⏯️Conne x Tune ⏯️: A fun game of musical connexions!

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Posted: 20 days ago

Hey folks, how are y’all doing?

Okay, so something occurred to me recently. 

Everyone likes music, right? Some form of music?

Whether it's Classical or Bollywood or Rap or Jazz or Blues or Opera or Folk or Dance or Ghazals or Bhajans? 

The sheer mind-boggling number of genres there are - there's got to be something for everyone, right? 

Like the group ABBA sang, "Without a song and a dance what are we?"


Music is Life. 

Music is Emotion. 

Music soothes your heart and enriches your soul.


No one can hate music, right? 


And if you do, well then, all I can say is..


"This ain't your zone!"


But for all you music lovers, it's also a fun way to interact with people, bond over the songs you enjoy and make new friends along the way! 

So what if we took this universal love for music and turned it into a fun game? 

Sounds exciting? 

We bring you

Conne x tune

Let's go over the Rules for this game quickly.



The game is simple.

ImageAll you have to do is post a song with some connection to the previous song posted. 

For example, if I post Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls just wanna have fun', there are several ways you can make a connection. 

You can look for a song connection to the overall vibe or mood of the song - girls hanging out and singing or partying. In other words, connect with what's happening in the video of the song.

Or you can connect to the lyrics. 

Pick a word from the song, say, 'girls', and you can post the Pet Shop Boys' 'West End girls', or Billy Joel's 'Uptown girl' or a Hindi song, 'Sheher ki ladki'.

Or you can go in a different direction and choose the word 'fun', or the Hindi word for fun - Masti. Eg: 'Masti ki pathshala'

Or it can be the idea of wanting/ wishing for something that's conveyed in the song such as, ‘I want to break free’ Or ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ or ‘Dil chahta hai’. 

You can also make tangential connections: Since this song is about fun and happiness and girls, you can choose to post something that's the opposite of it. 

Eg: 'Boys of Summer', or 'Let's hear it for the boy'. 

Or you can take the opposite of ‘fun’ and post something like 'Misery' or a Hindi song like ‘Raahi manwa dukh ki chinta’.

There are hundreds of possibilities for a connection. 

The only rule is that the song you post needs to have some connection to the previous song you quote. 

Image When posting a song segue, always quote the song you’re connecting to and mention how you drew that connection. You also need to mention the song title, the name of the artist & the movie name (if applicable). 

As given below

Connex: Put down how you connected to the previous song after quoting the song title and name of the artist

Title and artist of the song you’re posting 

Girls just wanna have fun - Cyndi Lauper

[Embed YT link]

Add lyrics

This is required in case your link is zone-restricted. Quoting the previous song is also required so people understand which song you’ve connected to.  

 Just the name of the artist and song will do, you don’t have to quote the YT link. In fact, it’s better if you don’t to avoid overloading the page. 

Not doing either will disqualify your song from the game. 


ImageAnyone can choose to take a song train or segue in any direction they want to. 

So for example, if someone posts 'West End Girls' to 'Girls just wanna have fun', a third person can either continue the connection from here or they can choose to go back to 'Girls just wanna have fun' and begin a new connect/ song segue or do both. 

Image Any genre is allowed: Hollywood, Bollywood, pop, rock, rap, the only condition being that the song has to have words in English or Hindi. 

Just make sure you're following IF CoC at all times, so be careful when you're posting lyrics.


You can tag your friends every time you post, so there's maximum involvement & if there's someone, in particular, you'd like to respond to your post.

Makes sense? 

That’s all there is to it, just keep making song connections.



Do read the FAQs in the next post and if you have any more questions, hit me up on this thread and I’ll do my best to answer them. 

Here's your chance to post the songs you love and bond over them with other people who do too, or introduce them to the uninitiated & listen to songs/ genre(s) you've never heard before and expand your musical universe! 

Who knows, you might end up discovering some life-and-soul-altering music right here!


OKKAAAAYYYY, let's Conne x tune! 

But before I start you off with a song, do take a moment to go over the FAQs in the next post.

Game idea: KJasoosChulbulP

Write-up: LizzieBennet

Tags, bullets & divider: Satrangi_Curls

Gifs: Original gifmakers

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Posted: 20 days ago


ImageDo I need to sign up for this game?

Nope. This game is open to everyone who's a member of IF. No sign-up is required, you can begin posting right away.

Image When does this game start and end?

It starts as soon as I've posted the first song! And there is no end date to this game! Yep, you got that right. The game will go on for as long as people are playing and posting songs. We'll create a new thread once this one is done.  

