The Jealous Wifey - a ViDev two shot updated page 4

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Posted: 2 months ago

Dev and Vidhi have been to their honeymoon. They both were eager as well as anxious to consummate their marriage as their wedding night turned out to be a disaster when Vidhi's sister, who was supposed to chaperone her, became the unsuspected third wheel. Then came the next few days, where Dev had go fly off to Dubai for some office work. Finally came the honeymoon, where they enjoyed for the first two days as Dev has planned their special night on a full moon night..but both of them were in for a rude shock, when Vidhi unexpectedly got her period much earlier probably due to the exhaustion due to the wedding preparations. Though they could not get as intimate as they wanted to, they did find some moments to cherish. Also Vidhi realised how supportive Dev can be towards her.

      After returning from the trip, Vidhi has set aside all the gifts they have brought for their families and after giving the gifts to Dev's family, she goes to her parents' place to give them the gifts. She catches up there with friends of her mother. 

Neeli : Vidhi, yeh bata tum khush ho na? 

Vidhi : Haan mausi main khush hoon 

Laali : Khush to hogi Dev ji jaisa handsome aadmi jo mila hai

Vidhi : Laali mausi please ha.. ab to mere pati par dore mat daaliyen

Laali : Arre Vidhi tumne mujhe to rok liya, par unn saari ladkiyon ko kaise rokoge jo tumhare pati ke social media par aake dore daalthe hai

Vidhi : Kya.. social media.. devji ke account hai kya?

Laali : Haan tumhe nahin pata kya... main to kab se unhe follow kar rahi hoon ( Blushing )

Vidhi : Dikhayiye mujhe

Laali shows Vidhi, Dev's profile on insta where there are many pictures of him..  many HOT pictures of him with different angles accentuating his handsomeness. Now she opens each picture and reads all the comments. They are mostly from girls ranging from cute to hot to handsome to professing love to proposing for marriage. Vidhi got all irritated while checking the pics.

Vidhi's Mind voice :  Yeh kya hai.. itne saare hot wale pictures lagaa rahe hai aur itne saare ladkiyan comment kar rahe hai.. OMG yeh to hamare honeymoon ke time wala pic hai.. yeh akele selfies kab liya inhone.. aur yeh wala to hamare mehendi wale din ka hain.. aur iss pic mein to jaw line ko aur prominent kardiya..comments to dekho hot, sexy se kam kucch hain hi nahin..

   While Vidhi was checking out his profile, Dev posted a new pic, where he was sitting in his office casually in black dress with rolled up sleeves and captioned it " Candid". Immediately, the post was flooded with all the ' Oh so hot' , 'So sexy' brigade. Some girl commented as ' This is Black magic i.e being magical in black '. The comment got many likes and then came a like from Dev himself, followed by all the congratulatory and teasing messages under the girl's comments. Vidhi checked her profile and found some really attractive pictures. Now she got all worked up and finally super jealous. 

Neeli : Arre isko chodona Vidhi.. aur bataa tera honeymoon kaisa raha

Vidhi : Accha tha mausi, hamne bahut saare places dekhe hain

Chachi : Arre pagli filam, honeymoon par jaake koi sight-seeing karta hain kya.. ek dusre ko line maarna chahiye, aisa na ho ki pati kahin aur dekhne lage

Everyone laugh out loud

Peeli : Sahi baat hai, shaadi ke pehle dino mein hi pati ko control mein laana chahiye.. waise bhi in pati logon ka ek hi armaan hota hain

Vidhi : Accha

Laali : Waise bhi Devji bahut romantic honge na bolo na vidhu

Bimla : Arre bas bas use pareshaan mat karna abhi

Vidhi : Theek hain maa main chalti hoon, yeh aate hi honge office se

Vidhi gets into car and on her way back starts thinking , yeh sab log sach kehrahe hain kya, sahi to hoga, Dev ji kitne baar mere kareeb aane ki koshish kiye the aur main sharmakar unse door bhaag gayi, ab to woh itna paas bhi nahin aate, maine bhi to unka diya hua dress nahin pehna.. pata nahin kitna bura laga hoga inhe. She gets down after reaching the house now determined.

