Unpopular opinion finding Anupama quite interesting due to Maaya 🤪😉

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Posted: 1 years ago

I am finding Anupmaa interesting nowdays due to Maaya , jabse Maaan ki shaadi Hui hai Anupama baar baar Shah house bhaag jaati hai tab i always thought ki kash koi new girl aaye jo kahe Anuj se pyaar karti hai tab mazaa ayega to now due to Maaya wo track aahi gaya😆

And today i was noticing ki jab Maaya ne kaha Anuj ko jaana to pyaar hi gaya kaise chod du pyaar karna to deviji ka face dekh e laayak tha badi bechain thi wo ki mere item pe koi Nazar kaise rakh sakta hai .

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Posted: 1 years ago

I agree with you on the presence of Maaya making it more interesting because otherwise AnupaMaid and her filthy phemli would keep manipulating the ATM at will and months would pass as is

Her evil portrayal is much needed by the makers so that viewers can have a contrast. Because without Maaya, Deviji ki harkatein cannot be justifed by themselves ðŸ¤£

Only thing is that they should not stretch it too much or introduce new aspects regarding Maaya whether it be her backstory or actions for CA