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Posted: 1 years ago

Hello everyone,

Over the past year or so we've noticed that there is a mad rush to open certain topics, which leads to people reserving posts weeks in advance. As such, we are now coming out with a new set of guidelines for opening certain threads. Not following these guidelines, will be considered spamming and action will be taken accordingly.

  • Review threads - Review threads can only be opened when there is a legitimate review of the movie posted. This means that a random person posting 2 words on Twitter will not count. Neither will advance box office reports or advance ticketing reports count. If 24 hours before the movie release, there is still no reviews, only then can a review thread be opened (note this doesn't mean 24 hours on a date basis but rather on a release basis - so if the first show is at 6 PM IST, then that means 6 PM IST the day before not 12 AM IST).
  • Trailer/teaser threads - A trailer or teaser thread should only be opened when the trailer or teaser is released. Opening a thread and then renaming it 2 weeks later does not count. You can open a thread announcing that a trailer or teaser is to be released and then when it is released, open a new thread on the same.
  • Movie discussion threads - Sometimes a movie is announced well in advance and people will open a thread and name it a "discussion thread" on that movie. This will no longer be allowed. No movie is constantly in the news for what is going on with it. So we will allow separate topics on the news throughout a movie filming. For example, if today Salman Khan announces a new movie, you can open a thread on that to discuss that new movie. Then if 3 months later, BTS photos come out, open a new thread for that. DO NOT ask us to merge that with your "discussion thread".
  • Celebrity birthday threads - From this point forward, we are bringing back the requirement that you need to ask us for permission before opening a celebrity birthday thread. You can only ask for permission a maximum of 2 weeks before that celebrity's birthday. 
  • Marriage or anniversary threads - Similar to the above, threads on celebrity marriages or on an important anniversary (10th, 25th, 50th) can only be opened after permission. This permission can be asked a maximum of 2 weeks before the anniversary or the moment a marriage date is announced.
  • Forum member birthday threads - We are more than open to stickying forum member birthday threads for a maximum of 2 days. This depends wholly on how many stickies are already in the forum and that the TM asks us to sticky the thread. We aren't going to sticky a thread if we see it unless the TM asks us to.

Note that whenever you message us for any permissions, sticky requests, etc. you need to give us at least 24 hours. (That means a minimum of 24 hours not that we will complete your request within 24 hours.) Don't PM just one mod. PM us all together. This way whoever is online can take a look at your request and chat with the other mods. You can't come complaining to us if you ask for permission first but you only PMed one mod who may have been inactive.

This is not a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to reject your request based on past interactions on the forum, your WLs or warnings, and your previous permissions (for example, if you took permission and didn't open a thread).

Once we give permission to one person, that person will have all the rights to open that thread and any subsequent threads. For example, if Sid-Kiara's wedding thread reaches 150 pages and a new thread needs to be opened, the TM has the rights to open that second thread. You are welcome to approach that person to ask them if you can open a thread, but it is up to them to say yes or no. DO NOT keep pestering them if they say no once.

We hope that with these rules being public, the issues that happen around these threads will reduce. We will adjust this thread as required.

Thank you,


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