Karishma Singh, the lost gem (OS)

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Posted: 2 months ago


"Rivers symbolize life, fertility, freedom, a path, and the passage of time."


She comes here often, to find herself in the running water.

"She was like a river which made its own way, sometimes by breaking the stone coming in the middle and sometimes changing the way with the help of stone"

"She is no longer a river, not because she has stumbled a lot in life, but because she has stopped flowing." Yes the river has stopped..

She saw the river had stopped flowing, which was flowing at its peak a little earlier, the river is indeed her reflection, which shows her thoughts with its moves.

The stay of the river brings her to her past ....

A girl who will not be more than fourteen- fifteen years old is crying with her head on the lap of another girl of same age , The former one considers the later one as her everything, protector, caretaker, who shows her the right path, Both lost their mother today whose body lies in front of them....

Beside them , father of both of them , mourning at the loss of his wife.He is calm today, stroking his wife's face again and again, in the hope that maybe his wife will wake up feeling him , hope..

Hope is such a thing which is the reason for living one's life as well as the way to ruin one's life, it is subjective...

Where people all around were weeping at the loss of her mother, she was numb, but perhaps not for long, the sound of her father's cry pulled her away from the blank where there was nothing, neither darkness nor light, into the real world. Her father bursts out after the shattering of his hope ..

She sees the mourning spread all around then turns her attention to her sister who was crying with her head on her lap, may be in attempt of finding solace similar to her mother,her sister is crying on her lap , she thought...

She wakes her sister up, wipes her tears and fills her in her embrace..

Finally she cry, after feeling the warmth of hug, similar to her mother, Kaushalya did the huge thing unknowingly....

The room filled with their sob, which slowly went down, Kaushalya is crying silently while tears of Karishma get vanished, she controls her tear , after seeing his father, who is crying on shoulder of his brother...

She heard that her uncle was talking about taking away the dead body of her mother, her uncle was explaining it to her father and her father is reluctant toward it

"सफर पर निकले थे हम दोनों साथ,
राह पर मुझे वो अकेला छोड़ गया।"

She goes to her Baba and puts her hand on his back, in response to which her Baba looks at her and hugs her.

"हर मोड़ पे कोई अपना छूट ही जाता है,
ये क्या तरीका है, ए ज़िन्दगी मौत से रूबरू कराने का"

"Baba jaane do amma ko " she spokes ..

The sound of the river flowing brought Karishma to the present.She glanced at the river which was moving forward breaking a small stone...

A small smile crept on her face, she knows what it represents...

The slow flow of the river reminds her of the time when her sister whom she loved more than life had run away after shattering her dreams...

She was broken at that time not bcz her sister has shattered her dream, bcz she has shattered her faith, when her own blood has done betrayal with her , others can do worse ...

"A fear of trusting any people takes place "

With time every wounds get healed ...

May the person has said this line to give himself a false hope...

"Wounds don't heal over time, but a layer builds up which serves to keep the world under the illusion that the wound has healed" , ointment is needed..

with time , her pain and wounds get replaced with anger ....

The river is flowing furiously, breaking all the stones that come in its way, She looked intently at the river which was now about to take her into another part of her life.

In the journey of becoming a SI, she met many people, if someone cheated in friendship, then other also supported her at every step, her friend Rama , childhood friend supported her at every step ....

She is blessed having friend like Rama in her journey....

Her father died afterward but with content.... Content that his wish get fulfilled ,Satisfied that his daughter is now part of a family in which her mother-in-law loves her more than her mother, her husband accepts her as she is ...

The river is now flowing in an irregular way, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Anger had made irreplaceable place in her nature ....

"Anger is a river.

It wants to be released into the vaster ocean.

It wants to move naturally. When we repress it with premature forgiveness, block it with false positivity, repress it in the name of pseudo-peace,

we just dam(n) our natural flow. The river then turns inward, against the self, or explodes outwardly, against innocents."

( Damn her anger also represents river 😅)


Posted: 2 months ago

                         I have become so numb 

She smiles at the flowing river and starts moving with the flow, away from the bank...

She knows where and how will next chapter start in her life.....

the river slows down

She's about to make her second debut

That river came to a standstill in front of another river, the other river was flowing a little calmer and smoother, that was a sign of that being sensible and mature.

She closed her eye to listen the sound of second running river....


she blinked her eyes, to find a woman, similar to her age seating on chair wearing the smile of confidence.

She was stunned.....

In a moment she returned back to her senses when her mother-in-law urf Pushpa ji who is her junior, introduced the person in front as SHO.

SHO.....her senior, .....

She was never bound to work under senior....

She was fire without control.....

How can she work under senior when she has her own rule and own way to give justice........

For her only Justice matters.......

Days passed , month passed , but their differences never ended

Im these months, 

She used to fight with her ....

Sometimes for her.....

She used to say harsh word to her ....

But never let other doing the same....

She used to refuse doing work under her .....

But at the end, she was always there for her ........

She couldn't agree with her Ideology

But end up admiring her in the end of case......

A soft corner for her had created inside her .....

