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Posted: 1 months ago


Somewhere in the wilderness sat a Bee on a tree top gazing at the horizon.

An observant Tiara, who was hanging out at a branch, asked Bee curiously,

“What are you thinking about?”

“To Bee or not Bee, that is the question,” said Bee.

“Apart from the obvious pun, I detect a hint of mystery in your voice…”

"Yeah, pretty much the only mystery in the world right now, coz nothing is happening anywhere else," Bee huffed. "Where are our detectives, Tia? What are they up to?"

"Tch tch. Detectives? I thought we call them Satyanweshi."

Bee pouted. "My little grey cells are sulking. They are too bored."

"Well, at least you don't shoot bullets in the wall when you're bored," said Tia with a giggle.

Bee's pout deepened.

"Alright alright, let's get that pout off your face now. You wanna put your grey cells to use, right? I have the perfect idea!"

"You do? What is it?"

"Elementary, my dear Bee. We write our own stories!"

Time to bring out your inner truth-seekers, everyone! Gather your magnifying glasses, put on your thinking caps and put your best foot ahem, stories forward!

You can spin a web of lies, or you can choose to unravel one instead.

There is one catch though: your story must have a Bengali element.

Bengali literature has always given us a treasure trove of detective stories and characters. 

Today with this contest we want to welcome you to this world, indulge in our shared love of detectives and truth-seekers.

Scroll down for the rules to know more! 

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Image There are three categories for submission. The categories and their respective word limits are as follows:

Microtale: 10-25 words

Mini-Drabble: 60-100 words

Ficlet: 150-250 words

All three categories will be treated independently.

Image Each entry in the Ficlet category should be based on an image prompt of your choice (image prompts are given in the next post). Please mention the prompt number with each of your Ficlet entries.

Image As mentioned, the story should have a Bengali element. You can choose one of the several Bengali detective characters out there (see FAQ for a list of populars for reference).

If not, you can choose any other detective character as well. You can set them in Bengal, have them interact with another Bengali character, or just have Bengal's culture & heritage feature in your story in some way. There's endless scope here and you're free to explore any way you want to.

Image Do not include a title with your entries.

Image  You can send upto 10 entries in the microtale category, upto 6 entries in the mini-drabble category, and upto 6 entries in the ficlet category.

Image The story could be a fanfiction or an original fiction.

Image Any genre that is acceptable on IF is allowed. We encourage complete creativity on part of the author.

Image Newbies aren't allowed to submit.

Image All entries must be in English.

Image Deadline: 27th February 2023, 11:59 IST

Image PM your entries to tournesol with the Subject: “Wordsleuths Entries” before the deadline.

Image If you have any queries, feel free to PM tournesol or Bee222, or just ask on the thread :)


Idea and Concept: Bee222, tournesol

Write up: Bee222, tournesol

Title suggestion and Tags: oye_nakhrewaali

List of popular detective characters: HereAsMyself

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Posted: 1 months ago


(Only for Ficlet entries)

















Scroll down for FAQ :)

Prompt images: OpenAI, Unsplash

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Image Why are there three different categories for entries?

Every writer is different. One writer may not like to get restricted by word limits, while another writer may prefer brevity over verbosity. Hence, to encourage all kinds of creativity and exploration on part of each participant, three different categories of fiction are there.

Image Do I have to submit in all three categories?

No, you don’t have to submit in all three categories. You may submit only what you are interested in and leave out the rest. All three categories will be treated independently.

Image How to include image prompts into Ficlets?

Well, it’s hard to explain since it is a creative exercise. Notice what you see and what you feel from the images, this may give you a lead on what to write.

Image Why Bengali detective characters out of all kinds of characters?

Because there is an abundance of Bengali detectives in literature. If you are Bengali, you probably need no introduction anyway, but some of our iconic characters (for eg, Feluda, Byomkesh Bakshi) are pretty popular everywhere. You might've heard about them or watched adaptation(s). This contest intends to celebrate these characters, and more specifically, the love that Bengal has always had for its detectives.

Image A list of popular Bengali detective characters for reference.

