New season Naagin main leads and story suggestion

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The 1st naagin: Naagrani's daughter, in search for her long lost brother and finds the villains, who steals the naagmani. She becomes friend with the real mayor's daughter, who is the foster sister of her brother to enter their house. She falls in love with the 1st naag, who is the university teacher of her brother and his foster sister.

The 2nd naagin: From a different clan, she married the 2nd naag, who is the foster son of her father - one of the main villains and also the long lost brother of the 1st naagin to enter his house. She comes to revenge her father for betraying her mother and his family. At first she doesn't really love the 2nd naag, but he changes her mind. They join forces with the 1st naagin and the 1st naag to kill the villains.

The 1st naag: His mother is a friend of Naagrani, the 1st naagin's mother. His father was a human who turned into a naag, left the human's world and went to live in Naaglok with his mother. They have been killed while helping Naagrani against the villains. He is in search for his parents' murderer to take revenge. His father sent him to his human relatives family before he dies. He is the university teacher of the 2nd naag, who is the foster son of his parents' murderer and his foster sister, who is the real mayor's daughter. He falls in love with the 1st naagin, who is the 1st naag's long lost sister.

The 2nd naag: Naagrani's son, long lost brother of the 1st naagin. He is a university student of the 1st naag and foster brother of the real mayor's daughter, who is the same age as him. He falls in love with the 2nd naagin, who is the daughter of his foster father, one of the main villains. He is unaware of his origin and his power is being suppressed by his foster father.

Main villains:

The 2nd naag's foster father, he is a naag from a different clan who betrayed his family for naagmani. He trapped Naagrani with the help of other villains and killed the 1st naag's parents, stole the naagmani, kidnapped and raises the 2nd naag to use him as a hostage and drain his power. He killed a mayor and taken his identity, takes control over the city. His 1st wife is the 2nd naagin's mother. His 2nd wife is a human, she is the real mayor's wife, she becomes the 2nd naag's foster mother. She has a daughter with the real mayor, who is the same age as the 2nd naag. Her daughter becomes friends with the 1st naagin, but later turns negative when she falls in love with her university teacher - the 1st naag, but he loves the 1st naagin instead of her.

A powerful daayan, nanny of the real mayor's daughter and the 2nd naag. She is aware of the fact that the fake mayor is a naag, who has the naagmani and wants to get it from him.


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