Inkaarverse: Kavya's tale

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Posted: 1 years ago

For those who are not familiar with inkaarverse, it's a set of interconnected stories, originating from my first story called Inkaar: samar and dimple os. 

The Inkaarverse is set in same timeline, which began with Dimple's refusal to Samar's love confession.

Other stories in this set are: inkaar: the Leela angle, and Black coffee without sugar: a Rakhi and Kinjal story. 

 I haven't written Anupama and Anuj in Inkaarverse, they are very difficult to write as their characters don't inspire me or speak to me. Their character arch is not suitable for Inkaarverse.However I have written them in my AU(alternate universe stories).

So without much ado, let's begin. 

Kavya glanced at a peacefully sleeping kinjal beside her. 

They just had a slumber party, she didn't remember when she had so much fun. 

Ever since she married Vanraj, it's been all about family drama and family problems, most of the time created by the Shahs themselves. 

However, what disturbed her most was the new year incident. 

Baa had called them in tears...she was complaining about Anuj.. Calling him names and said that he was misbehaving with them. Vanraj had made her pack their bags and return to ahemadabad at once, informing their new employers that they both won't be returning to join. Kavya wasn't happy with the decision, but she tried to be understanding as family was important to Vanraj. 

So imagine her anguish when it all turned out in vain, as Bapuji himself confessed that Leela was lying this whole time. 

But as always, when the elders misbehaved and abused, everyone kept silent and just accepted it.... Such was the legacy of the Shah family. No wonder Dolly stopped coming to Shah house. 

Vanraj made the decision in haste and emotionally, but Kavya has always been a practical person. The only decision she made emotionally was to marry Vanraj, and look how that was turning out. 

That night, she thought long and hard, and decided to change the course of her employment. After all, the Shah house had a lot of expenses, somebody had to think about earning. 

Joining the modeling agency was like rain showers on parched land. She was being challenged and admired at the same time. Modelling came naturally to her, even the head photographer and the team agreed to that. In a few days she got mixed with them. Getting the insites of modelling and fashion was fueling her brain, and given her background in marketing, it was churning new ideas which had great potential. 

But as always, Vanraj was unsupportive. He constantly demeaned her profession, called her team names and questioned her every move. It seems that he was influenced by ITV shows, where modelling was mostly painted negatively. 

Kavya ignored his jabs mostly, but that night he crossed all limits. 

After kinjal went inside her room, kavya and vanraj retired to their quarters as well. Vanraj was insistent that Kinjal was being unreasonable. Kavya disagreed. 

" Look V, Toshu stole money from his own wife. Kinjal is a smart girl, she is the daughter of a businesswoman, she knows how much research needs to be done before even thinking of starting a business. Toshu has big dreams but he has no idea how to fulfill them. Can you imagine both of them studied together? "

Vanraj, too proud of his useless offspring, didn't appreciate the criticism. His fury was rising, but Kavya persisted. 

" They are both adults, but we know who is more mature. Kinjal should not be punished for being mature and graceful. If she wants to stay seperate, let her be. Everyone deserves to have a peaceful life. I think you should also stop bailing you son out of trouble. He didn't learn last time. If you keep cleaning his mess, you will be left with nothing. Let Toshu face his own battles. "

Now, Mr. Vanraj Shah, chronically unemployed and full of pride, who couldn't keep his personal and professional life seperate and who wasn't used to criticism exploded. 

" Shut up Kavya. You have no room to talk around here. My son has his flaws but he is my firstborn. He is going through some issues, but he will achieve something. Not like you, who spends her time exhibiting herself in front of the camera. Who knows what happens there at your so called shoots. That photographer of yours is awfully close to you... What do have to say? "

"Shut up Vanraj! " Kavya roared. 

"You shut up. You spent 12 years with me even when you knew that l am married. Toshu wasn't the only one who committed adultery, that woman was also involved. You women are no Sati Savitri. "

Kavya could not listen anymore. Tears of anger and hurt fell down her cheeks. She hastily left the room. She needed a friend, and she could only think about Kinjal at that moment. 

Next day she left for her shoot. She was thankful that it was for whole day and she could stay away from the house, from Vanraj. They were just wrapping up when she got the call from Rakhi, informing her of Pari's hospitalization. 

She reached there as soon as possible. Kinjal had shown her kindness when she was vulnerable, she decided to support kinjal no matter what. 

Later that night, she confessed to rakhi about her wish to have kids with Vanraj, and how greatful she was that it didn't happen. When she first started modelling, Vanraj had tried to coerce her into intimacy... She was now sure his intention was to impregnate her... So that she would become a prisoner in the house.. Losing her employment. She wondered if he did the same to Anupama. 

Rakhi and Kinjal had kept the shahs away from the hospital and asked Kavya to be their eyes and ears inside the Shah house. Kinjal wanted divorce Toshu, sooner rather than later. 

After knowing this, things began to clear up in Kavyas mind. She might have given 12 years to Vanraj, but she didn't need to give him more. Sunk cost falacy should not apply to relationships after all. 

She helped Kinjal secretly to get her important stuff out of the Shah house. She smiled inwardly when Kinjals lawyer informed Toshu about the seperation. Vanraj expressions were quite comical that day. However Samar's action were quite shocking who decided to testify against his family during custody hearing. Simple had dumped him a few weeks back. That and his family's behavior during Pari's illness changed him. 

Soon, Kavya started her own preparations. She made sure that she was financially and legally in clear before silently moving out of the Shah house. Giving them any kind of notice would have been counter productive, as they could have caused another tamasha. She followed kinjals example and sent divorce papers to Vanraj with a lawyer. 

Kavya was ready to live for herself now. 


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As always .. brilliant ❤️

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Looking forward to kavya's journey of empowerment