Feluda, Byomkesh Bakshi, Kiriti Roy, Arjun, Mitin Mashi, Parashor Barma, P.K. Basu, Kakababu, Colonel Niladri Sarkar, Deepkaku-Jhinuk, Goyenda Gogol, Pandab Goyenda.

There are many more, you can explore all you want :)

Image I am not familiar with Bengali detective characters. Does that mean I cannot participate?

Of course you can. You can choose any detective character, fictional or original. The criteria is just to include a Bengali element somehow. Be it through the language, the setting, the culture, the cuisine… it's all up to you. We're looking forward to some creativity here!

Image May I use one prompt more than once?

Yes, but the stories must be very different from each other.

Image May I use multiple prompts to write one ficlet?

No, use only one prompt to write one ficlet. Also, please mention the prompt number against each ficlet submission.

Image Can my multiple stories have a detective character more than once?

Yes, but the stories must be very different from each other.

Image May I submit stories written in Bengali?

No, all submitted entries must be written in English.

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Image What is the image in the fourth prompt? I can't make it outsmiley44

It's an intentional cryptic picture smiley36 Feel free to interpret it any way and use as a prompt for your ficlet.

Image A picture prompt is basically where your story is inspired by a picture, right? Does it have to be a mystery/ thriller? Or can we explore other genres with the characters?

Yes, to your first question.

No, it's not necessary. Any genre allowed on IF will be accepted. (See rules)

Image Let's say someone's writing something around Satyajit Ray's Feluda films. The characters are the same, but the plot, treatment etc. are drastically different in the films and the books. It's quite possible someone may have seen the film and not read the book (or vice versa). Do we specify, then, what medium we are inspired by? 

You don't need to specify what you are inspired by. All we care about is whether there are any detective characters in the story or not, and whether it has anything related to Bengal, because that's the basic theme. Rest is up to the writer's imagination. We are excited to see what you all come up with smiley10

Image Are AUs allowed? 

Yes, any genre allowed on IF is allowed in the contest. Even original fiction is allowed.

Image Any Bengali element such as characters from Bengali literature / Bengal places / Bengalee fictional characters based on our imagination will be applicable as valid entry right? 

If the detective character is a Bengali (canon or original) then it will be considered as 'Bengali element'. Apart from this, there are numerous ways to include something from Bengal or the Bengali culture. We have given few examples in the rules, rest is up to the writer to explore :)

Image Any genre be it detective or romantic drama or thriller or historical will be valid, or is it just detective?

Any genre acceptable on IF is allowed.

Image Please explain the figure prompts a bit elaborately.

The image prompts are open to interpretation by the writer. It's acceptable as long as you can justify that your interpretation. Notice what you see and what you feel from the pictures to get a lead on what to write.

Image Can a microtale submission be poetry or prose?

Only prose. But of any genre.

Image Can a microtale submission be in Hindi?

If Hindi is allowed, then Bengali will also be allowed as a consequence. And we want most people to understand the language, which is why only English entries are allowed.

Image The rules say it should be in English, but what if the Bengali element I plan to use is the language?

If you want to use language as the Bengali element, few signature words or phrases can be allowed. But the primary language of the story should remain English.

Image Does the protagonist in my story has to be a detective and/or Bengali? Or the detective could be a supporting character, and the protagonist could be someone else and I could integrate Bengali culture and detective theme in the story in some other way?

The detective could be a supporting character, and the protagonist could be someone else. But the detective should not be a redundant character in the story.

Yes, you could integrate Bengali culture as you like, and the story can be of any genre within the specified theme.

Image Would you prefer us to send all the entries in one PM? And should we mention what category we are writing for?

Yes, you can send your entries in multiple pms. If you stumble upon an idea after sending your entries and the deadline is not over, then you can send you can send more entries in a new pm. It will be accepted.

Yes, please mention the category of your submission.

Image Do ficlet submission need titles?

No titles, just refer the prompt number with each ficlet.

Reserved for responding to any further queries :)

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Posted: 1 months ago

Guys, time to start your detectivegiri smiley36 Please sign up and/or tag the writers! :)

@Bee: We finally made it 🙈smiley36

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by tournesol

Guys, time to start your detectivegiri smiley36 Please sign up and/or tag the writers! :)

Bengali Channel 

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