Nishant Malkhani on recent gym-deaths: We can’t blame it on the gym!

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Posted: 2 months ago

Nishant Malkhani on recent gym-deaths: We can’t blame it on the gym!

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While the gym is supposed to be a place where people go to get healthy, there are many reports now of people suddenly suffering from heart attacks and even dying while working out. While some of these have happened at the gym, actor Nishant Malkhani says that it’s wrong to place the blame on the gym.

“A lot of such incidents are happening and I really don’t understand why it’s happening. The gym is a place that makes you fit and makes your heart stronger. We can’t blame it on the gym. There are some underlying conditions in all of us that we are many times unaware of. When we strain our hearts without knowing that there is something wrong going in our internal systems, that's when such unfortunate events happen,” he says.

The actor adds that it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “The best you can do is to always maintain a very healthy diet. A good sleep cycle is the most important for your heart’s health. Every six months one should have a full body checkup done so we know what exactly is going on in our body. The kind of stress, pollution, food, lifestyle and lack of sleep we have in this industry can only lead to a bad result. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good sleep cycle is really important and that’s what I do,” he says.

However, the actor adds that it is very important to go to a good gym, with good trainers. “A lot of gym trainers are frauds – they have no knowledge and are not well read. They are undertrained and also underpaid so what they do is sell all these supplements to their clients for some extra money. Fat burners, pre workout supplements and similar stuff have bad chemicals which our heart cannot take after a time. You are allowed 300-400 caffeine in a day, which is 2 cups of black coffee. But if you take 2 fat burners and 2 pre workouts just to boost your metabolism which is 1000 mg caffeine – your heart can’t take it. But you are not aware of these things because you trust your trainers and unfortunately, they are not aware of these things either. So I just hope we develop strict regulations in which only qualified and knowledgeable people are eligible to become trainers in a gym,” he says.


Nishant Malkhani

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