Do actors/actresses think the general public is stupid?

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Posted: 1 years ago

For example, maybe the average move goer is not going to know much about how the industry works, or even care to know. One might not even care to know that their favorite celeb/star is a massive liar (which isn't the same as just not saying things about themselves). But, you get stories of celebs who have obvious procedures done and have access to the best hair, skin treatments, but will go on to say "I use strawberries and malai on my face" ðŸ¤£ Yeah, sure Jan! What is the point of lying like that, when I wouldn't even be mad that you have a great dermatologist and have gotten micro needling or something done. I mean, they already show off their lavish lifestyles, so we know they have money, and their little "grandma's secret" is not the key to their successful beauty regime. Even if they are using something so simple that anyone can use, I can guarantee they are definitely getting something better done in an office. This also applies to their diets and such. I am sure many lie, and might turn to drugs, or really terrible diets where they are starving themselves. I get those things make you look bad, and unrelatable, but we know from miles they are already living unobtainable lives as is. It just always humors me.


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Posted: 1 years ago

To quote the great Selina Meyer,

"Really, Amy (Green letters)? 'Cause l've met some people, okay. Real people, and l've got to tell you,a lot of them are f-cking idiots."

Posted: 1 years ago

Au contraire, I, one from the masses think actors are generally stupid 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by: Supari_khala

Au contraire, I, one from the masses think actors are generally stupid 

Me too! ðŸ˜†

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Comedy Crew

Posted: 1 years ago

Well they cannot openly say they had surgery so have to put on a brave front and answer the question (PC) 

Or they are promoting a brand 

Or trying to give interesting content to the interviewer without revealing their true face 

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Posted: 1 years ago

They do and indeed lot of audience are stupid and believe merely yoga and meditation or vegetarian diet made Hema look young or karela juice is secret of Rekha's youthful skin or Aamir looks young as he drinks lot of water or Sunil, Anil, Sanjay, Sunny are fit purely due to gym and their hair on head are real or natural. Or Kajol looks younger due to Reiki.

In comment sections on YouTube I have seen even grown ups feel these stars are naturally gifted and blessed with looks, genes, youthful skin or merely diet, water, meditation, yoga or reiki made them look younger.

Just as they believe only hard work, luck, God's grace and talent made them stars and no PR or sleeping around or licking boots of politicians, producers, underworld had role in their stardom nor they ever sabotaged rivals or hustled in this cut throat world of sharks.

Indian audience is gullible. They even believe stars are successful due to astrologers or temple visits or following babas and pirs or going to numerologists. And they even follow babas or astros that stars follow or go to religious places where stars go. Jumaani has got clients solely due to celebs following his advice. 

Stars kya, even businessme and politicians know people are fools and people also know most of them are fools and naive. Smitten and carried away by anyone in power or any achiever.

Some have no issues with surgeries either and hope to get same procedures done as their fav star, which explains rise of such clinics in even small towns and tier 2 cities now.

Posted: 1 years ago

No....but politicians do...😆