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Posted: 1 years ago

I actually like Abhinav character. I actually do not find him much irritating but actually enduring. He is sweet. And nice change from toxic MLs I have seen so far.

But many people do not like him... so it is ok. Maybe something like volatile personality and extreme love is what majority of audience like... so let it be...

I so wanted Jay Soni to exit on a positive note... but seeing the new promo, it is obvious that they are extending his stay... 

I am so excited about it though...

Already kinda irritated with the muskaan kairav angle...

This kairav... can't he fall in love with anyone who is not related to Akshu's husband?

And now they might take this chance to twist his character....(yandere mode)... I am not looking forward to it.

Ok... in a positive side (hoping he would die protecting abhimanyu/abhir)

It would be good for him to be a part of a joint family before he die. As an orphan, he might have wanted that.

He looked so happy when Mimi invited him inside.


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Posted: 1 years ago

I personally think that he deserves much more, the way he explained to Akshara in the restaurant was very touching. Probably the only positive character in the whole series 

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Posted: 1 years ago

His Char is very nice. they should not make him negative. Then we should believe that no good people in the world.

 He helped her when she was in need. gave her shelter and everything possible. gave her support as a friend, and stood in pain and sorrow. 

People are irritated as we got used to Ab AK's unbeatable chemistry. Even though they are together for short time, the moments they live together are unforgettable. 

Some of the dialogues, the way he explained when he came to know about Abhir or Akshara in the restaurant was very touching. As of now probably the only positive character in the whole series. 

As Abhi mentioned, how come someone not falls in love with Akshu? after spending 6 whole years might happen to him too, but still, he is not forcing her. 

Even it is a tough situation to deal with for Akshu too. 

But Love is Love, happens without any of these boundaries and that already happened with Akshu. how much she is angry with Abhi she can't dismiss it.