Image Can I post more than one segue/ follow-on at a time? 

Absolutely. The aim of this game is for all of us to have more and more music to binge on and enjoy. That said, make sure you’re not posting a follow-on/segue to your own last posted song. Wait for someone to respond to your post before you post the next follow-on. You can, however, post responses to multiple songs posted by other people.  

ImageWhy only English and Hindi? Why not other regional languages or even foreign languages? There are so many wonderful songs to be found there! 

Yes, there are! We totally agree. However, for the purpose of this game, we ask that you stick to English or Hindi simply because these are the most understood languages on the forum and since this game requires you to connect one song to another, understanding the lyrics becomes important and we don’t want anyone to feel excluded because they don’t understand a language.   

Image If someone posts a song I love, can I simply reply to them about my love for the song without posting a follow-on song of my own?

Sure you can. After all, this game was coined for the purpose of having people bond over music, However, make sure you’re also participating in the game and not simply chatting. If you do want to continue chatting about the music you love, feel free to go over to our music chat in the Music Corner forum. 

ImageCan I use songs by the same artist or related artists or songs released in the same year or from the same movie (if it's a film song) to make a connection?

No. We're looking for connections only based on song lyrics or mood. Simply posting songs by the same artist &/or same movie will defeat the purpose of this game which is to bring in as much heterogeneity and variety as we can.

Image Am I allowed to post spiritual songs or bhajans or ghazals and non-film songs? Can I post instrumentals or themes? 

Any genre of music is allowed as long as it has lyrics in English or Hindi. So that excludes instrumentals.

Image What if I don’t agree with a follow-on/ segue someone posted? 

You can bring it to the attention of the mods. However, remember this is supposed to be a fun game. There are no points involved and no winners or losers, it’s just a means for all of us to hear some good music while having fun on the side. So if the follow-on doesn't make sense to you, or you disagree with it, just get on a different song train. We hope there will be many for you to pick!

Image Can I post trivia on the song? Or does it strictly have to be just the song link and how the connection was made?

Of course! We would love for you to post trivia. In fact, we encourage it. Not just trivia, it can be a memory associated with the song (if you’re open to sharing), or it can be an anecdote you heard or read about. Anything at all related to the song or the artists. But don’t make it too long-winded so people will jump into a discussion. Discussions are to be continued here.

Image Do I need to post the lyrics as well or just the video/ audio?

You don't need to post the lyrics, but it would be a thoughtful thing to do. It would help out the next person who will be posting a segue so they don't have to look it up if they're not familiar with the song.

Image What if I can’t find the song on YT or anywhere else?

We encourage you to post songs that have some sort of link - either YT or an audio link so people can listen to the song. But do make sure the links are from sites everyone can access since that’s the whole point of the game - to have people listen and appreciate and expand their musical experience. Also for the purpose of verification and for the ease of the next person posting a segue, it’s better if they have a reference to the song in the form of audio or video. Just in case the video you posted is zone restricted, make sure you're mentioning the song title and the artist so that people can look it up in their own zone.

Image Can I repeat a song someone else has already posted? 

Again, the purpose is to have as much variety as possible but that said, if you absolutely cannot think of an alternative or the song in question seems the best fit for the segue, we will allow it. But don’t do it too often, because it takes away the fun in the game and people may start spamming their favourites just so they have more visibility. There are so many songs out there- so many to choose from. So repeating a song should be a last resort. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask on this thread & I'll update it in the FAQs for easy reference. 

If not, get ready to post your first ConneXtune!

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Posted: 18 days ago

Starting y'all off with the first song..

Let it all be music by Boney M

Music is a mirror, Near around my soul

Music is the spirit, Come on let it roll

Music is my nature, People have you heard

Music is my future, Music is the world

Let it all be music, People sing a song

Let it all be music, Let us sing it on and on and on

Let's play the music, My kind of music

Let's play the music, Play it on and on and on and on (Repeat refrain)

Music isn't somewhere, Music turns you right

Music is a fever, Leads you day and night

Music is like heaven, Where you wanna be

Music is religion, Music sets you free

Repeat refrain 

Music is tomorrow, Music is today

Music is forever, Music is the way

Music is for women, Music is for men

Music is for children, Sing it all again

Repeat refrain


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Posted: 18 days ago

Replying to: 

My Heart's a Stereo by Gym class Heroes

(please state the name of the song and the artist & also the lyrics if you can)

My heart's a stereo

It beats for you, so listen close

Hear my thoughts in every no-ote

Make me your radio

And turn me up when you feel low (turn it up a little bit)

