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Posted: 1 years ago

I joined the new organization 6 month ago. One of my colleague(Lets say P) from different department used take cab with me from my stop. As I have gone through a crush case during my college time I used to avoid girls. Same was for her. Near December she started conversing with me. We use to converse for around 10-15 mins at stop and that was it not further communication. In January she asked me for number saying that she sometimes get late at stop to catch the cab, so she will call me regarding the same. Even though she had the drivers number and after that day she never got late for the cab.

After few days we started chatting on the phone and everything was going normal. And on the valentines day she wished me first.

Our houses are in the radius of just half a mile. In the last month one of her female colleague (lets say X) shifted near my house and every evening she used to visit her.

On one evening  X's male friend visited her house and P was at her house. Unknowingly I visited her house and joined them. We played card games and I helped P in it. After that I dropped P at her house. While dropping her P said that it was good that I joined them as she was feeling uncomfortable between them.

After few days later I asked X not call P if her male friends are around as P doesn't feel comfortable. And that's it X comforted P why she didn't tell her and why to me.

After that P started avoiding me. After 3 days I called P for the same and she said that I created misunderstanding between them due to which it was a huge mess. And to avoid such situation in future she has stopped talking me.

Since I was not satisfied with it I visited her room to clear misunderstanding between us and where she said that misunderstanding between them are cleared and don't think much about it. We chatted for around an hour and I talked about my past crush.

After an hour later she messaged me to be professional with her and X & not to call them unnecessarily. And she is not angry with me and leave everything.

And few days later she blocked me on all messengers.

Now I am confused what to do? It has been two weeks to this and I am trying to avoid her as much as I can.

Now how should I talk her again to clear everything. Or should i let her go.


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Posted: 1 years ago

I think you don't have to be that "third person" - stay within your limits; help only when somebody asks for it. She just wanted a confidante, not a solver. Right now, let it go, and give her some space.. she will come back with time and might see you in a different light. I do appreciate your well intentions but it backfires too when we go deep into somebody's matter.