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Posted: 1 years ago

First of all I want to appreciate makers of this show for normalizing hugs between 2 genders without them being to be romantic as always whether it's Raunaq and Chandini hug or Manav and Chandini hug or today's Raunaq and Roshni's hug. Thanks for showing hugs can be platonic too.

Raunaq is successful in getting trust from Roshni too along with Chandini, their dynamics after marriage is gonna be super interesting. I really want to see how it's going to play out after marriage because for Raunaq the major aim is to separate both sisters permanently , with Nirbhay's death it's anyway going to be accomplished so not getting why he needs to marry Chandini because till now he just wants to snatch Roshni from Chandini not to stay with her for life long or torture her. He is aiming sister for sister. 

So Natasha also knows Sumeer, interesting she haven't mentioned about Raunaq. Looks like she will play both sides. 

Big shoot out to costume designer of this show where all characters where normal clothes suiting their financial status not atrangi wardrobe. 

I am absolutely in love with Raunaq's looks , his jackets are simple and cool. Today ketan looked so hot in that checkmate scene. I no where see glimpse of Raghav in Raunaq. Sai is clearly doing great job in making it different even though Raunaq speaks telugu here and there.