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Posted: 1 years ago

See people can't compare Raavi with Rishita or even Dhara. The Pandya family knows that if they go against Rishita, she will not stay silent. She can easily leave the house and the family if she wants and she will take Chutki and Dev with her. She has full support of her mayka and Dev when needed. If the family tortures Rishita, she will give it back and never return, that is shown when she left during her pregnancy. So she is treated like a queen in the family. Giving birth to Chutki only cemented her position. Dhara on the other hand, build up her position by raising the brothers and running the house. She will always have her husband's and devars support and Suman knows that. Suman would have gotten more inclined towards Raavi if Shiva also supported her. He disrespects her so much! Raavi's lack of family, her connection with the evil maami, her orphan status makes her the weakest bahu in Pandya family. Compare the situation where Rishita's boss liked her to Raavi and Arnav's situation. Nobody knew the previous situation except for Dev who was insecure but Rishita immediately realized and blasted him for it. They kept their fight private and resolved it. Dev would have not even thought half the things Shiva spew for Raavi in public all the time.

The problem with Shiva is his ego. At least Dev and Gautam realize their wives' strengths and their sacrifices. Gaumbi knows that Dhara sacrificed for his brothers so is forever grateful to her. Dev knows Rishita sacrificed when she married him and adjusted in his family, so he gives her leeway. Shiva does not appreciate Raavi's sacrifice or her compromises at all. Everything she does is taken for granted, while any mistake she makes becomes a source of public humiliation for her. I feel bad for her, because she never had any genuine support and whatever she does, she's only criticized for. Her job is to pander to Suman and Shiva and manage their egos without ever thinking of her own. I remember when Rishita got a car from her old job and wanted to celebrate, and the Pandya stores were in crisis, Suman did not want to celebrate but Dhara explained that they need to support Rishita as they were one family. That's because the family knows that alienating Rishita will mean losing Dev too. If they ever deal with Rishita like they do with Raavi, Dev will leave them. And if Dev doesn't support Rishita, Rishita will easily file divorce and even sue the family for mental harassment. That's because Rishita knows her value. Raavi doesn't because as an orphan all she wanted was to get married in the Pandya family. Her uncle even begged them. After her massive fight and subsequent divorce, she still chased Shiva. I would say that there are real life lessons to be learned from this- love yourself. Put yourself first. Shiva has low self esteem so he hates the world and acts out. Raavi has made a fool of herself in his love, but god knows what respect he is wanting from her? Raavi is beautiful, inwardly and outwardly, charismatic, social and savvy but he doesn't respect those skills. In real life, a mismatched couple like this will never work and we can see in the show, why they shouldn't. Shiva is actually insecure because he doesn't understand Raavi's world, she being a social media influencer is alien to him. She's making her own money, being independent but he has not even made any effort to grow out of shell and see the world. Shiva is happy to be in his bubble, doing manual labor, then getting embarrassed about. He doesn't want to grow up, widen his world and wants to restrict her world too. Unless and until he gets anger management classes and makes efforts to change himself, their relationship cannot progress. I personally don't see any in compatibility in him.


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Posted: 1 years ago

Shiva keeps harping on about respect cause he wants raavi to go back to the version that worshipped him, chased him and fueled his ego

But the truth is this version of raavi has outgrown shiva and he cant stand losing his control on her

Whining to mommy dearest, airing out his dirty laundry is his last ditch effort to keep raavi under his thumb

I really hope raavi leaves his sorry ass to live an independant life