Who is the best Don?

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atominis thumbnail
Posted: 1 years ago

Don, the original film in 1978 is an iconic film. Amitabh was first to play that role.

Later Rajinikanth did its remake called Billa which also became hit. Ajith and Prabhas also did remakes of Billa.

SRK has also played Don in 2006 remake.

Which actor, is the best, most well suited in role of Don? Vote.


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Lostsoul11 thumbnail
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Posted: 1 years ago

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan 🙏

Shirsha thumbnail
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Posted: 1 years ago

I voted for Amitabh Bachchan.

capricornrcks thumbnail
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Posted: 1 years ago

SRK's Don has panache and menace. He's also obviously a megalomaniac (constantly refers to himself as Don) and a master manipulator. More well rounded and interesting as a character. Amitabh's Don is more silent, stoic and menacing. His character is very one-note. Farhan just filled in the blanks and added a nice twist. Both actors are talented enough to have played it both ways. They just did justice to what they were given at that point in time.

Alpenliebe thumbnail
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Posted: 1 years ago

BigB without any 2nd thought. 

goldstar678 thumbnail
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Posted: 1 years ago

SRK, overall the movie was much better than the original especially the climax, unexpected and out of box. 

Jaitreya23 thumbnail
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Posted: 1 years ago

SRK, he gave the character the ruthlessness and shrewdness. Also it justifies the tag line of don Ko pakadna mushkil...

Amitabh was more like a wronged one seeking revenge.

Moreover the movie defeated the purpose of the tag line " don Ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai as  Don is easily killed by police and a simpleton took his place.

Posted: 1 years ago