Abdu Appreciation Thread- Bigg boss 16 ki jaan Chota Bhaijaan.

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Welcome to Abdu AT#1




permission from Tanu 

This AT is run by me and Renee Clare

Member list is by Renee if she deactivates her account I cannot update the member list, so please be patient

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Rules for Appreciation Threads : Appreciation threads are to be used to praise and appreciate particular favorite contestant. All discussions related to contestant's performance, looks, style and personality can be confined to ATs. Please don't use the AT's as a forum to bash/mock/discuss other contestants/members, discuss what is happening on the forum or elsewhere on IF or other social networking sites, basically keep it related to what the AT is about.


No Random couple/Group/Member/Animal ATs are allowed in the name of fun as such ATs are mostly filled with only spamming . Only contestants entering as Jodi’s, or as an Individual and  Host Salman Khan's AT will be allowed .

ATs are subject to closures for violations of the AT rules.

a) Chatting: Members seem to be more into chatting so please reduce the personal chatting because we do have a chat club for that purpose so keep that in mind. However, we do allow minimum chatting in ATs, provided it is related to this AT alone. Additionally Do not spam with just emotions/numbers to increase post count/pages. Do not quote long quotes. You can quote three posts maximum and they should be small.

We are allowing chatting to occur in the AT's this does not mean that members should just go on for pages and pages with chatting, the premise of the thread is for the appreciation of a contestant.  non-essential chatting or spam comments in the hopes to increase pages or just for general chatting in no relation to the show can get deleted, if this occurs consistently in the AT, the AT or individual members can obtain a warning.

ATs are open for everyone, however, do not invade the AT with the purpose to rile up the fans or instigate them.  Everyone has their right to voice out their opinions and should NOT be judged/generalized based on their likes/dislikes. If any of your fellow members/friends fails to follow the rules, kindly ask them to edit out or tell them its wrong rather than joining them and aggravate the issues further and equally responsible for carrying forward an unfavorable situation. Hence be responsible and take responsibility because that way you may prevent action taken against your AT.

ATs/discussions threads can NOT be used to target other members and NO pinpointing activity/mock or taking digs here toward other fan groups. Any derogatory references or name callings against actors /characters/members/Dev team members are strictly PROHIBITED here.

b) Report: If you see anyone breaching the rules in any of the threads in the main forum, you will not come here and rant it out about it and snowball the issue further! Instead make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action.

We can assure you guys that we only takes action where it's legit reason. However, here is a little catch for the stalkers who just want to report in order to get the AT closed down - If you report any post/comments that has no legit reason, you will be responsible for action against you for stalking.

c) Penalties: If the DT sees more than 3 people breaking the AT rules constantly twice in a row for a week, the effects of violations will kick start, which go as follows:

First Violation - Warning Note  

Second - Another Warning Note  

Third - Another Warning Note  

Fourth- Close the AT for 24 hrs (1 Day)  

Fifth - Close AT for 72 hrs (3 Days)  

Sixth - Close AT for 1 week (7 Days)  

Seventh - Get rid of AT completely from the BB16 Forum/Shift it to Celebrity Fan Club Forum.

The rules are applicable for multiple violation and not single post as it will be dealt individually. Having said that, please do not assume that every report submitted by opposite fan group will be entertained. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules, then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as stated above.

see the admin note on page5


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Those who want to be added, click on like, I will add you. 

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Abdu Rozik is a singer who etched his name in the record books as the world's smallest singer. Hailing from Tajikistan, Abdu Rozik shot to fame owing to his unique talent for singing Tajik rap songs. His presence can mainly be seen on the YouTube channel called Avlod media, which has over 580K subscribers.

As per the records found online, Abdu Rozik is currently 19 years of age. Rozik was born in 2003 to the family of a gardener in the village of Gishdarva in the Panjakent district of Tajikistan.

As a child, Rozik suffered from rickets and his parents couldn't get him treated due to a lack of adequate financial resources. This is what eventually led to the stunting of his growth. At the age of 16, Rozik weighed a mere 12 kg.

The teenage singer moved to the city of Dushanbe for his online career, where he was financially supported by a Tajik blogger/rapper named Baron (Behruz). Baron was the first to recognize Abdu Rozik's talent and persuaded his father to allow Rozik to pursue a career in music. Baron also took Abdu Rozik for a medical examination and found that his condition can be treated to allow a growth of 40-50 cm.

Instagram Handle : @abdu_rozik

Twitter Handle : @abdurozikmusic


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