Time flew faster than we think, with time she starts opening herself in front of her ( Haseena madam) .

Time come when they both ended seperate for some misunderstanding but every misunderstanding has clearance and that had also, misunderstanding sort out and they becomes friend...

KARISHMA left her only dream for this friendship.......

She wanted to be SHO...

River starts flowing at the slowest rate ever, it has started making way with the help of stone also, without crashing it down......

Her Anger has calm down......she is behaving smoothest then ever.......

But it never meant to be forever...

River stopped, stopped flowing 

What happened!!

The river beside hers vanished, out of sudden........

She saw her falling from cliff.....

That day she lost her soulmate as well herself.

Yes death effect your loved ones

In brutal way.........

Her only purpose was left to give Justice to her maddam sir.

She vowed for killing the killer with her hand, in the most brutal way one can imagine.

The river started flowing, but this time instead of giving a sense of happiness and peace, it was giving more sense of sadness and uneasiness.

Maybe it is felt due to the weather 

Dark clouds are covering the sky.... 

Winds are blowing fast and strange sounds are spread in the environment.....

She saw her river trying to make its way to the shaft where another river used to flow.

May be in order to find solace or in hope that Another one will return 

Her hope get fulfilled.

That empty space was filled again when another species of river , the one which is more energetic and vibrant then earlier, she looks alike of earlier one but her Nature is completely different.

Urmila enters in her life

Look alike of her maddam sir.

She let her enter in her life, in hope that she will play as an asset to find the murderer of her maddam sir.

She never consider her more than Urmila nor she tried to get closer to her.

She had suffered the pain of separation.

She knows she will eventually make her way out of her house, so she never tried to find out further thing about her , ....or may be she has become so numb to see the hidden side of Urmila.

To prick the layer which Urmila is trying to put.....

She hasn't recognise her madam sir inside Urmila.

Time passed, her grief increases, her guilt are making her numb and changing the blue vibrant colour of her river into pale one.

She tries to wear the attire of Haseena.

By changing herself



Her madam sir once give her reality check that in attempt of thinking like maddam sir, neither Karishma is coming out totally nor Haseena.

If she has known to the fact that Urmila is Haseena, she wud have asked definitely that what u want?? 

But neither she knew nor she dared

Time passed but this time hadn't healed her wound nor it putted an illusionary layer over it  but only made her wound deeper.

She got betrayed by two of his dearest people on the same day.

Urmila is Haseena!!

She came to know about this when her brother was standing in front of him pointing a gun at her, as a proof of his betrayal.

She was in dilemma!!

She was numb to react!!

She got betrayed by them and now she has to choose one between them.

Isn't it tough!!

She chose the most right path she cud have,she destroys the root of the problem.

The river whose colour is pale blue  uprooted a weed and started flowing.

She shooted her brother with her hand, with whom she use to tie him rakhi, she killed him by her own hand.

There is no longer any animal or fish left inside the river, the living beings inside that river has taken their last breath.

Suffering still did not give up on her 

Still she has to prove her colleagues that Urmila is none other than Haseena.

Was that easy??

Never it was 

She herself was in dilemma whether Urmila is maddam sir or not .

Once she decided to end her suffering and all her dilemmas by sending Urmi back to her city.

But fate decided something else for her.

River beside her start changing her colour, to the one which was of her madam sir.

Yes madam sir did return.

She was in joy, more than anyone, afterall her madam sir is alive but what about the pain from which she suffered in this month.

She asked her madam sir that Why hadn't she take her in confidence.

She  got the same clichéd answer.

She never asked again.

No answer can give solace to her pain.

She accepted it and tried to move on .

The river starts following at normal rate as it used to be , living beings never grew again beneath the river, the irregularities occurred , this time not because of anger but because of questions, her dilemma.

Everything was going good untill the worst day knock off in her life.

Her maddam sir asked her to change completly.

Hasn't she changed??

Haseena Mallik has witnessed the change in the night where Karishma was approaching the case in her way 

Hasn't she witnessed when Karishma was ready to appologise not even being in wrong side.

Hasn't she?? 

Many questions arised but whom to question and who is gonna answer.

It remains unasked.

She denied to change herself.

The river again wanna move in his style, the way it used to be , vibrantly and wildly....

But it doesn't matter.....

Anyway, now she got the answer.

Her madam sir wanted her to be second haseena, wanted Haseena to win the battle going on inside her heart.

Her Maddam Sir's wish was fulfilled, she lost the battle.

She lost her last battle, Election.....

At last she surrenders himself to Haseena.

She saw that river joining another river representing Haseena, saw its color changing and felt herself flowing with its current.

The river moved on, but this time she did not run after it.

She sat and took a look at the environment for some time and then got ready to move towards her destination i.e. her police station.

She turned around one last time and found the real Karishma sitting there enjoying the enjoying the atmosphere.

She shouted Karishma.

The latter one looked toward her.

She waved her for the last time 

Reflecting neither joy nor sorrow.

She has become so numb.


Posted: 1 months ago

Brilliantly written analysis of Karishma Singh. Loved every word and comparison! 


Maddam Sir 

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