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Posted: 2 months ago

I've recently binged this show and I am in love with the concept and the subtlety between the leads. Even though this show reminds me a little of Patiala Babes, there is something new and refreshing about the idea because the family drama is on another level.

Raghav has my heart. He is so supportive and understanding, all the while hiding his own pain under the guise of smiles and laughs. He is my favourite character, and imo the best character written for the show. Bhawna has a charm to her personality that even though she is naive, she is resolute in what she wants for her daughter. And the only person who seems to reach out to the broken heart of Raghav. Aanchal is so bubbly and a ball of energy who is trying her best to be the best daughter for her mother...I love her entire personality.

But other than the main leads (Raghav, Bhawna and Aanchal), I love a few other characters from each family.

Raghav's family: I like everyone from Raghav's family, except his bhabhi. But my favourite characters are his siblings. His sister (I don't remember her name) has always been on his side and shares the same sense of humor as him. His brother is the perfect person to have as a younger sibling. Despite Raghav not being there for 15 years and suddenly coming to take part in their office matters, Gaurav never displayed the feelings of jealousy or insecurity (unlike his wife smiley36). It's like time has changed nothing between the siblings.

Bhawna's family: Well this is an easy pick. Abhishek is my favourite in this family for all the obvious reasons. He's the only decent member of the family who considers Bhawna a person and always tries to defend her. And the best part is that he seems to value her more than his own parents.

Who is your favourite character? 

Posted: 2 months ago

This is a lovely show. I agree with you on Raghav and Bhavna. Both together is so calming to watch and yes Raghav's character sketch is the best smiley9. Aanchal is such a supportive daughter and Bhavna's pillar.

I like Raghav's family better. Yes his brother's character is growing and it's nice to see him as a supportive sibling and not just any sibling character. I also love the little one, he's so cute.

I really don't know who to pick from Bhavna's family. Abhishek is the only sane person there but he also just stands there watching the tamasha whenever Bhanu scolds Bhavna infront of everybody. The real test will be to see how he handles things after his marriage. If he can balance out between his wife and chachi. As we've seen Meera definitely dislikes Bhavna now. We'll have to wait and see if he can take a stand for his chachi infront of his wife.


Dheere Dheere Se 

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