This melody was meant for you (right there)

Just sing along to my stereo (Gym Class Hero, baby)

Connex:  The word 'stereo' and 'Radio' 

Wired for Sound by Cliff Richard

I like small speakers, I like tall speakers

Hit that music, they're wired for sound

Walkin' about with a head full of music

Cassette in my pocket and I'm gonna use it

Stereo, out on the street you know

Oh-woah-woah, woah-woah-woah

Into the car, go to work, an' I'm cruisin'

I never think that I'll blow all my fuses

Traffic flows, into the breakfast show

Oh-woah-woah, woah-woah-woah

Oh, woah, woah

Power from the needle to the plastic

A.M. F.M. I feel so ecstatic now

It's music I've found and I'm wired for sound

I was small boy who don't like his toys

Could not wait to get wired for sound

I met a girl and she told me she loved me

I said, "You love me, then love means you must like what I like"

My music is dynamite

Oh-woah-woah, woah-woah-woah

She said, " I'm not a girl you put on at a stand by

I am a girl who demands that her love is amplified"

Switch in to overdrive

Oh-woah-woah, woah-woah-woah

Oh, woah, woah

Power from the ....


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Posted: 18 days ago

Replying to:

Let it all be Music by Boney M

Let it all be music, People sing a song

Let it all be music, Let us sing it on and on and on

Let's play the music, My kind of music

Let's play the music, Play it on and on and on and on

Connex: The word "music"

I Can Hear Music by The Beach Boys

This is the way

I always dreamed it would be

The way that it is, oh, oh, oh

When you are holding me

I never had a love of my own

Maybe that's why when we're all alone

I can hear music

I can hear music

The sound of the city, baby

Seems to disappear, oh when

I can hear music

Sweet, sweet music

Whenever you touch me baby

Whenever you're near

Loving you

It keeps me satisfied

And I can't explain, oh no

The way I'm feeling inside

You look at me, we kiss and then

I close my eyes and here it comes again

I can hear music

I can hear music

The sound of the city, baby

Seems to disappear, oh, when

I can hear music

Sweet, sweet music

Whenever you touch me baby

Whenever you're near

I hear the music all the time, yeah

I hear the music, hold me tight now, baby

I hear the music all the time

I hear the music

I hear the music (baby)

I can hear music

I can hear music

The sound of the city, baby

Seems to disappear, oh, when

I can hear music

Sweet, sweet music


Posted: 18 days ago

 Replying to: 

My Heart's a Stereo by Gym class Heroes


Just sing along to my stereo (Gym Class Hero, baby)

Connex:  Just sing along ... in Hindi (gaaye ja)


Gaaye ja geet milan ke from the movie Mela (1948)  by Mukesh


Gaaye jaa geet milan ke
Tu apne lagan ke
Sajan ghar jaanaa hai

Kaahe chhalke nainon ki gagri 

kaahe barase jal
Tum bin suni saajan ki nagari 

pardesiyaa ghar chal
Pyaase hain deep gagan ke
Tere darshan ke
Sajan ghar jaanaa hai


Lut na jaaye jeevan ka deraa 

mujhko hai ye gham
Hum akele ye jag luteraa
Bichhde na milke ham
Bigde naseeb na banke
Ye din jeevan ke
Sajan ghar jaanaa hai

Dole naina pritam ke dvaare 

milane ki hai dhun
Baalam teraa tujhko pukaare 

yaad aanewaale sun
Saathi milenge bachpan ke
Khilenge phool mann ke
Sajan ghar jaanaa hai

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Posted: 18 days ago
Originally posted by Aquabutterfly

Replying to:


I Can Hear Music by The Beach Boys

(Please make sure you quote the song you're following or at least tag the person who posted it so they know a segue has been posted.)

The sound of the city, baby

 Connex: The word 'city' and the theme of music


We built this city (on rock and roll) by Starship

We built this city

We built this city on rock and roll


Say you don't know me or recognize my face

Say you don't care who goes to that kind of place

Knee deep in the hoopla, sinking in your fight

Too many runaways eating up the night

Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember?

We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll

We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll


Someone's always playing corporation games

Who cares, they're always changing corporation names

We just want to dance here, someone stole the stage

They call us irresponsible, write us off the page

Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember?

We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll


It's just another Sunday in a tired old street

Police have got the choke hold, oh, then we just lost the beat

Who counts the money underneath the bar?

Who rides the wrecking ball into our guitars?

Don't tell us you need us 'cause we're the ship of fools

Looking for America, coming through your schools

Don't you remember? (Remember)

Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember?

We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll


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