Posted: 2005-07-08T19:27:18Z
Clap....please...wirte more..soon!!SmileSmile
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Posted: 2005-07-08T22:27:52Z
yea thats reallyintersting can you continue it plz miss911
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Armaan hat it is comes out of the car, and ask her if she is ok? Jassi thinks that it is another one of her dreams. And chutki marti hein armaan kou, when armaan says AUUUUUUUUCH, then Jassi relises that it is real, And says i m extreemly sorry i thougt that i dream, so Armaan says ahaan Confused, Jassi i m sooo sorry , Armaan says

A: chalo mien tumhe ghar choor doun,

Jassi was First YES i MEAN THANKS SIR, but then she remmembers that he cant drive there because then he knows she is rich, so she says noo thank you sir mera ghar paas hi hei, Armaan says kuch nahin hota mein tumhe choor leta houn. Jassi cant say no to him and says ok, after they have sitten in the car, he starts the car and asks where do you live?? Jassi is confused so she says take a rite turn and the left trun, and jassi sees a middle class house and says this is my house, Armaan stops the car and sees Jassi getting out of the car, jassi goes forward to  the house and then a boy says, who are you and armaan see everything but not hear, Jassi just go forward to the boy and says hi im Jassi, and takes her hand forward, and the boy says i m Rahul (EJAZ KHAN FROM KKUSUM) but who r you, and then jassi can see armaan going, then jassi takes a releif and says i m sorry but that was my boss and tells him the whole story, and then  jassi take the vic off, ands the braces and the googles. When Rahul sees jassi he is feels that he is in love with jassi,


I have too goo now, have to clean my room, plz comment and if you guys was bored then i m sorry!!!

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Posted: 2005-07-09T04:51:12Z

its was good to read plss continue

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Posted: 2005-07-15T01:53:01Z
CONTINUE NOW PLZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SOOOOO AWSOME!
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Posted: 2005-07-15T06:55:27Z

Sorry it took me long time to do my next par, because my sister is getting married soo, thats why i didnt wrote here, Now the Fan-Fic starts


Next day at the work

Jassi was getting late because og she had to take the clothes on, and the vic. So when she came to work, she goes into Armaans cabbin because of her cabbin was really close, when she came into the cabbin she saw Armaan, who was looking at some files, then Armaan looks up and sees Jassi, and then he scoldes Jassi for being late

Armaan: it is not good, for coming late the first day,

Jassi: sir, wooh meri bus choot gayi oourr....

Armaan interubs

Armaan : i dont care, what happend to you, but it is the first and last  time you will come late, am i clear?!!!?

Jassi: yeees ssssirr

And Armaan gives her a file and says, humari eik meeting hai with a company named J-W-company, our they are gonna give us a contract, if they like our presentation, so do a REALLY GREAT PRESATAITON, its a great apotunati to us!!

Jassi : which company was it ssir??

Armaan: oho the companys name is      J-W Company and the owners name is,.,..

Jassi: Balwaant Walia

Armaan: tumeh kaise bata chala??

Jassi mumberling, kyoun keh woh mere papajii ki company heii!!!

Armaan: What, tumneh kya kaha??

Jassi: ehh Kyoun keh meine is company keh bare mein bohut sunna hein, Ouch!!

Armaan : Okiii then make a good presantation, cuz i m gonna go right now cuz i have a busy time table, ( dinner with malika) Sooo, i m gonna come about one hour, and when i come the presentation is gonna be ready okii... ???

Jassi: yes sir Disapprove!!!

Armaan: Good, and wee have to go to the meeting tommorow, so dont come late !!!! the meeting is gonna be at 10 am, soo .. Be on TIME!!!

Jassi : yees siiiiir Ouch..

Armaan : okiii i m going bye..

Jassi : bye...

I hope you guys like it plz, comment...



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