   Dev reaches sometime after Vidhi and they casually talk about each other's day, have dinner and later on goes to their bedroom. Dev opens his laptop and settles on the sofa. Vidhi goes to washroom to freshen up and comes after a while. She stands at the arch leading to the washroom with her hands stretched against the walls on opposite side and clears her throat loudly. Dev casually lifts his head to see her and gets the shock of his life, his eyes pop out and mouth drops open looking at the scene in front of him. His Vidhi, the very shy and coy Vidhi was standing there in the night dress he gifted, the very short and very transparent one, in an angle that made all her features prominent looking at him seductively. Vidhi gave him a wink and he almost dropped his laptop in shock.

   She sways her way to him, all the way while Dev watches her without even blinking. She comes and sits beside him closely and crosses her legs, showing off her creamy legs and thighs. Dev starts staring at her legs.

Vidhi : Devji suniye na

Dev doesn't respond and is still in a trance looking at her exposed legs. She comes closer to his face and traces her index finger from his forehead to cheek to jaw line to chin and lastly lifts his chin to direct his face towards her.

Vidhi : Yahaan

Dev : Huh.. kya

Vidi bats her eyelids and says sensuously, "Mujhe na ek help chahiye"

Dev now looking into her eyes, that have minimal make up and the mascara enhancing her sharp lashes, says "haan bolo na"

Vidhi : " Woh na mujhe instagram account create karna hai", then with a slight pout looking at his laptop says,  "Par aap to busy ho na", and then bites the corner of her lip.

This was enough to send Dev into a frenzy and he literally throws away the laptop and turns towards her

Dev : Nahin, no, not at all, woh to main parson ka 100 crore deal ke meeting ke liye kucch dekh raha tha, not important, tumhe aaj insta account create karni hain na yeh zyaada important hai

Vidhi chirpily pecks him on his cheek and says" thank you" and gives him her phone. He touches the spot where she left her mark wishing it to continue for few more moments. He downloads the app and creates her account by asking some details. 

Dev : Yeh dekho yahan tum chaaho to account private kar sakti ho, phir aise kisi ko bhi search karke follow kar sakti ho. Aur pics yahan post karna hai. Aur ye personal messages karne ke liye hai.

Vidhi : Aap ho isme

Dev : Of course, with a smug, mera to ek million se zyaada followers hain

Vidhi says "wow really, dikhayiyena", while placing one hand on his thigh and caressing a little. Dev searches his profile and shows her. She takes the phone from him and opens pics randomly. While doing so, she bends forward a little giving him a view of her cleavage sending Dev's harmones haywire. Unable to take the teasing anymore,  he moves closer to her and he puts his one hand around her shoulder, bringing her further closer into him and places the other on her exposed part of thigh. He caresses her arm and then moves along the shoulder blade to her neck, while the other hand is working on its own lazily making designs on her thigh. He snuggles into the crook of her neck and starts kissing there.

Vidhi : Yeh kya hai, hamare honeymoon time ka pic hai na.. aur yeh caption kya likha " Distract me "

Dev looks like he is caught off guard, he reluctantly leaves her body and tries to take her phone away.

Dev : Woh bas aise hi..  I didn't mean it

Vidhi : To phir kyu likhaa

Dev mumbles something incoherent, Vidhi further probes him 

Dev : Likes ke liye, cool caption daalunga to aur attractive lagunga

Vidhi : Huh

This was the last answer she expected, she thought may be he was really bored around her. She next opened today's pic and started reading the comments aloud. Dev looked quite pleased, then came the magical in black comment. Vidhi opened the likes and showed him his own like. 

Dev : Accha hain na

Vidhi : Comment ya ladki, hmph

Dev : Oh god, Vidhi kucch zyaada hi soch rahi ho, ek minute tumhe kaise pata hai ki maine ye like kiya

Dev starts putting two and two together and Vidhi realising that her game is out, just opens and closes her mouth like a fish without answering anything.

Dev : Hahaha... meri pyaari sweet si wifey, to yeh baat hai ye sudden makeover ka.. come on tumhe seriously to nahin lagta ki main ladki ke profile dekh kar like karta hoon, bas comment accha laga to like kiya

Vidhi sheepishly says "haan to hoon main thodi jalkukdi types ki " and hugs Dev. He kisses on top of her forehead

Dev : Waise sahi jaa rahi thi haan.. aur thoda continue karo na

Vidhi : Woh main bahut possessive hogayi thi

Dev : Ha ha comments dekh kar yeh haal hai, tumhe to mere messages check karni chahiye

Vidhi immediately breaks the hug and Dev has realised that he has put his foot in the mouth, but it was too late. Vidhi stretches out her palm and Dev silently opens his DMs and hand it over to her like a kid. She sees all the unopened messages from girls, of which some even hinted at extramarital affairs.. but Dev being the perfect gentleman never even bothered to open them. Vidhi now with a satisfied smile pulls his cheeks saying "mera accha baccha" and places her head on his chest

Vidhi : Yeh black shirt mein itne handsome lag rahe hai.. isiliye aapko dekh ke log thode wild ho gaye hain

Dev : Hmm par jise ho na chahiye woh to nahin ho rahi hai 

Vidhi : Kyaa

Dev : Subah se dekh raha hoon, ab to raat bhi ho gaya hai aur maine yeh shirt nahin utaara, yeh sochke ki meri biwi notice karegi..kucch compliment degi... aur bhi kucch kucch

Vidhi looks at him shyly and bites her lower lip

Vidhi : Kahaa to tha yeh handsome sirf mera hai aur rahin baat shirt ki to aap ko utaarne ki zaroorat nahin hain, woh kaam main karungi ( winks)


Posted: 2 months ago

Please do read and drop in your views.. thank you😊😊

Posted: 2 months ago


Bahut badhiya likha hai...hatsoff

Posted: 2 months ago

Damnit man.. wrong timing.. you stopped at such a wrong time.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

I was literally smiling while reading this.. ❀️❀️ 

That was really cute the jealous Vidhi.. ❀️❀️ 

I really loved it.. plz continue asap... ❀️❀️😍😍

Show me to aisa kuch dekhne ki umeed rakhna bi mera khayal ha k bht galat ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ q k makers ne dikhana to ha ni kuch siwaye problems k.. show ka naam change kr k Na Problems Ki Seema Ho rakh dena chahie.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Edited by maddy124 - 2 months ago
Posted: 2 months ago

Ufff πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯, itne galat Waqt pe end kiya Yeh wala part πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Ab jaldi update kardo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Just kidding, take your time 😊😊

Posted: 2 months ago

Today I desperately waiting to read something on ViDev yaar. It’s too too relaxing and refreshing to read. The teasing and intensity uffff !!!

Superb yaar..

ViDev moments padh ke dil bhar gaya..

Waiting for more scenes like these…

After reading this I remembered my old stories yaar. Show ki hisab se ham bhi kitne ache scenes likhte the. Vo din bhi kya the…smiley42

Show ki disappointment  hamari creativity , excitement sab kuch khatam kar dia. But you made us remember the good old golden ViDev moments.

Thankyou dear for writing this awesome piece and tagging me to read it without miss.

I am going to read my old golden write ups.

Edited by Shinika - 2 months ago
Posted: 2 months ago



They did nothing yet, the sexual tension was so palpable πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ  superb writing!! πŸ™Œ

Majja aagya! 

P.s. Humare Videv ki chemistry itni achi thi.. Beda-gark ho inn makers kaπŸ˜ͺ

thank you for keeping these characters alive through your write upsπŸ€—

Posted: 2 months ago

Dev now looking into her eyes, that have minimal make up and the mascara enhancing her sharp lashes, says "haan bolo na

Ye padhke toh wo ujjain wali trip par chai ki tapri par Dev ka sudden "haan bolo na" yaad aagaya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that voice tone was so funny. He was so lost at that time also

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 

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